Blue Venom girl update Tuesday 8 February 2022

Blue Venom girl 8 February 2022: Apu scrubbing her mother’s feet and says she will come daily and wil speak to her. Kalpana comes and asks what is she doing with her mother. Apu says she will take care of mom hereon. Kalpana says she does not have to do that as live deadbodies don’t talk. Apu says maa…Kalpana says she does not want to take revenge and Didi bhai is not in a condition to even speak, so she will continue taking care of didi bhai as usual.Kalpana’s family comes out hearing drums outside Mittal famiy’s house. Spoilt brat Kanika travels in car, trying to puff cigarettes, and says her mom that Malay is from London and will like bold and intelligent girl like her. Mom says once she marries Malay, she can do whatever she likes. She reaches Mittal house. Whole locality gathers and Nandita says she is getting Kanika married to Malay. Kalpana and her family are shocked to hear that.

Kanika acts as sanskari and touches elders’ feet. Kumkum takes Kanika and her mother Mrs. Agarwal in. Nandita gives sweet box to Kalpana and says she may not attend Malay’s engagement due to Apu’s engagement arrangements, but she will not feel bad.Nandita then goes in and says Mrs. Agarwal that she liked Kanika a lot. Mrs.Agarwal tries to correct Kanika’s pallu repeatedly. Nandita asks Malay to show Kanika their house.Malay takes Kanika to balcony. Kanika removes her pallu, wipes her heavy makeup and says thank god he brought her out, she was tired of heavy sari and makeup. She takes out cigarette and offers him one. He says he does not smoke. She asks if he does not mind if she smokes. He asks why will he. She says she will smoke in room after marriage. He says he will take her to meet his friend.

Tapur asks Kalpana, Apu, and Dida how can they fix Apu’s marriage without even informing her. Malay comes there after a bit of dialogues introduces Kanika, holding her hand. He asks Kanika to touch Kalpana’s feet. Kanika asks what..Malay says he is joking and says Kanika is modern and does not believe in all this. He introduces Kalpana,Tapur, Dida, and Apu and says Apu is his best friend. Kalpana asks who is she. Kanika says she is Malay’s would be fiance. Kalpana congratulates him. He says thank you and holds Kanika. Kalpana says she will get sweets for him. He says some other day and says Apu that they can go on a double date with their respective fiance and asks Kalpana if she will permit. Kalpana says of course. Malay says they will meet in the evening then. They both walk out and Kalpana says his best friend is cute and dusky but behanji type.

He asks if he is in love with her. Malay says no. She says he is so handsome that anyone would love him.Kalpana goes to Apu’s room and says she should be happy that Malay is getting married. Apu says she should not have agreed for double date. Kalpana says she will enjoy. Apu leaves. Dida comes and says now she should stop as Malay is getting engaged. Kalpana says game is moving as she desires and asks her to take care of house for some time.Malay comes to balcony again with Kanika. Apu peeps from curtain and hides. Malay repeatedly looks at curtain. A bengali song….plays in the background.Kalpana walks towards upstairs and rings the bell twice..a man comes out and sees her..kalpana tells i am kalpana ghosh and asks r u arjun?? He tells it is me arjun.kalpana asks chokar babu gave me u r number..he tells yes yes come in..she tells it is ok..i will be here.. He tells her to say..she asks r u good visvas to chokar babu….he smiles and tells yes..he tells yes i will do but i need money..kalpana sees him…she tells i have money…but u have to wait..he tells her i won’t,.one person comes out of room..he stares at kalpana.Arjun tells he is my brother.

she tells ok and she tells something to him(It is muted) ok..she tells her to do as i say..he tells ok ..she smiles..he asks show the girl picture..she tells sure and opens her bag.she takes apu pic and gives it to him..she tells u r acting should be real..arjun takes apu photo and smiles.kalpana leaves from there smiling…mitaai mansion is shown..Pandit sees date.nandhitha tells him to see the best rings nandhitha smiles seeing it…she tells pandit to tell the date.she cuts the call..but again it rings..her face goes littletensed.itis chandu..kanika mom sees her..nandhitha tells this call is whom?she ends the call…kanika mother tells her to attend the call if it is important. nandhitha tells this is not imp than malay shaadi…kanika mother smiles..kumkum tries to speak to kanika..she sees malay speaking in mobile and tells kanika to go and give tea to him..she smiles…kanika walks towards upstairs..malay walks near steps and speaks on mobile..kanika comes there ..he cuts the call saying i will call u later..kanika gives her tea..he tells no i don’t want.

she asks u won’t. she asks why u will drink only scotch..she touches his face…malay smiles…kalpana speaks to apu .. malay hears it and gets sad..kanika smiles.Apu walks there..she sees malay and comes behind..he also sees her title song plays….. they both look at each other..kumkum gets up and congrats nandhitha and tells marriage is fixed..nandhitha congrats kanika mother..kanika congrats malay..she tells now our marriage gonna happen..he stares at apu. he shouts and asks his we are going to married so we can go out…apu stares at him..nandhitha tells u can introduce to your friends also…kumkum tells kanika to make malay friends as u r friends and cracks joke..abhi and all stares at her..she stops laughing and sees them…she asks abhi is she wrong?he smiles..malay tells kanika that today evening we can throw a party tantra..she asks tantra?it is my fav pub..kanika mom tells they are perfect jodi and smiles..nandhitha also tells the same.apu leaves..malay sees her leaving..arjun comes there with flowers to ,malay house..he tells namaste.!!!!..

all stares at him…arjun brother comes with him flower plate. kumkum husband comes there and asks how is he?kumkum asks who is he?he tells he is malay and abhi friend..malay denies to kanika..abhi also tells the same..arjun calls him single battery double power…malay comes towards down..kumkum asks how dare are u joking and asks who is he? he smiles ..he tells sorry i forgot to introduce myself and tells my name is arjun..His brother also walks with him inside and arjun tells i am gonna marry apu..everyone stares him..malay sees him tensed..malay asks so u gonna marry apu?arjun smiles..

Malay says I thought u are delivery boy.. Arjun tells him to stop it.. Arjun shouts.. Malay tells him to talk slowly.. Malay tells don’t shout here or I will beat u in Street.. Nanditha tells stop it.. Arjun tells OK stop talking.. Malay tells him to stop it and leave. Nanditha also tells the same.Arjun tells u are mom son…malay tells him to stop speaking and tells him to leave..kumkum husband tells him i knew u pls come with me..arjun smiles and comes with him.. arjun comes back and tells something..malay warns him.arjun leaves all sits on sofa..Kanika comes near malay and holds his hand..she tells apu gonna marry her?he is down market guy..malay stares her…kalpana house decorations starts..tapur uses her phone…arjun comes there and sees tapur leg and tells she is superb..his brother tells him his work is that side.tapur turns aside and asks who r u?he tells this is my house from now..tapur asks what r u saying?? she asks what?sasural?kalpana comes there and asks arjun..he takes her blessing he takes dadi blessing also..

he tells he is guru and he is my brother..kalpana welcomes him.he takes blessing from kalpana..and arjun tells him to take blessing from dadi also..he takes.tapur asks is apu gonna get married?kalpana tells her not to talk anymore..she tells him to get apu ready..she leaves.kalpana comes near arjun..he tells about happenening in malay mansion..she tells superb..he tells u are director of criminal..she tells him not to speak anymore..she tells him to stay in his line and not to cross it..he tells ok ok don’t get angry..he asks money?she tells i will give u..apu comes towards down..arjun sees her guru tells our mom also not like this..she is superb i mean apu..apu comes there..kalpana tells he is arjun and he is gonna marry u..he gives his hand for shaken..but she folds her hand..tapur tells it is not good manner and takes it and makes her give shaken..arjun touches her hand fully and slowly runs it..she gets nervous and takes her hand back and tells i will come back..kalpana smiles and tells them to sit there and tells i will bring tea and snacks..he gives flowers..they leaves.kalpana smiles…tapur asks where r u working? he tells u are eager to know..tapur looks on. apu comes to her room and sees paper with ball rolled inside and sees smiley..she comes near window and sees malay..he rolls another paper and throws it and signs her to read it..she reads it..she read rockstar..he signs her rockstar..she reads his walk and his talk…he is big mango..she smiles..he smiles,..apu stands there..kalpana comes there and sees her she hides paper..then she shows it to her.she reads it..she tells he loves u… she asks about arjun..?apu speaks but she tells arjun likes u..apu asks is arjun is acting?kalpana tells why i should make him act?she tells her to get ready becoz u are going out at 7.00pm..apu asks what?kalpana tells with malay and kanika..she looks on.kalpana tells her to get ready and pls don’t spoil their wedding..i mean date..apu looks on tensed..kalpana smiles..she leaves..apu sees window and gets sad.

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