Barrister Bahu update Monday 29 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 29 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita asking what price. Tara says I also tried to run away but had to pay a big price, I wanted to fly, but they snatched one of my eyes, according to the rules, I will also snatch your eye. She scares Bondita. She shouts Surayya take her and shut her in the room. Rasiya looks on. Surayya says you won’t get food for 3 days. Tara says no, its her exhibition after few days, feed her well, diamond should shine well, else price will get less. She says she likes to fly, she can’t see the sun rays now. Bondita shouts let me go. Tara shouts take her away. Surayya takes her. Rasiya feels bad. Bondita shouts to Anirudh. Tara asks them to have strict security around the kotha. Rasiya thinks to inform Anirudh. Tara says its time for Mujra. Anirudh prays to get sign to find Bondita. Rasiya performs on Maar dala song. Bondita hits the door. Anirudh stands in the balcony.

Rasiya dances and throws out a green cloth. Anirudh sees that and recalls her words. He says green chunri from Tara Bai’s kotha, it means Bondita is there. Anirudh picks the cloth and goes to the Kotha. He shouts Bondita. Guards stop him. She thinks its Anirudh’s voice. Guards push him away and beat him. Anirudh fights them. She shouts to him. He takes a wood log and breaks the door. Bondita runs to the door. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh gets in and shouts Bondita, see I have come. She shouts to him. Tara smiles seeing him. Anirudh says I want to apologize to you first, Bondita. He sits crying.

He says I know you were not wrong, come out and forgive me. She cries. She recalls his words. Rishta tera mera…plays… Anirudh cries and says Bondita come out. Rasiya thinks its first time that a man bowed down to a woman here. The men get angry and ask who is he. Tara says he is just a mad man. Anirudh says I have come to take Bondita and will take her. Tara angers him. He shouts Tara Bai. Bondita cries in the room. Tara throws the ghungroo and warns him to stay in his limits.Anirudh says I can’t delay more, I can’t forgive myself until Bondita forgives me, I will take Bondita from this hell. Tara laughs and says he is really a Krantikari. She makes fun. Anirudh kicks the ghungroo. He shouts Bondita, I m coming to you. Tara asks the man to stop him. The man calls guards. Anirudh gets caught and beaten up. Bondita cries. Rasiya worries. Anirudh falls down and gets hurt. Rasiya says I request you, let them go, Tara Bai, stop it. Tara laughs. He gets hit on his head. Rasiya cries. Tara goes to Anirudh and stabs him. Rasiya gets shocked. Bondita cries. Anirudh falls down bleeding. Tara shouts get up and take your wife now. Bondita cries for help. Anirudh lies in the pool of blood. Rasiya cries seeing him.

Tara shouts I have stabbed him, don’t dare to support him, else he will be in Anirudh’s place.Bondita sees Anirudh wounded. Tara shouts is there anyone…. Bondita shouts someone help him. She sits crying. Anirudh is put outside on the ground.Ramayya fooling the man and going to meet Bondita. She says the wall on the room’s corner is made of wood, just run away from here. Bondita tries to break the wall. Rishta tera mera…plays…. Anirudh is lying on the ground. She says someone help my husband. Rasiya cries and curses Tara. She says Suhaagan can snatch husband’s life from Yamraj, you are not even a human. Tara slaps her and says a wife can’t snatch husband’s life from a devil. She ties up Rasiya and says you are talking a lot these days. Rasiya cries.

The guards put Anirudh in some cart and take him. The man sees Ramayya and slaps her. He thinks to inform Tara Bai. Tara laughs and says I m getting Anirudh’s body dumped out. Bondita cries. Surayya catches her. Bondita faints. Trilochan says Durga Maa, protect Anirudh and Bondita, keep them away from every problem. He prays. Tara says its morning, Anirudh would have died by now, Munmun will dance on my fingers now. She asks Surayya to get her. Bondita comes with sindoor in hands. She says I will go to my husband after Navratri.The man comes to Trilochan and says there is a bad news, I was at hira mandi yesterday night, Tara bai has killed Anirudh. Trilochan and Saudamini get shocked. The man says I have seen Anirudh dead by my eyes. Trilochan sits shocked. Bondita says when Durga visarjan happens, I will also go to my husband’s house, so I came to play sindoor khela with you.

She applies sindoor to the girls’ face. Rasiya does her tilak. Saudamini cries and says Anirudh is dead, its my mistake, I should have not left him there, this happened because of Bondita, she just got troubles for him, I told them that she is unlucky for Anirudh, he is dead. Dida cries.Tara says she is in shock seeing her husband dead. She smiles. She says you all have to make her cry, he is dead. Bondita says he is alive, Durga maa had dropped chunri on me and signed it. Anirudh gets conscious and says Bondita. Tara asks Bondita to show it. Bondita chants a bhajan. Rasiya and Ramayya join her. Tara slaps Bondita. Anirudh says Bondita…. Saurabh comes to him and asks him to get up, they have to take Bondita. Anirudh gets up. Saurabh says don’t worry, we are at safe place, we are at the businessman’s godown, none will know about us. Trilochan says I will go to Kolkata. Binoy says no.

Trilochan says I lost our son, I will burn that hira mandi. Binoy says I m also angry, that drunkard landlord can’t be trusted, I spoke to Calcutta general, he will find out the truth, my heart says that Anirudh is fine. Trilochan asks what’s left now, Anirudh left us, there is nothing left now, are you happy now. Binoy says no. He cries. Trilochan says celebrate now, do anything you want, kill me as well. Binoy says I m his dad, what did I want, that he leaves his madness, he didn’t listen to me, could he not live like us, don’t forget its your mistake also, Bondita left the house on your saying, Anirudh agreed for engagement on your saying, he always obeyed you. Trilochan cries. Saurabh says I came here finding you, they thought you are dead, I found you and took you to doctor, we thought you lost you. Anirudh asks could I die without fulfilling my promise, I have come to take Bondita home. Tara says try as much as you want, no saviour will come at the door now.

Anirudh says I have get fine and take Bondita out of that hell. Saurabh says get fine first, they are dangerous. Anirudh says I know, this time I will fight by using my mind, not anger, I will make a plan to get Bondita, Tara will think I m dead, it will be good. Tara says I killed him. He says I will save Bondita, she will be with me. Saurabh says I m with you, we will inform family that you are safe. Bondita and everyone make the sounds by using plates. Tara shouts at them. Trilochan says I wish I knew the result of my words that time. Bihari comes and says an imp call came for you. Trilochan says I don’t want to talk. Bihari says its imp, talk once. Trilochan goes. He takes the call. Anirudh says Kaka, I m alive. Trilochan cries. Anirudh says Saurabh came on time and saved my life. Trilochan recalls slapping Saurabh. Anirudh says don’t fall weak, don’t cry. Trilochan says its tears of happiness, its too much, come back.

Anirudh says I will come back home soon, along with Bondita, I have a request, don’t tell anyone that I m alive, except Mini, don’t tell dad. Trilochan asks why, Binoy is your dad. Anirudh says I know, if he knows, he won’t let me stay here, I can’t come without Bondita. Trilochan says yes, she is your wife, its your dharm to protect her, promise me, you will take care. Anirudh says promise, I won’t let anything happen to me and Bondita.Surayya asks Bondita to take the ghungroos. She says the kotha girls got punished, you want the same punishment, no, right, come for dance. Bondita says I will never wear it, you are very bad, I don’t listen to bad people.

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