Married Again update Wednesday 29 June 2022

Married Again 29 June 2022: The ritual of the pious circles around the fire begins, while yash is tensed to find time slipping away. Arti too is very tensed as she looks on. yash tells arti not to lose hope. Akash thinks of how well to do is the family that yash is marrying into and that he hopes that he too has some fate like that, that would land him as wealthy.Seeing Buaji scratch her skin voraciously, Arti remembers how she had snubbed her off and believes that buaji is capable of doing so. Arti faces her, and finding her skin red with rash, she has a realisation about the kidnapper and is shocked. She reprimands buaji, while she tries to get free of arti’s clutches. She tells buaji that she knows that she has hidden ansh and she would definitely tell everyone else if buaji doesnt tell anyone.

Gayatri arrives and arti tells her everything of yash’s plan and buaji being found as the culprit in this chemical test. Buaji says that she had gone to pluck flowers in the morning, and some poisonous insect had bitten her. When arti keeps trying to tell gayatri that buaji is lying, vidhi comes in telling arti that buaji is saying the truth and that she had herself seen that buaji had gone to pluck flowers. after she gives buaji the medicine, she reprimands arti for doubting her own family when all of them are grieving at ansh’s loss and yash’s marriage. she taunts arti that she should now start doubting the rest too. arti apologizes to her, that all she’s been doing is to get yash and ansh back in her life, since she cant stay without them. Vidhi goes from there without replying.

Akash sees himself in the mirror, and thinsk to himself that he’s looking better than even the husband. just then, he gets a message on his call phone and commenst that now this story should be brought to a climax, as ansh should be set free now, and sent back to yash and arti who are so tensed for their child.Buaji comes out and taunts arti, that she had tried to blame her for ansh’s kidnapping, now she would see to it that she’s left distraught at yash’s marriage. The priest calls on the bride and the groom for the pheres. As arti is shocked, she finds yash and ishita starting to take the first pheres. arti says that she is sure that she had something amiss in her love for yash, that she has to see this. yash again asks her not to lose hope as they would definitely get over this and would soon be back with each other and their kids too including ansh.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Akash is in the car with ansh, who is happy that he is returning back to his mother, father and sisters with whom he would forever live happily now. He also calls akash as a good man.

Scene 3:
Location: yash’s house
While arti, payal and palak are praying in the temple, the priest commences the marriage rituals with the first four pheras done, and asks the girl to step forward for the remainaing pheras. Ishita complies and starts the remaining pheras with yash, while everyone is disheartened to see this.

Arti, while praying hears someone’s voice, talking to the doctor on the phone, that his whole body is turned blue and that there’s severe itching and irritation and that he needs to see him right now. He says that he hasnt eaten anything tht could cause this. Arti is shocked to hear this. She goes to the person, who has his back facing towards her and turns him around and is shocked to find Dubeyji, with foam from his mouth and his whole body in rashes from the chemical reaction. arti asks him why did he do that, but is tensed when she finds buaji unconscious. Yash hears this from the bluetooth. He leaves the mandap, with everybody calling out to him. Ishita’s mother comforts her in the meanwhile. yash along with his family intow, arrive by arti’s side. arti goes berserk crying incoherently that she hopes that Dubeyji wont die from this and that the rash might not be fatal.

Everyone is surprised to see dubeyji like that. Yash comforts arti saying that nothing would happen to dubeyji and he would be alright once the reaction of the chemical wears off. arti tries to get duebyji back to consciousness, when he finally is able to stand on his feet, groggily, after the effect starts wearing off slightly. Shobha says that this means he was behind ansh’s kidnapping and destroying arti’s marital life. She says that she demands an answer. She says that firstly she was ashamed of her son, now she has to be guilty in arti’s eyes due to her own husband.

Buaji, finding her oppurtunity, scolds arti for having doubts on everyone in the Scindia family, and not doubting the Dubeys even for once. She tells arti that her own father did this to her son, while her father in law, suraj, ansh’s step-grand father, who she had doubted to be the kidnapper, had gone out of his way to find ansh and get him back to arti and yash. She confronts arti asking her how would she react now. She asks arti if she has the guts to send her own father in law, who she gives the same respect as her father, behind the bars for what he did.Arti doesnt know how to respond to Bauji. Buaji reprimands dubeyji for doing this to her own daughter and her husband, and says that he doesnt deserve to live. she says that anything might be said, but he cant still consider his daughter inlaw as his daughter. She tells that yash has had so much respect even aftre prashant’s episode and got them backshobha says that she doesnt what helplessness drove him to this and that he cant be let off the hook for this and being his wife, both of them deserve punishment. she says that they dont deserve to live in the society and that they deserve to be behind the bars only and urges them to call the police.

Dubeyji says that shobha isnt to be blamed for this, as she doesnt even know that something like this was up. He says that prashant’s death and his attatchment to his dead son, drove him nuts, and that he stooped to differentiate between right and wrong. he held arti responsible for his death and had assumed that if prashant couldnt get his love, then he wouldnt let arti get hers and that he was ebhind the divorce and the talk of a second marriage. He again clarifies that Shobha isnt to be blamed for this and that he’s ready for punishment. He asks arti never to call a selfish person like him her father, and asks her to always be with a true mother like Shobha. He says that he wishes everyone should get a mothger in law like shobha. She says that when she has been with him through thick and thin, he wouldnt face this punishment alone, she would definitely be with him to face punishment together.

Arti says that something must be amiss in her love and respect for him, therefore this happened. Dubeyji says that he is to entirely blame that he idnt value the love and respect that they gave him and he did this to them. Arti asks him not to talk like that since he gave so much love to ansh, brought happiness in her life by remarrying her to yash, and that she would have done anything for his happiness, had he just given her a hint of the sadness and pain he was going through. Buaji again taunts arti and shobha for being so sensitive and crying their hearts out and forgiving each other, but what about the pain that yash was given due to this. She says that she’s sure yash wont forgive him. All eyes turn to him. He says that he understands their pain of losing their son and that he doesnt like anything worse than seeing his elders with folded hands in front of him.

He says that he too is their son and that he isnt in a position to punish them. Shobha commends this step of theirs saying that they proved that the relations of the heart are stronger than blood relations.Just then, Ansh comes running into arti’s arms, who is super happy to see him. She says that now they would never part and would forever be together. Ansh is also welcomed by his sisters who tell him how much they missed him, and that they have kept jalebis for him. Ansh too says that he missed everyone and asks yash if he would now play wiht him and the girls, to which yash nods in glee. After the kids leave, Dubeyji says that he doesnt know how to face them now and asks for their leave. when aysh asks where are they going, shobha says that they deserve punishement and the only resort is that they go on a pilgrimage but tells them that they would definitely return back.

Yash says that they too need to apologize to the daughter and their family, that now he wont be able to marry the daughter. Suraj and gayatri too tell him to face the fact that they would never forgive him, for its unheard of, that a girl returned as a maiden, after finishing half of the rituals and gayatri asks him to leave along with arti and the kids and that theyw ould manage here. yash says that he wont be that coward and run away from this responsibility that is entirely his fault and that he would get down on his knees and ask for forgiveness if he has to. He asks arti to come along with him to face the girl’s family. Akash sees all of this and thinks that he too would enjoy the high profile drama of he high profile people.

Ishita’s father is very angry that he would see that they dont get away with this. when he sees them arrive, he all the more turns into rage. yash says that he wont be able to marry and that just a sorry wont suffice for what she suffered through. He introduces ishita to his family, arti and the kids and tells her that he has a responsibility towards them. He says that he cant marry her and make her his wife sinc he cant shy away from his responsibility. ishita asks him why did he say yes, when he had a family. He says that he had a big helpless compulsion behind saying yes and goes on to tell her the entire story. He says that he’s guilty of leaving her stranded at the aisle and says that he’s ready for whatever punishment he gives her, saying that whatever he did was for his family.

Ishita’s father says that he cant dare to spoil his daughter’s life for his own family’s sake, and gives her a gun and asks her to fire point blank at yash for what he did to her, much to yash’s family’s horror. arti pleads to the father not to do something like that. Ishita loads the revolver and points it at yash.Evereyone is shocked including Arti. Pankaj comes in trying to ask the girl not to do this. Ishita’s father keeps instigating. the kids too come and ask her not to hit their dad, ansh says that it was due to him, therefore he should get shot. Yash hugs the kids nad says that he would have to get the punishemtn for his mistake. While he asks arti to take the kids aside, yash says that Ishita can do whatever she wants. ishita’s father too keeps instigating his child. Suraj tries to talk sense into the girl, saying that they would themselves hand over yash to the police and that she shouldnt take the law in her hands. the girl dramatically points the gun at herself that she is a burden on her parents since they try to marry her off to the first person they get, in lieu of dowry and money.

she is about to shoot herself, despite yash telling her not to, but akash stops her midway holding her hand, while she keeps screaming at him for having saved her, since its of no existence to her now, as it would be very difficult for her to get married now. He takes her to the mandap, and plants vermillion on her head, saying that now she isnt alone. He asks the priest to start the marriage while also nudging the girl to commence with the ritual. the girls’ mother too asks her husband to not stop this marriage as its with great guts, that a member of this family has accepted a girl’s hand who is handicapped, while akash thinks he has killed to birds with one stone, thinking that on one hand, he got everyone’s praise and on the other, he got rich too by marrying the MLA’s daughter.

Ishita’s father tells his wife that he should go and thank suraj for having preserved the respect of his daughter. but he is shocked when he finds that the person marrying Ishita isnt a member of scindia family, but just their driver. Suraj too harshly says that Akash will be given just punisment for this act. He starst beating him up for this and for trying to forget his own identity and considering himself to be part of scindia family. He is stopped by a lady, who asks her by what rightis he beating up her son. as suarj recognises the lady and knows that its her son, he says that seeing the evident situation, he wouldnt hesitate to say that he isnt to be blamed for this, since his mother too has this quality of coming in, at unwanted situations and seizing the benefit out of it. he accuses herv of being promiscuous and also raises a question mark on her child, akash, that it would surely be indefinite as to whose son is he.

The lady asks him to stop as by defiling her and her son, he is defiling himself, since akash’s his son after all. This revelation shocks Suraj as well as the entire family.Suraj points the gun at the lady and asks her how dare she to put this accusation on him. He tells her that he considers his reputation to be the first and foremost, and he would not let anyone play along with it. he says that she would get the punishment she deserves for the accusation that she has placed on him and that she would have to die. But akash seizes his gun and instead points it at her, while the whole scindia family is shocked. akash says that this is his mother, and that he may have been an honourable man, but he wont bear diosrespect to his mother. as prateik asks him to nput the gun down, akash says that he would put the gun down, once Suraj apologizes to his mother. Suraj says that he would die rather than say sorry.

Akash says that then he isnt left with any option and is about to fire the gun, when his mother steps in saying that he wont let him be the murderer of his own father, howsoever vile he might be. Akash says that he cant forget the fact that suraj insulted her. She says that whatever may be t5he case, she wont have him killing suraj and therefore she asks him to put his gun down, and show that even the poor are capable of forgiving others and being a bigger person. Akash turns the gun down. Suarj however spews further venom and goes from there, while akash is controlled by his mother, not to aggravate the situation.

While akash turns to leave, ishita asks akash if he would leave his wife here in the mandap only while he goes off, her father tries to tell her not to do this since he cant have her marry off some poor, low caste driver. She says that she’s his wife now, and has taken the circles around fire with him, and that now she is his wife for ages to come. Her father is shocked to hear this. Her mother too tries to talk sense, but she snubbs them off saying that her respect and dignity is now connected with akash and she would live with him only.

Akash leaves, with his mother and his wife, Ishita in tow, while her parents keep watching in helplessness. after they are gone, the guests too leave, while the scindia fmily is depressed.

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