Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 29 June 2022

Barrister Bahu 29 June 2022: Episode starts with Bondita saying I didn’t do this, I can swear on my mum, I didn’t even touch it, don’t you trust me. Trilochan asks her to stop lying. He asks maid to take Bondita and purify her. He scolds Anirudh. Anirudh feels nausea. Trilochan says Bondita just knows to question and argue, does she deserve to stay here, leave her to her Maayka soon, send her away. Anirudh throws the certificate and runs to puke. Binoy and Saudamini smile.

Bondita gets ready. She says I have to tell you more stories, Maa, I m missing you, I m coming to you. Bondita goes with the maid. Anirudh goes to the terrace. Saudamini comes and says I know the certificate is much imp to you, I wish I could fix few things. He asks did I do wrong to save Bondita by marrying her. She says no, your heart is not wrong, whatever happens in life isn’t in our hands, I have always seen you as a winner, I m seeing you lose now, you and Bondita have no match, she is much different, you couldn’t tolerate her, can you tolerate Bondita and her dirt, if you want, then we can change this mistake, Trilochan is right, you should send Bondita back to her mum, Bondita also wants this, right.Trilochan asks maid not to tell anyone about Bondita’s matter, people should know that Bondita was missing her mum, so we have sent her to her Maa.

He asks Bondita to not come back until her mum cures her illness. Bondita nods. Trilochan and Binoy keep her away. Bondita says forgive me, if there is any mistake. Maid asks are you feeling bad. Bondita says no, does a fish feel bad in water, do you feel bad to meet your mum, I m very happy to go to my mum. Saudamini hugs Anirudh and says I can’t see you in this trouble, you are always in this dilemma, send Bondita back to her house, once her problem ends, then decide what to do, can anyone stop you from doing your wishful. Anirudh recalls his marriage with Bondita. He makes Saudamini away. He sees Bondita leaving. Saudamini smiles and thinks he will send Bondita himself.

Anirudh recalls his decision. He runs to Bondita. Saudamini worries and follows him. Sampoorna sits worried. She sees Saurabh and asks did you go to Roy Chaudhary family, did Anirudh say anything. Saurabh recalls Sampoorna’s behavior. He asks her to directly say her complains. Sampoorna says no, I didn’t see Bondita today, I was worried and thought to ask you, did I do any mistake. He says I do the mistake always, why will Bondita come to the river, she has a bathroom in her house, she is Roy Chaudhary, you would be regretting that your husband is not rich. She says its not like that, I never thought of that, I like you the way you are. Biraj calls her. She goes. Saurabh thinks Sampoorna’s eyes look true, is she regretting marrying me.Anirudh comes to Bondita and says you won’t go anywhere. Bondita thinks he stopped me from going again. She gets down the cart. Trilochan asks does my word matter or not, can you tolerate her dirty habit, I was sending her to Maayka to make her rid of the habit, if her mum doesn’t teach her, will we teach her.

Anirudh says yes, why not, did I take the responsibility to lose on her one mistake. Trilochan says there is a temple in this house, you have to keep it clean by using Gangajal, how can we keep the impure bahu. Anirudh says I know, but you tell me, if Batuk did this, would you leave him somewhere outside. Binoy says I didn’t expect this from you Anirudh. Trilochan asks is there any limit of your madness, how can you compare the Pagdi/turban with the shoe. Anirudh says Bondita isn’t a shoe, but a human. Bondita looks on and asks won’t you listen to me. Anirudh asks why do you want to say. She says when I wet the bed, I feel bad, I feel ashamed, I want to go to my mum. She says I have to hide everything, let me go to my mum. Saudamini thinks you said good thing, Bondita, you should go, until then I will make Anirudh mine.

Anirudh saying to treat an illness, you have to cure it, not hide it, don’t say you want to go to your mum. Bondita goes. Trilochan says we have to keep Ekadashi puja, will we keep impure girl at home. Anirudh says she isn’t impure, she just has to change her bad habit. Binoy says Trilochan never left his Dharm for my sake, stop it Anirudh, your Kranti doesn’t light up our havan kund, the puja is after 6 days, our family got this respect after five years, don’t snatch the respect from Trilochan. Anirudh says I don’t want to insult one to support other, I won’t let any impurity come in Kaka’s puja, everything will be pure in the house as Kaka wants. Trilochan asks what about Bondita then.

Anirudh says her habit will change in 6 days. Binoy says fine, 6 days, you won’t get another chance, if the girl doesn’t change her habit, then she has to go back to her mum, do you accept. Anirudh says I accept. Saudamini thinks I will throw Bondita out of your life in these six days, Anirudh. She says I will go home, Dida would be waiting. Trilochan says yes, girls should go home on time, else anyone will think that you are always here. She gets sad and goes. Binoy asks what are you saying. Trilochan says truth, why didn’t you like it. Anirudh looks on.Bondita cries. Anirudh comes to call her. She asks how shall I show my face to everyone, they will laugh on me and taunt me, its all because of you. He says no one will laugh or taunt. She says you get angry on me, why shall I talk. He says how will I explain if you don’t come out. He goes to her. She asks why didn’t you get my mum here, and didn’t let me go there. Anirudh says this problem is yours, you have to fix it, I m with you, we will find a solution, if you support me, it will be good, do you want me to scold you, tell me, you want to leave this bad habit of peeing in bed or not. She nods and goes.

She goes and drinks water. He looks on. She drinks much water. He gets thinking. Sampoorna says I will go and fill water. Saurabh’s mum says no, your hair are wet, you may catch cold, I will manage. She sees Saurabh and starts acting. He asks why didn’t you ask Sampoorna to fill water. She says let it be, she has to dry her hair, that’s more imp for her. Biraj comes and says I told her to fill water, she asked us not to forget that Bondita is Roy’s Bahu, we are her servants, she can make us do anything. Saurabh gets angry and says I will talk to her. Saurabh’s mum says let it be, I will talk to her, go on work. He gets angry and goes. Biraj says you are hurting even Saurabh. Saurabh’s mum says my policy to rule the house is good, I will prove Sampoorna as good bahu once I get the dowry, else her life will be hell, go and fill water, and talk to me with respect. Biraj goes.

Anirudh gets Bondita with him. Trilochan stops him and asks who permitted her to go to kitchen and temple. She says I told you to let me go to mum, will I get food now. Anirudh says yes. Trilochan says why not, you will get food, but outside the kitchen area. Anirudh says I don’t regard her impure, I will go and get food for her. She thinks he will get Rasgullas for me to convince me. Anirudh gets a water pot. She asks do I have to get water from the well, will I get water then. He says you have to drink water. She asks how will I drink so much water. He says listen to me, you can just drink 8 glasses of water every day, you won’t touch water after evening, this will solve your problem, you will drink less water now.

He gives her a watch and asks her to drink water every two hours. Trilochan asks will this help. Binoy says Anirudh will understand when she goes home after six days. Saurabh comes and says your request is accepted by city officials, they are coming to meet you. Anirudh says its a good news, its about the public toilets for women, I have to discuss plan with them, Somnath keep a check on Bondita, she should drink less water. He asks Bondita not to drink water after 6pm.Bondita goes out. Saudamini sees her and says Anirudh isn’t understanding, I will target Bondita, she trusts me a lot, I have to take advantage of that.

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