Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 3 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 3 August 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh apologizing to Bondita. She says its fine, you had to break the promise because of your friend, Bondita will forgive you, she can do anything for Sampoorna, you will not have any problem with this, right. He says no. She says you don’t feel bad now, take care of Saudamini, make her fine. He says this time, Bondita will study, ask her to study, not do any mischief. She says Bondita has promised you, she will not do any mischief, she is good Bondita. She laughs. He laughs seeing her. Rishta tera mera….plays…..

Bondita goes to her room. She says I can’t have food, I m punished by Trilochan since I got the dog inside the house. She feels hungry. Batuk comes and asks are you feeling hungry. She says no, you came to make fun of me, you want to see that if I m punished or not. He names the sweets. She smiles. They have a laugh. She says I didn’t know that Trilochan is so scared of dogs. Anirudh gets sad thinking of her words. Bondita says Trilochan does all the accounts in written form, you also write it to me, that you are indebted to me, you will return it to me. He says why not, I can study, I m not an illiterate like you, you always get beaten up by master ji. She passes the slate. He writes that I will repay the loan whenever she asks me. She can’t read it. She tries to read. He laughs. He makes fun of her. Saudamini talks to Anirudh on phone.

She says I m not getting sleep. He asks her to hear some good music. She gets angry and asks don’t you know me, I feel happy when you are with me, sorry, I troubled you, I m so bad. He says no. She smiles. She says I want Bondita to study, you would be bringing new master for her. Anirudh says you have said the same thing, wait I have to say something. It starts thundering. She says you want to say something. He thinks how to say that I got emotional and said all that. She says I know you said you still love me, you flowed in emotions, you couldn’t see my pain. Anirudh says I will talk later. He ends call. Saurabh scolds Sampoorna for the lie. She recalls her mum’s words. She thinks I can’t tell him that mum asked me to lie. Surmani comes and says this is the answer for the question, her mum has played this game with us. She scolds Sampoorna. Saurabh says you have done this to get rid of dowry, stay away from me, I hate you. Sampoorna cries. Saurabh goes away. Surmani smiles happily.

Its morning, Bondita is busy in her work. Anirudh goes to arrange teacher for her. A man apologizes and says I can’t help you. Batuk irritates Bondita and makes fun of her. Bondita thinks I can’t do anything. He says you can’t even write a single alphabet. He thinks what happened, she isn’t reacting today. She thinks if I don’t react, he will not trouble me. Anirudh says what shall I do to teach Bondita. He sees someone and gets a peacock feather. The guy says whatever is yours will come to you, whats not yours, you will never get it.Anirudh asks his name. Bihari s ays his name is Brijvasi, he has a strange smile on his face, he holds a flute in hand, his face is glowing. He describes the guy and says he is Kanha’s big devotee. Somnath asks what nonsense. Bihari says I m saying the truth. Bondita hears them. Bihari says Brijvasi has come to Tulsipur. The guy says I m Brijvasi, our meet was decided by Kanha ji. Anirudh says you are Sadhu baba, sorry, I don’t believe in this, our meet is a coincidence, we will not meet again.

Brij says you are educated, so you don’t believe truth as truth without evidence, you are a barister, you want to run after a success. Anirudh smiles and asks how do you know it. Bondita thinks to get her answers from Brij by meeting him. She smiles.Brijvasi saying I was also like you, a barister, who used to just believe the truth and doubt on everything. Anirudh looks on. Bondita says Brijvasi is also a barister, how did he become Kanha’s devotee. Bihari says he got a dream from Kanha, he got a responsibility to give a right answer for his devotee’s questions, Brijvasi has seen Kanha’s idol near his head, he left the worldly wishes. She gets glad. Anirudh and Brijvasi have a talk. Brijvasi says you have problems and you still don’t want Lord’s blessings. Anirudh nods. Brij says you will still know the path shown by Kanha, you will yourself come to meet Kanha, till then, you keep this peacock feather as a sign of my statements. Anirudh smiles. Brij leaves.

Anirudh says Bondita’s education won’t stop even without you. Trilochan asks Bondita not to get scared seeing the sack, the rice isn’t much, just 50 kgs. Bondita says I think its too much. He says fine, you can take time, no master will come to teach you now. Batuk comes and say new master has come to teach Bondita. Trilochan says who is he, who isn’t scared of dog bites. Bondita asks will he also beat me. Batuk says go and see in the study. She gets scared. Trilochan says we will go and see, who is it. Trilochan goes and scolds the master. He asks who are you, didn’t you hear me, Bondita left the dog on the old master, if you don’t want money, why are you eager to teach her. Bondita asks will you beat me with the stick to teach me, Saraswati Devi is offered fruits and flowers, is it ready to beat to teach. Binoy looks on. Anirudh turns to them. Bondita smiles. Everyone gets surprised.

Anirudh says its wrong, I will not do this, I m the new master for Bondita. Bondita thinks Anirudh is my teacher. Anirudh says Bondita will study and progress, her studies will not stop.Sampoorna hears Surmani and Munshi talking. She cries. Surmani says we will make Sampoorna out and get a good girl for Saurabh, someone who tells truth and is good valued. Sampoorna gets shocked. She cries and says don’t snatch my husband. Surmani says we will send Sampoorna to work as maid and earn money. Sampoorna says I will do as you say, I will give the money to you, but you don’t get my Sautan.Anirudh says Bondita will make a place for herself in the society, she will succeed, she will fly high. Rishta tera mera… plays…. Bondita and Anirudh smile.

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