Barrister Bahu update Friday 5 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 5 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita saying nothing is imp than relations, I will help you. Sampoorna says you are really nice, but nothing is left for me when Saurabh broke ties, I will go and drown in the river. Bondita says I will never let you do this, I will talk to them, they will listen to me. Sampoorna says no, they will listen for some time, but won’t accept me, there is only one way, four goats as the dowry, mum has already given a gold bangle instead one goat. Bondita asks what is dowry. Sampoorna says its a curse on a girl’s life, its a way to weigh a girl’s married life. Bondita asks why do they ask for dowry, why to give them dowry, if its bad, then why do you pay it.

She says we shouldn’t support this, I will ask Anirudh to educate me so that I end this curse of dowry one day, so that no one needs to say about drowning in river like you. Sampoorna says I wish that day comes fast, but now I can’t see any way, swear on me, you won’t tell anything to Anirudh. Bondita thinks it will be wrong to lie to him, but I can’t let her jump into the river. She says fine, I swear on you, I won’t tell him. She recalls Bihari’s words and tells about Brijvasi. She says now Brijvasi will solve your problem. She thinks of Anirudh’s words. She says I have to leave studies and just go to help Sampoorna. Anirudh says Mini, you wanted to learn ballroom dance. He asks her for dance. She says I m not looking good with this pale face. He cheers her up. She asks can I win over you in words, fine I will give you this honor. He asks her to be careful. She goes. He thinks I will do whatever it takes to make her fine.

Bondita asks Sampoorna to go to kitchen. She goes and gets a slate. She looks for Batuk. She sees him and stops him. Saudamini gets a suit for Anirudh. He asks how did you get it. She says I had made it when you returned from London, I had thought a lot. She gets sad. He recalls doctor’s words. Bondita reminds Batuk his promise. He says I remember. She insists him to help. Saudamini gets ready and comes. She imagines dancing with Bondita. Anirudh asks her for dance. They dance. He says I will just come. He thinks to see Bondita, if she is studying. Anirudh goes home and sees Bondita. Batuk is sitting in Bondita’s place. Anirudh thinks good, she is studying. Bondita and Sampoorna hide under the baskets and leave. Bondita says I m arranging the four goats, so I m going out of haveli, I will tell them later and apologize. Trilochan comes. They try to hide. Bondita worries.

Bondita and Sampoorna hiding. Trilochan shouts on Bihari. He asks Bihari to take the baskets inside. Brij smiles seeing the idol. He sees the people coming to pray. He asks the men to wait, Kanha is hungry. The man asks him to keep bhog for Kanha. Brij smiles. Bondita makes a cat sound. Trilochan asks Bihari to go to kitchen and see if the cat is there. Bihari goes. Bondita says how shall I send Trilochan. She thinks and gets an idea. She makes a dog sound. Trilochan gets scared of the dog and goes away. Bondita laughs. She says Brij will solve our problem, come. Bihari comes and says there is no cat in the kitchen. Bihari sees the baskets gone. Brij asks Kanha to have the sweet and bless his devotees. He takes the milk and feeds the idol. He says Kanha ji had the milk. He asks Kanha to answer his devotees. He gets worried seeing the idol shaking up. The diya falls down. Bondita and Sampoorna look for Brijvasi. Bondita says we are lucky that he has come to Tulsipur when we need him. Brij says I can’t disappoint the people, who has come with much hope. The people ask when will we meet Kanha and get our answers.

Bondita says Krishna likes kids a lot, right. Brij says Kanha is naughty, I need time to convince him, I m sure he will melt seeing his people’s love. Brij moves away the idol. He opens the secret chamber. He sees a little boy inside. The boy comes out. Bondita says we will find Brij. She gets shocked seeing Trilochan. The boy says I can’t do this, is this temple or dark cell, I can’t breath inside, let me go. Brij says once this ends, I will give you kheer. The boy faints. Brij says if they know that I m fooling them, then…. no…. they just believe in miracles, I have to always take advantage of these uneducated people.Sampoorna says we shall go home. Bondita says no, stop, we will find some way. They hide. Trilochan and Bihari also come to meet Kanha. Trilochan says I will ask Kanha when will Bihari get a sense. Bondita laughs. Trilochan goes. Sampoorna says we will stay behind.

Bondita says we will get a solution for you. Brij says I may become a target of devotee’s anger. He checks the boy’s pulse. He gets shocked. Trilochan and Bihari also come to meet Kanha. Bondita and Sampoorna hide.

Brij sees Trilochan and the gifts. Trilochan says I want to meet Kanha and ask him something. Brij says he looks like a rich landlord, I can’t let him go. He says give me some time, Kanha’s Leela is going on, he is stubborn, I m convincing him. Trilochan says nothing happens without his wish, I will wait here.Brij says I need someone to answer them and become Kanha’s voice. He hears Sampoorna and Bondita talking. Sampoorna says we should go back. Anirudh and Sampoorna dance. He teaches her. She thinks I m trying to charm you, Anirudh. He gets away. He looks for Bondita studying. Sampoorna thinks I can’t share Anirudh. Brij likes Bondita’s voice and says she will become Kanha’s voice.Bondita says I can do anything for you, I m not scared of anyone. Brij says Kanha has sent this girl as a blessing, I can convince her by my sweet talks.

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