Barrister Bahu update Tuesday 2 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 2 August 2022: Episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita to come for the household tasks. Saudamini makes excuses to avoid the doctor. Anirudh says I will force you, but take you to the doctor today. Bondita gets tired by the work. She feels sleepy. Trilochan comes. She says I was grinding the chillies, see this way. He says there is no hurry, do it well, you know what can we make by it, mango pickles, you like it right. She nods. He says your hardwork will be useful to you, you can eat it. She recalls Master ji’s beating. She says I don’t want to study, but I promised Anirudh. He asks her to get beating if she wants. He says you can come after getting beaten up, I will guide you to become a good housewife, grind the chillies before your class, don’t take rest. He goes.

Binoy asks why did Saudamini go to doctor, she would have told me to arrange fake checkup, she could have refused. Shivraj says Anirudh didn’t tell us before. Binoy says he will hate her if he knows she is acting. Shivraj says maybe she handles the matter, she knows its imp to hide truth from him. Binoy says one mistake is costly for her. Bondita talks to the puppy. She gets tired. Saudamini comes to the doctor and thinks what to do. She acts to talk to her imaginary friend. Doctor looks at her. She comes inside the cabin and acts strange. She introduces herself as Anirudh’s wife. Bondita leaves the work and goes to take care of puppy.

She says Trilochan will scold you. She finds him hurt. She asks is it hurting you, come. She takes care of the puppy. She applies the haldi to his wound. She feeds him some food. She makes him rest in the basket and covers him up. Doctor says Saudamini has no physical illness, she has mental issues, its depression, did she meet with an accident, did she had any head injury. Anirudh says no. Doctor asks did anything happen that she underwent a trauma, few wounds are internal. Anirudh asks him to say clearly. Doctor says I feel she is much sorrowful, she isn’t happy, she is mentally hurt, that’s the reason for her problem, mental tension can make a person mad. Anirudh worries. Doctor says a person can lose capability to see or hear. Anirudh recalls Shivraj’s words. Saudamini smiles.

Bondita asks puppy to not come in front of Trilochan, he won’t like it. She names him bobo. She asks him to sleep and take care. Doctor asks Anirudh to spend time with Saudamini, is she unhappy with him, did her wish stay unfulfilled. Anirudh recalls Saudamini’s words. Doctor says you give her happiness, if she stays happy, her illness will get fine, when a person undergoes mental stress, eyesight gets weak, you have to take her abroad for advanced treatment, our country doesn’t focus on mental illnesses, being a good husband, love her as much as possible, I have seen that if a wife has a mental illness, just husband’s love can cure her. Anirudh says you are mistaken, Saudamini isn’t my wife, she is my childhood friend. Doctor says but Saudamini said… Saudamini says we have to leave, Bondita’s class is going to start, come fast, master ji will come, I won’t like if you get late. Anirudh thanks doctor and goes.

Doctor says why did Saudamini lie that Anirudh is her husband. Saudamini thinks to win Anirudh. Bondita says Anirudh promised he will sit with me, but master ji can come before him. Master ji comes. She worries and thinks where is Anirudh.Anirudh saying my car keys. Saudamini says I will check in clinic and come. Bondita says Anirudh will come soon, he said he can get bit late, he never breaks his promise. Anirudh says I promised Bondita that I will come on time. Master ji beats Bondita and asks her to write. She waits for Anirudh and cries. Saudamini cries and says you have to face hurdles because of my illness, I feel bad that you can’t keep your promise. He recalls doctor’s words. Anirudh asks her not to cry. She says we should have not come here. He says we can’t change it now, you don’t blame yourself. She thinks I have your car keys, time and attention.

Master ji scolds Bondita. Bondita recalls her words to Anirudh. She thinks if I run away, Anirudh will think I m bad Bondita. Saudamini sees a man keeping his axe and rope. She says you worry a lot for me, look at me, I just give you sorrow, don’t you think I should die, don’t come after me. He follows her. She takes the axe. He stops her and asks did you go mad, how did you think of dying, what happened to you, what’s going on in your mind, I didn’t see you so defeated. She asks will anyone listen to my heart, I have always spread happiness, how shall I show my pain, no one cares for me, dad stays in business, Dida likes to tolerate pain of being a widow, she will tolerate my pain also. He asks am I an outsider, don’t you think I can share your pain, how did you say that. She asks who cares for me. He says I do. She asks who am I for you, you have many friends. He shouts yes, but I love you, I will always love you. She smiles and drops the car keys down. He says my heart says I love you.

He thinks what did I say. He recalls his marriage with Bondita. Master ji thinks I will prove that Bondita is bad, Binoy and Saudamini will be happy that I did their work. He scares Bondita and asks her to run away. She says no, I will not run away, I promised Bondita.Anirudh thinks to explain Saudamini that he said all that, which he should have not. Saudamini starts acting. She says we should be at home, you should be with Bondita, did I do anything wrong again, I don’t remember what I did. He says you didn’t do anything, we met the doctor, he said you will be fine. He sees the car keys. He says how did it come here. She says we should go home, Bondita has her class. He goes to get the car. She says Anirudh loves me, he has said it. Bondita cries in pain. The pet dog gets up and looks for her. She prays. Master ji beats her. The dog jumps on master ji and bites his hand. Bondita asks the dog to stop. Master ji gets scared and runs away. Trilochan says why is Master ji running, maybe Bondita did some mischief. Master ji sees the dog with Trilochan. Trilochan gets shocked seeing the dog. The dog goes. Bondita says he won’t do anything, sit quiet. Master ji says the dog has bitten me. Bondita says the dog is my friend. Trilochan asks Bihari to save him. They run. Anirudh comes home. He says I got late, but I m sure that Bondita is good, she would be studying. Bihari says I will save you. Bondita says he will not bite anyone, don’t worry.

Bihari asks Trilochan to pick his dhoti. Bondita takes the dog. Anirudh looks on. Surmani says I have send Sampoorna to Daima, she will come with good news. Saurabh thinks Daima would explain her that she isn’t pregnant. Sampoorna comes home. Surmani asks what did Daima say, is the baby fine. Sampoorna thinks Daima said I m not pregnant. Saurabh thinks to tell them. Sampoorna says baby is fine and healthy. Saurabh thinks why is she lying. Biraj comes home and gives the shagun gold bangle for her. She says you are the good bahu to give us a heir. Sampoorna smiles and takes it. Biraj gets angry and throws it. She calls her a liar. She says you have lied to us, Daima told me that you aren’t pregnant. Surmani does a drama and cries. Biraj says Sampoorna was lying to us.

Anirudh asks Bondita what’s happening. Trilochan says its good you have come, our respect got ruined, the house got impure, don’t know how the dog came into the house. Bondita says I was telling you not to run, the dog ran after you, why will he hurt anyone, he is hurt. Trilochan asks why are you defending the dog. Master ji says she has done everything. He cries and asks Anirudh to see his hand, the mad dog has bitten him.He says Bondita got me bitten by the mad dog, she has rewarded me for teaching her. Anirudh asks how did the dog come home. She says he is my friend bobo, I got him home because… Master ji says you heard it, she got the mad dog, she is naughty, she did this so that she doesn’t study, won’t you tell anything to her. Anirudh says I understood you are a stubborn and bad girl, you don’t value your teaching or teacher, master ji was teaching you, did your mum teach this, apologize to him. Bondita says but I have… He shouts on her.

He apologizes to master ji from her side. He asks Bihari to take master ji to doctor. Master ji says I will get treated, what about this bad girl, who will teach her, I don’t think anyone will come. He leaves. Anirudh says you aren’t ready to accept your mistake and apologize, why, you talk of mum’s teachings, did you forget. Bondita says Maa says that if doing wrong is sin, then tolerating wrong is bigger sin, I didn’t do the mistake, how shall I apologize, it will mean that I have admitted my mistake. He asks didn’t you do wrong, why do you have ego, I also feel you are naughty Bondita.

Bondita says I would be good Bondita, if you didn’t become bad barister babu, you promised me that you will come on time and sit with me. He recalls his promise. She says you didn’t come, when Master ji was beating me, you weren’t with me, you said you will come on time, did you stop master ji, no, bobo has seen my sorrow, you all are angry on him, he has saved me from master ji’s beating, because I had applied medicine to his wound, Maa taught me to do aid to anyone, be it human or animal, if I did this, did I do wrong, bobo is better than you, he has supported me. Trilochan says Anirudh, you promised her and didn’t come, it means its your mistake, you are scolding Bondita. He says Bondita, tell Anirudh that you have to become a good housewife, you aren’t interested in studies, why will she get beaten up, she has to manage house keys, am I right. Anirudh says no Bondita, don’t leave studies. Bondita says no, if I have to get beaten up to study, then I don’t want to study, what if I learn, I won’t be able to write, will I get happy if I get scared of studies. Trilochan says master ji will not come now, don’t worry, now you focus on becoming a good housewife, because a woman should be best in her household work, our traditions show the right path to women, so that their mind don’t get diverted, studies mislead a women.

Anirudh says no, just studies can make a woman progress, she can understand what’s right for her happiness, you still think women are animals that we need to control them, I will not let Bondita get tied by customs, her studies will not stop. She cries. He says we can arrange some other tutor, I will get someone who can give a good shape to your future. He goes. She says don’t know how will be other master ji.Trilochan says don’t know what other master does, I m thinking how will you tolerate. She gets scared. Biraj scolds Sampoorna. Surmani thinks its good Biraj exposed the truth. She acts and cries. Biraj says we showered love on her, she cheated us. Surmani asks why did you lie.

Munshi says she is a liar like her parents, she cheated us. Saurabh also scolds Sampoorna. She thinks who will support me now. Anirudh sees Bondita upset. She says I will not talk to you. He smiles and goes. He gets a coconut shell string. He says you don’t want to talk to Anirudh, but I want to talk to Bondita’s mum. She nods. He apologizes to her.He says I have scolded Bondita, bobo was hurt, Bondita didn’t leave him alone in pain, she told me that you taught this to her, she understood it, but I couldn’t.

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