Anupama update Friday 5 August 2022

Anupama 5 August 2022: Pakhi informs Nandini about family picnic to Nandini. Nandini says its good for Vanraj and Anu. Pakhi says she and Baa have planned picnic for them and they want to get them closer via this picnic. Nandini says that is really nice. Pakhi leaves. Kavya hearing their conversation asks Nandini what was Pakhi talking about. Nandini says its none of her business. Kavya says she heard about picnic and wants to know what else did she say. Nandini says good she didn’t hear much. Kavya thinks she heard mummy papa picnic and should find out what is Pakhi’s plan as she needs to be alert until V’s divorce finalizes and cannot trust his family.

Rakhi traveling in her car reminisces Pakhi’s words that she will be Kinjal’s junior saas/MIL and thinks Anu’s presence in that house is good for Kinjal and if Kavya gets into that house, she will vent out even her anger on Kinjal, so she can’t let this happen. She calls Baa who is busy packing her bag taunts her. She asks if she is going somewhere. Baa says picnic. She says her beta and bahu’s divorce is happening and she is busy planning picnic. Baa says Vanraj and Anu are also coming and asks not to inform anyone about her plan. She takes Baa’s oath. Baa asks if she wants to kill her. She says she would take Kavya’s name then. Baa laughs and explains her plan. Kavya confronts Vanraj for going on family picnic. Vanraj says they are just going to a nearby spot. Kavya warns that she is silent till his divorce and will not listen even to him after that. He tries to show her divorce notice but stops seeing her rude behavior. Rakhi hopes Baa’s plan works and Vanraj and Anu’s differences clear soon as Kavya’s entry in her house will destroy her house. Baa says she will fry pooris of maide ki karoti before that and jokes.

Rakhi wishes her all the best and hopes Baa’s plan works and Kayva fails as Kavya is hurt and will try to ruin everything.. Vanraj returns to his room and thinks why is he not happy seeing the divorce date nearing.Baa and Pakhi pray god for Kavya and Vanraj’s reunity again and says her Vanraj and Anu are her Radha Krishna and god shouldn’t separate them. Bapuji ready for picnic says let us go. Mamaji jokes. Family gathers. Baa goes to Anu’s room and brings her wearing Punjabi suit. Vanraj gets mesmerized with her beauty and smiles while others laugh. Anu shies. Baa says she is shying as if she wore something else than Punjabi suit. Bapuji says they won’t mind even if she wears pant shirt. Kinjal says mummy is looking very pretty. Mamaji jokes again. Bapuji says there is noting wrong if they change with time. Vanraj complements Anu that she is looking pretty in suit and asks why don’t she wear suits. Anu reminisces him scolding her not to wear suit and nighties and says he didn’t like suits.

He says preferences change over time and says she can wear anything now after divorce. She reminisces him taunting her to exercise as she looks of 50 years in 42. He says she looks of 30s. He says even he. He says he is always. She says yes.They both walk to family. Baa says Vanraj and Anu will come in bike as others will fit in car. Anu asks how can she. Baa asks if she wants her and Bapuji to come on bike. Mamaji jokes again. Baa says Anu is still Vanraj’s wife and not yet divorced. Kinjal says she will hire a cab. Baa scolds her. Anu agrees. Vanraj brings bike, and Anu sits pillion shyingly. Pakhi asks Baa why is mummy sitting so uncomfortably and hopes they clear their inhibitions soon. Kavya gets jealous seeing Vanraj and Anu going in bike and thinks its family’s plan definitely to stop their divorce. Baa gets everyone in and signals Pakhi. Pakhi deflates tyre and says its punctured, how will they go on picnic now. Kinjal says she will call mechanic nearby and goes aside. Baa says she bribed 100 rs to mechanic to disappear for some time. Kavya walks to them and asks if they didn’t go yet.

Pakhi says their car tyre is punctured. Kavya angrily leaves thinking of calling Vanraj. Pakhi shows Vanraj’s mobile and says she knows Kavya will call papa, so she took his mobile. Baa also shows Anu’s mobile.

Vanraj whle driving bike asks Anu to keep her hand on his shoulder or else she will fall. She hesitates. He says she used to keep it before. She does and says it has been a long time since they had gone on bike like this. He says yes and reminds their last trip. Anu describes the incident and they both laugh. Bike stops mid road. He apologizes and asks her to hold him properly. He holds him tightly. Oh Shyam kuch ajeeb plays in the background. He says those days were so nice. She says there was little but enough. They both enjoy their intimate ridce. Kavya calls Vanraj and Anu repeatedly and fumes when they don’t pick her call.

Kinjal calls mechanic for car tyre repair and tells family that mechanic told he is coming in 5 minutes but still hasn’t in 30 minutes. Baa says its okay as they are not going to picnic. Mamaji asks what does she mean. She says she was joking. Kinjal says she will hire a cab as mummy papa must have reached the resort already. Baa acts as getting knee pain. Vanraj with Anu reaches resort and goes to park bike and when he returns, he doesn’t find Anu. Baa acts as having severe knee pain and keeps Kinjal, Bapujii, and Mamaji busy serving her. Kavya fumes at home seeing Vanraj taking Anu for picnic.Vanraj sees Anu dancing on Aja Nachle Nachle… song and enjoys smilingly. He sees she is about to step on a stone, keeps his hand on it and shouts when she steps on it. She asks what is he doing here. He scolds her why did he come without informing him like a kid. She gets sad. He laughs and says he was joking. He makes her sit on a chair.

.She says she there was sunlight there, so she came here searching tree and lost her way, she felt afraid, but then she felt peace like in temple and didn’t know when she started dancing and felt as if she met herself. He says after 3 days, their lives will change forever; he didn’t think this situation would arise in life. She says life doesn’t go according to their thinking and reminds the day when he came to see her and she thought he would reject her right away. He says don’t underestimate herself as she also looks beautiful. He says not handsome like him and says when he came to see her, he was in college and Bhavesh ran to her and told that a boy resembling Vinod Khanna came to see her. He says even he saw her via window and she was looking very angry. She says she wanted to study and thought why he came with alliance. He says he drank her prepared tea in one gulp and it was very sweet. She says she fell in his love at first sight, but he didn’t. He says after Toshu was born, she had a glow on her face and he just stood looking at her. She asks why did he agree to marry her as she was unfit for him. and what did he see in her. He says wife.

Kavya fumes that V didn’t call back her yet, what are they doing together till now. Nandini reminds that they are husband and wife. Kavya says there is nothing left between them. Nandini asks then why she is feeling insecure. Kavya thinks whenever things are about to set right, V doesn’t something and don’t know what is going in his mind. She calls Vanraj’s lawyer and asks him about his divorce date. Lawyer says he already gave divorce date letter to Mr Shah who himself received it. She thinks her doubt is true that V is hiding about his divorce from her and went on a picnic with family, she needs to find out what is going in his mind.

Vanraj thanks Anu for serving him and his family for 25 years and giving him 3 beautiful kids and says she is right that there was something between them that made them stay together for 25 years, but they are getting divorce in 25 years. She says they walked together for whole life, but she is left behind as she was unfit for her. He says she was just walking and he was running, he should have understood her as even he was not perfect; he made his office his house and got closer to Kavya and he fell in her love slowly, he shouldn’t have hidden it from her and made a mistake. She says they shouldn’t discuss about it. He asks what will happen after 3 days, he cannot handle Pakhi and how will he alone handle family. She says he has Kavya with him and a woman becomes wife when husband supports her. A stick falls on her. She shouts snake. He says its a stick and laughs, then says everyone must have come and they should go and check.She hurriedly gets up and says let us go. He stops and asks if everything will be handled. She says they will and walks with him remembering the sad and happy events of their lives till divorce notice.

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