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Unspoken Bond 29 June 2022: Episode starts with Naveen giving the shagun to Vipul. Mohan comes and shouts to call Vanlata. Naveen says its Mohan, right. Gunjan says Baa asked me to give him a message. She goes out and stops Mohan. Mohan says your Baa cheated me, you know I had given her 40000rs to pay Nandini’s loan, she promised me, she will get me married to Nandini, how will she get her married to someone else. Bansuri gives shagun and promises Nandini and Darsh’s marriage. Naveen does tilak to Darsh and Shobit. Mohan sees Darsh. He gets angry. Gunjan stops him. Darsh asks is everything okay. Gunjan says yes. He asks is anyone here. She says no, a milk vendor has come to congratulate, he left now. She takes him away. Shobit asks who was it. Mohan asks what about my money. Gunjan asks him to keep her jewellery and leave. She says you will be going to jail now, my Baa will come and fulfill her promise, just go now. Mohan asks will Vanlata fulfill her promise. He returns the jewellery. She says yes, just go now. He leaves.

Unspoken Bond 28 June 2022

Parul taunts Nirali. She says Darsh got a nice girl, she won’t cheat him, even Shobit’s alliance is fixed, Darsh is marrying Nandini, and Shobit is marrying Gunjan. Ragla gets shocked. Chetan says marriage mahurat is after 6 days, I have told the date to Rajvi also. Naveen says its less time. Chetan says even 6 months would look less, don’t worry, everything will be fine.Vipul gets Rajvi’s call. He says we are leaving from here, fine, I will tell them. He asks Nandini to get Gunjan home, Rajvi got jewellery and clothes for them. Shobit teases Darsh. Darsh smiles. Doctor calls Vipul and says I have a good news, a new advanced surgery can help Darsh see again, I will mail you the details. Vipul thanks him. He hugs Chetan. Everyone smiles. Parul says Darsh can see once again. Vipul says we will get Darsh’s surgery done. Parul says Darsh will be happy when he knows this. Doctor says I have lied on your saying, if Rajvi knows, she will get my license revoked.

The lady says don’t worry, nothing will happen, I will see how these marriages happen in Rawal family. He says you are not making me do the right thing.Vipul calls him. She threatens him and answers the call. Vipul asks is there any risk in this surgery, you are Darsh’s doctor, you would have told us, when can we get this operation done, we are ready to spend any money, will Darsh’s eyes get fine. The doctor says it will take time, chances are bright, I m sure that Darsh can see again. Vipul thanks him. He says I wish I could tell this to Rajvi, she would be in the ashram now, she will be so happy. The lady says I will see how Rawals get Darsh married to his village girl, will they get the marriage done if they know that he can get his eyesight back.

Vipul asks should we get Nandini’s alliance done if Darsh can see, he can get a nice girl. Darsh says Nirali, trust me, I m sorry, I didn’t wish your marriage fact to come out in this way. Shobit says you shouldn’t be sorry, you know she has…. He gets a call. Nirali says he is right, Darsh I m really sorry, congrats, I heard that someone is happy with Nandini’s coming. Darsh says I had to talk to you about your husband, his name is Ragla right. She says yes. Ragla comes and looks on. Darsh says I met him, but sorry, the meeting wasn’t good. She asks what happened. Ragla greets them. Ragla apologizes. He says there was a confusion. Shobit says you have raised hand on Darsh and misbehaved with Nandini. Nirali asks what. Ragla says I didn’t know that Darsh can’t see. Shobit says Darsh said that when Nandini fell in the pit. Darsh stops him.

Shobit asks how long will you stay here. Darsh says Nirali is like family, she can stay here until she wants. Ragla thinks to do something of their jodi. Darsh says sorry. Shobit takes him. Bansuri asks did you get the clothes trunk. Nandini says I m not getting it anywhere. Gunjan comes and says I m ready, how do I look, I just got these clothes, its so good. They smile. Gunjan says we have to go now. Bansuri says Nandini has to get ready, wait. Gunjan asks why didn’t you get prepared before, we will lose respect when we get late. Nandini says I will be the same, clothes doesn’t matter, we will go. Gunjan thinks I have hidden her clothes, I will look good, she will look flop, they will know whom to give shagun. Bansuri hugs Nandini.


Nandini saying Darsh has a habit to see me with the eyes of his heart, don’t worry. Gunjan asks shall we go now. They leave. Bansuri prays. Vipul says Darsh can see again, I think we should stop this marriage. Chetan says yes, when Darsh knows that he will get his eyesight back, he will refuse for the marriage. Dada asks will Rajvi agree for this. Vipul says she has to think practically, Darsh will think twice before this. Parul says Nandini and Gunjan will be coming. Vipul says cancel the program, call them and inform. Nandini answers Parul’s call. Dada ji stops Parul and says I think we shouldn’t refuse to them, we shall talk to Rajvi, let the girls come and go, then we will decide, treat them well. Parul says sure.

She asks Nandini where did they reach. Nandini says we just left. Bansuri cleans Gunjan’s room. She gets Nandini’s trunk. She says Nandini had to go there in simple clothes. Nandini and Gunjan come home. Nirali says Dada ji asked Ragla and me to come. Parul does aarti and welcomes the girls. She says Rajvi got jewellery and clothes for you. Nirali compliments Nandini. Ragla comes. Gunjan gets shocked. Nandini thinks what is he doing here. Parul says Ragla is Nirali’s husband, Darsh is waiting for Nandini. Nandini says we didn’t know Ragla will be here.

Gunjan says I don’t care for them. Chetan says we can get any alliance of our status now, if Darsh gets his eyesight back. Nandini comes to meet Darsh. He holds her hand and says this room is yours also, how is it. She says its beautiful and big also, can I keep my trunk near the sofa. He asks why, there is a big wardrobe, come. He shows his clothes. She says its too much. He says I like clothes a lot, you have to adjust with something, someone else will stay with us. She asks who. He says voice assistant, I wake up and sleep by talking to Shoni. She says I will teach her hindi and gujarati also. She laughs hearing the voice assistant. Darsh and Nandini slip and fall over the bed. Aapki manzil hoon mai….plays…. She gets up. He says paint brush came under my foot, so I slipped. She asks do you make paintings, I mean… He says I used, come I will show you the paintings. Vipul says I have to meet the doctor and clear things, until then I will not make the alliance final.

Gunjan goes to taunt Nirali. Ragla says no need to tell about us. Gunjan insults him. He thinks she has also come for money, I have to keep an eye on her. Gunjan likes the swimming pool. Charmy calls Shobit and asks where are you. He disconnects. He says its a friend’s call. Gunjan sees Ragla. She holds Shobit’s hand and flirts. Ragla leaves.Parul asks Gunjan did she like the house. Gunjan says yes. Shobit asks shall I go for some time. Parul says go later. Gunjan says I should go and check on Shobit. Darsh and Nandini have a talk.He says I took three hours to make mum’s painting, I didn’t wish to leave my old room, but family asked me to leave it, its not safe to use the stairs, I was an expert trekker, stairs are fine for me. He slips. Nandini holds him. Gunjan jokes on him and smiles. She says Nandini you should be careful. Nandini says no need. She also slips and says something came under my foot, there was something fallen here, so Darsh and I slipped here. Darsh smiles. He asks are you fine, come.Parul looks on. Gunjan checks the staircase and says there is nothing here. Parul thinks Nandini did the drama to slip, Darsh doesn’t think that he slipped because he is blind.

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