Naagin update Friday 26 August 2022

Naagin 26 August 2022: Episode starts with Farishta telling Bani that someone changed the way of the grahs which will result in her death. Bani asks who has done this? He says I can only bless you and says Veer and your love will live and whatever is yours, and your love will become the memory and it will change any rules and can fight with even God. He blesses her and keeps hand on his head. He feels pain, stand up and says he is going. He vanishes. Bani is shocked. Snake charmer is keeping eye on Ponky. Ponky asks if he needs food and asks him to buy it with the money which he will give. He takes out the money, while Jai hits on his head. Jai asks if he will tell everything to Bani and takes Snake Charmer from there. He takes him to jungle and throws him. Snake charmer says he will die one day.

Jai says he is very clever. Snake Charmer says if you was clever then you wouldn’t have dare to attack and kill Bholenaath bhakts. Jai attacks him and says he had killed Panditayan, Pandit and will kill everyone. Snake Charmer pushes him and picks his flute. He begins playing it. Jai’s skin gets scaly and he tries to control himself. Bani also gets restless hearing the flute sound and thinks who is doing this? She comes out of her room. Jai asks Snake Charmer to stop playing the flute and says you can’t control me, and says once you take a break then who will save you.

Bani is going out, when she collides with Veer. Veer says you can’t get me, everything is impossible to get and asks what is she doing? Bani says I am hiding my face from you, as she don’t want to show her scaly skin to him. Veer says ok, leave this house. Bani says this is not possible and says everything is impossible to get. He asks why is she hiding her face and says it is not that bad. She smiles.Snake charmer thinks to reach Bani somehow and falls down, stepping on the stone. Jai attacks him and tells that he is a black spot on snake charmers as he couldn’t control a snake. He bites him and then pushes him down to death, before walking away. Bani reaches there and finds the flute and also the Snake Charmer/Sapera baba dead. She thinks he was calling me for help, but I came late. Jai is still hiding behind the tree and looks at Bani.

Veer plans to go for the bike race. Daksh says you are weak and I can’t see you losing. Veer says he will win and celebrate. Bani comes there and asks Veer to come with her, and says someone died. Veer asks who is dead? She says old man. She brings him out, but don’t find anyone. Veer asks whose dead body is here? Bani says Sapera baba. Veer asks who is this Sapera and asks if she is doing this drama so as to spend some time with him. Bani says I brought his body here, as I thought you can help him. Veer asks what is the tonic which you drink and asks her to tell. He asks I am confused, how do you remember your lies? Bani cries. He asks her not to cry and goes.Bani thinks it is clear that someone has killed him and thinks if he came to know about the secret and the nakshatras/grahs. She thinks Panditayan is missing and I found her Rudraksha mala here. She talks to Meera and tells that Farishta told her that she has to keep his eyes open, and be alert. Meera asks how you will be with Veer and informs him that he is going for the bike race tomorrow. Bani says Veer will be with Rani.

Veer is at the bike race competition. A guy comes and tells about his record. Veer says he will break his record. Someone provokes him and tells that he has become boring. Someone comes on the bike. His friend says this new rider will break your record. Veer asks who is this chick? He competes with the new biker and thinks he will win eventually. Veer wins as the rider stops. The rider takes off her helmet. Veer goes to the rider and tells that he has lost from the girl for the first time. He says I saw how you made me win. She turns to him. He says you are my maid Bani. She says she is the owner of the Taneja Industries and daughter of Mr. Taneja. She tells that she is Rani and not Bani. She goes away. Veer goes behind her and calls her Bani. She stops. Veer asks where is she going? She says Taneja Industries obviously. He says he will prove that she is Bani and becomes eagle to follow her, as she goes in the car.

Veer comes home and tells Ponky and Daksh that the girl is really Bani, as she went inside Taneja Industries. He asks where is Bani? Tapish comes there. Meera calls Bani and asks her to come home fast. Bani gets down from the car, becomes snake and crawls. Tapish tells Veer that they shall check in the kitchen for Bani. Bani messages that she is coming through kitchen window. Veer and Tapish go there. Tapish sees Bani coming through window as snake. Meera shouts loudly asking Bani to wear saree properly. Tapish takes Veer from the kitchen. Bani manages to crawls inside the room. Veer suspects that Bani is not inside the room. Bani comes out of the room. Veer asks if you have any twin sister. She says no. Veer goes. Tapish comes inside the room. They laugh. Bani feels dizzy. She gets call from Jai. Jai says eagle must have killed Sapera baba Bani asks if he thought her fool to believe him and tells that she don’t want him. She can face any danger and even you. He opens the bottle and recalls making something to catch her. She says do you think I am mad, and will instigated against Veer, so that I return to you. She says she will never return to him and goes. Jai says listen to me, I am not asking you to return to me. He throws the liquid on her, just then she takes her snake avatar and manages to get saved. Jai asks Bani what is it, why did she take snake avatar? She says she had sensed some danger.

Meera calls Bani and informs her that Veer went to Taneja Industries to check. Bani rushes there and sees Veer at the reception. She calls receptionist and asks if Veer is there. Veer takes the call. She says she is in the meeting with her dad. Veer says I will come there. They both take the same lift. He doesn’t see her. Bani gets tensed.Just then electricity goes off. Other people in the lift call Security. Bani panics and keeps hand on the wall of the lift. Veer keeps his hand on her hand unknowingly and then asks her not to worry. The electricity comes back and the lift door opens. Bani rushes out and goes before Veer.Jai meets the tantric and asks him to do his work and he will make him wealthy. He shows the valuable things. The tantrik fills the evil powers in something. Jai smiles. Veer goes to Bhagat Taneja’s cabin and finds Bani there. He asks you? Bani says if not me, then who will be here. She messages Meera. Meera tells Tapish that Bani is with veer in the cabin. Tapish asks her to see Bhagat Taneja arriving there in the car. Jai takes the evil powers stone from Tantrik and takes the avatar of Balwant, Tapish, Daksh and then himself again. Veer asks where is your dad? Bani says he is coming. Tapish stops Taneja and says hi sir. Taneja asks if he is Singhania’s son. Tapish says he came to meet him.She asks why did you come here? Tapish tells Taneja that he is getting married and wants his help to select the date. Taneja says you are strange and says he is not an astrologer. Tantrik informs Jai that he can take any avatar and nobody can identity him, not even bani.

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