Anupama update Monday 29 August 2022

Anupama 29 August 2022: Nandini tells Kavya that she will attend her wedding only if Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu will attend. Kavya asks if they told they will not attend her wedding. Nandini nods yes. Rakhi enters saying she will attend her samdhan’s wedding and gifts her diamond braclet as shagun for her daughter’s would be MIL. Kavya asks who invited her. Rakhi says happiness, problems, and Rakhi Dave visit uninvited. Baa walks in to give Kavya’s mehandi when she sees Rakhi and asks if nagin came even here and imagines Rakhi performing nagin dance. Rakhi says she was missing her. Baa asks missing her or drama. Rakhi says both as she was missing her. Baa asks how is Pramod. Rakhi says he is fine and resting. Baa asks why didn’t she bring Kinjal then. Rakhi says she herself fell ill taking care of her papa and was weak, so she asked her to rest.

Kavya asks why did she come. Rakhi says to check her ex-samdhan and futture samdhan, either ways there must be someone to set a fire.Anu thinks Samar is trying to steal her jamun fruit and holds hand, but then seeing Vanraj apologizes. He says he wants to talk. She says if he has come to talk about him and Kavya’s marriage, then she is not interested. He hopes she would have changed her decision, then it would have been easy for him to change his decision; he wants to change his decision now, thinks why did he take the decision or if it was only Kavya’s decision, anyways he doesn’t’ want to marry Kavya. She asks why. He says because Kavya cannot become Anupama and take care of his parents and children like Anu; they fight for silly reasons; though they love each other, there is no understanding between them. She says he left her because they understand each other, but don’t love and realized it suddenly after 16 years and doing same with Kavya after 9 years; those who say its difficult to understand a woman should meet him once, even god cannot understand him; she requests him not to drag her in it and speak to Kavya instead.

He says Kavya will not understand, so he came to seek her help; he feels badly stuck. She asks if he remembers why Toshu’s clothes used to get always dirty in childhood. He says Toshu used to play in dirt. She says his situation is similar, he does mistakes always and repents, he made one mistake and should make another and should go and speak to Kavya.Rakhi walks in and says sorry she heard something. Anu gets happy seeing her and asks if Kinjal also came. Rakhi says she will be here soon and hugging her says she heard about her illness and after Pramod got well, she came here. Anu says she is fine and asks about Pramod. Rakhi says he is feeling better. She tells Vanraj that she met his would be wife who is so excited for the marriage, but he doesn’t look happy; asks if he wants to run away like he ran away from divorce; she doesn’t know whether marriage will happen or not, there will be lots of entertainment for sure. Vanraj walks away fuming. Anu asks if she will not change.

Rakhi says never and congratulates her for divorce; says she will not trouble her hereon as she is not her samdhan anymore and will target Kavya instead, she is super excited regarding tomorrow’s wedding. Anu requests her not to create any drama here. Rakhi says there is already a lot of drama here and she just came here for entertainment, asks if she wants to say something else. Anu says not now and walks away. Rakhi thinks she truly didn’t want Anu’s divorce and Kavya to become Kinjal’s MIL, she needs to be on Kavya’s side on as she is becoming her samdhan.Advaith gathers everyone. Anu introduces Rakhi to him, and Rakhi says he must be Dr. Advaith. Kavya taunts that Dr. Advaith is not only a doctor but also a good friend and he takes care of Anu really well as she is his patient. He says let us go and check wedding mantap. Kavya super excited unveils mantap and says its so beautiful, she loves it. Adi says if she wants any changes, he will get it done tomorrow morning. She says he is the best. He says tell him something he doesn’t know and walks away. Kavya tells Vanraj their mantap is perfect and asks Pakhi to click pictures. Pakhi stands silently. Kavya asks Toshu and Samar if they liked mantap.

They also don’t react. She then speaks to Nandini, Dolly, and Baa, but they also don’t react. She requests them to perform ritual for their son and brother’s sake. Rakhi asks Baa to perform the ritual 3rd time for her son’s sake. Baa warns her to shut her mouth. Rakhi asks if she said anything wrong. Baa says right words from a wrong person look wrong, she is changing her colors faster than chameleon. Everyone walk away except Rakhi.Baa fumes that maide ki katori was not enough that nagin came to set fire, she will not attend wedding. Dolly says bhai will feel bad. Kavya lights lamp in mantap and performs ritual herself. Rakhi thinks Baa didn’t light lamp, but she will set fire for sure. She tells Kavya that she did right by not marrying samdhi ji immediately after divorce as she heard Anu and Vanraj’s conversation and felt samdhi ji is still confused regarding this wedding. Kavya reminisces Vanraj’s changed behavior.

Rakhi says its obvious as Anu and samdhiji’s relationship is of 25 years and papers cannot separate them, samdhiji is still stuck with old bonding. Kavya says she doesn’t care, this marriage will happen for sure and she will also clear old dues tomorrow. Vanraj gets more nervous looking at Anu and Kavya and searches balm. Toshu walks in and asks what is he searching. Vanraj says he is searching pain balm as he is hav ing severe headache. Toshu says its in front of him. Vanraj says he is very confused. Toshu says he cannot help him in this and he himself has to decide whether he should marry or not; he reminds him taking up science theme in college and then had to wait for 1 year to correct his mistake, it was very difficult for him to spend that 1 year and if Vanraj takes a wrong decision, he will repent his whole life.

Kavya asking Anupama to apply mehendi on her hand. Anupama asks her to get it to apply by anyone or Baa. Rakhi says she doesn’t know how to apply. Kavya asks Anupama to apply mehendi and write Vanraj’s name. Anupama says I told you already not to play game with me. Kavya insists and tells that she has no relative, or friend with her, just she is the one who can apply mehendi. She tries to convince Anupama. Anupama says if oil is applied on the hand before applying mehendi then the color will be good. Kavya tells Rakhi that Kavya is the bala/witch who will get her samdhan apply mehendi.Anupama brings oil and applies on her hand. Kavya asks her to write only V on her hand. Anupama says if you have loved him a bit. Kavya says she just wants V. Anupama says she will write Shrimati Kavya etc etc. Kavya says she don’t want her to apply mehendi and says you will be hurt. Anupama says I am great Anupama and can’t feel bad. She gives her mehendi design to be stick on the hand and asks her to write her name too with Vanraj’s name, as when one name is written then there is no place left for the other name.

She asks her not to let her name wipe off from her hand. She asks her to return the bowl and oil when everything is done. She is about to go. Kavya invites her for marriage and says you are not Vanraj’s wife now, but still his children’s mother. Anupama refuses. Rakhi says Anupama 2. Kavya insists. Anupama says she doesn’t want to be the mat and asks her to send the sweets, I will eat surely. Rakhi says Anupama 100 and Kavya zero. Anupama goes.Kavya asks Rakhi to apply mehendi. Rakhi refuses. Kavya insists. She gets mehendi applied and takes the pic. She says she don’t care if anybody doesn’t come as her marriage is happening. Anupama hears and smiles. Kavya falls and her mehendi gets ruined from her hand. Rakhi laughs and says V is gone from your hand. Anupama comes to the balcony and asks Kavya to correct it before it dry. Kavya goes. Rakhi says I have taken the pic.

Vanraj talks to Babuji via call and tells that he doesn’t want to marry Kavya. He didn’t know how to tell Baa, Anupama and Kavya. Babu ji says you have marriage tomorrow and you are deciding it now. Vanraj asks him to help him and get him out from this situation. Babu ji says what to do now, why did you betray Anupama if you don’t want to marry Kavya and ruined your house. Vanraj asks him not to talk about past. Babu ji says you create problems for yourself and then act victim and say that save me. He says this is your talent. Vanraj asks are you taunting me. Babu ji asks what to do, shall I congratulate you and says you have ruined one relation after marriage and another before marriage. He says the same pain which you have given Anupama, is going to give to Kavya now. Babu ji asks him to handle his mistake and try not to do any mistake. He ends the call sadly. Kavya sends her mehendi pic to Vanraj, making him more anxious. He looks at the mandap set up outside his house and finds Anupama relaxed and drinking coffee standing outside her house and reading a book. She sees him and goes inside.

Later Anupama sees a bad dream and wakes up. She prays to Kanha ji and asks him to save her family from all the troubles and protect them. Baa asks Toshu about Vanraj. Toshu says he is in his room, hasn’t slept since night and is very worried. Kavya calls Baa, Vanraj and others. Baa says why is she shouting early morning. They go there and see Kavya ready for her haldi ritual. She says you are not yet ready and asks her to do the rasam. Rakhi says when the girl’s family has come then guy’s family shall not make them wait. Baa says Kavya is aunty and Vanraj is Uncle. She asks her to be on their side. Rakhi says she has to support Kavya being her friend and also because Nandini left her. She calls Vanraj. Kavya shows her mehendi design to Baa and says the design came lovely. Anupama is going from there. Kavya asks her to tell how is she looking? Anupama says very nice. Rakhi asks if she is so busy that she is not getting time to attend the haldi ceremony. Anupama says she has much time, but no interest. Rakhi tries to convince. Vanraj is still tensed. Kavya asks Dolly to apply mehendi to her bhabhi. Dolly says you are not my Bhabhi. Kavya asks Baa to make her understand that nobody can fight with destiny. Baa says your relation is not destined, but an accident. She says we will agree to the relation after marriage and asks her to be happy to get haldi applied by naagin. They leave. Rakhi tells Kavya that nobody loves her, even the groom hasn’t come.Kavya says bride will go inside. She applies haldi on her cheek and hands herself. Anupama looks at her from her house.

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