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Married Again 24 June 2022: When yash jokingly refers that she didnt love him, arti gets up and goes and palak boos yash that she loves yash but her kids more. Yash says that they can love each other and he would leave, pretending to be angry. Arti stops him asking him top smile. she says that she has made samosas for him, she had intentionally made for the kids but he too can eat. yash again, pretending to be angry leaves. kids are tensed and they send arti off to get him to be smiley again.while yash is changing, arti statues him and he complies. Then she tries to please him saying that she is determined that she would let yash go of the anger, or else he would keep standing still.

yash doesnt say anything despite her instigations. she tries to romantically engage him and unable to resist any longer, he catches hold of her pallu and she is nervous with romantic excitement. He comes slowly towards her, grabbing the pallu, bit by bit. Finally holding her by the shoulders, he turns her towards him and they enter a romantic eyelock. She places her hand and face on his chest while he hugs her. while she closes her eyes in anticipation, he plays with her strands of hair, and their interlude is disturbed by the kids barging in and they all hug each other.

Next day, he asks her to give the towel. She remembers that she had already kept and asks him to try a different trick to get her in the bathroom. Just then, the servant comes and tells arti that prashant has come with a lawyer to see her.As she goes down, the lawyer representing prashant’s side, asks her to sign the document confirming her acceptance of the legal letter. Prashant gives arti a legal notice citing it as a revenge for her slap, saying that she didnt agree on cordial mutual terms, therefore now he forcefully wants his right back. when she reads it, she is horrified to find that prashant has applied to the court for ansh’s custody. Prashant says that this has been done since ansh is his son and he would get him back from her. Arti is shocked. prashant says that now he would drag her to the court and see how can she prevent him from seeing him own son. gayatri tries to intervene but is stopped by suraj.

prashant gives a threatening, reminding that he had said he would take revenge for her slap, and torture her to see her own son. yash says that custody is still a distant topic, he wouldn’t even let prashant cast his shadow on their son, ansh. He challenges that prashant can try anything within his reach, but he would give a befitting reply to this legal notice. prashant leaves.Arti is very upset at the notice but yash calms her down saying that he wouldn’t let prashant succeed in his attempt. suraj, while leaving, is stopped by yash who tries to show what a bad man prashant is, who has come back for his own son, after having left him when he was in arti’s womb. He tries to talk to pankaj discussing about any suitable lawyer, but suraj says that he shouldnt expect anything or any kind of help from suraj or anybody from his family. Yash is shocked to hear suraj talk like that.

Yash says that whatever happend between them is their personal matter, but he cant see anyone taking advantage of their situation, since he knows he love ansh. Suraj says that this woman, referring to arti, has broken his house and family down in two parts, and therefore he wouldnt help her or anyone, who supports her in any manner.As suraj mentions that he would have to leave his wife, if he wants their help, yash stops him in between saying, that he would fight alone and from now on, he wouldn’t bother anyone for any of his problems as long as arti is with her. he tells her that ansh is his son, and if he has to fight the whole world together, for his son, then no one could ever defeat them. he promises to hire the city’s bigger lawyer for their success.he takes arti and leaves the room. Suraj gets a call, from the bank saying that the 20 lakhs that he asked for is ready. suraj says that he would reach soon.

Location: In a lawyer’s chamber
Yash, saying that being impressed by the lawyer’s profile, asks the lawyer to take up their case, saying that he wouldnt face any problems from their side, financially too as they would deposit his fees regularly in their account. But the lawyer says that he cant since he has already taken up on prashant’s offer to fight the case from his side. Yash and arti are shocked to hear this. He also tells them, that noone has ever been able to win a case from him.And that they should hire a cheap lawyer as it would clearly be a waste of time and also the magistrate, who will hear this case, is a one time judgement man and therefore, instead of sweating over the case, they should spend the remaining time with their son.

yash says that even though he seems confident, still this time the lawyer would have to face defeat for the first time since this time, he is faced with a dad who would leave no stone unturned to keep his son close to him. They leaves his chamber.Outside, arti poses a question to yash that if this lawyer is the best and the costliest in the town, then how is prashant managing to afford him, since even if his parents have that kind of mony, they would never give it to prashant for this work. She is worried as to who is helping prashant in this.While arti is scared that she might lose this case, yash assures her that she would always have ansh by her side and he would make that possible. He offers to drop arti home and then he has to go to the bank. They sit in the car and drive off.

Location: Inside the bank
The manager gives suraj 20 lacs on his signature on some documents. he takes the money and leaves. Yash too arrives at the bank. Suraj walks out of the bank, and gets in his car and drives off while yash enters. the manager notices that suraj scindia had left his phone on the desk only. In the bank, yash too is worried about the same as to how prashant managed the money to hire the best lawyer in the city. The manager seeing yash, gives him suraj’s phoen and tells him that scindia withdrew money from the bank. He is worried that suraj might be in some problem.

Suraj too arrives at the bank, realising that he forgot his phone there.Yash, while is worried that his family might be in some problem, gets a call from Prashant on suarj’s phone and is surprised as to why is he calling his father. when he ignores the call, he sees a message and finds out that its prashant’s who has send a message to inform suraj that Mr. Chhabaria has accepted his case and that he should give him the money asap to be able to pay for his fees.Yash says that he cant believe that suraj could do something like this. He admits that arti made a mistake and for that they would penance for their whole life if they have to.

but by helping prashant, and turning his back against his own son, he did very wrong. He demands to know why is suraj helping that person and trying to take away ansh for them. Suraj replies that by this, arti would realise what it feels like to lose her own son, and by doing this, if he gets his own son back, then so be it. he would use anything in his means to get his son back. He says that he and yash’s fight is the same and they aim for the same thing, then how could they be so different in their definition of right and wrong. yash says that he is on the righteous path of truth and suraj is employing wrong means.

Yash reprimands suraj for helping a person who is disloyal, liar and couldn’t belong to his own parents. But suraj retorts back saying that even his own son turned his back against his own parents and for now, he isnt concerned about right or wrong, he is just bothered about winning. Yash looks at him disbelievingly but says that he would support the truth and that shall triumph. Suraj says that his confidence is admirable but he knows that suraj has always tasted success in every endeavour. He tells yash that tomorrow is the decision in the court that would decide who’s right and who’s wrong and saying that, he takes his phone from yash. yash too leaves.

Location: Yash’s house
Yash is playing a vide game while arti is lying on the bed tensed. she turns around to find yash immersed in the game. She comes upto him and wiping his face with a towel. Yash frustratedly tells arti that the game that he’s playing is more complicated than he thinks and that everytime he thinks he’s winning, a new challenge comes up that he has to pass. Arti says that he thinks that if he loses this game then he would lose ansh’s custody too tomorrow in the court. Yash is upset and arti tries to comfort him saying that when she was about to get married to him, she was very stressed and coincidentally she too was playing the same game.


when yash asks if she won, she says that she was able to give ansh the best dad. yash confesses hios doubts that maybe he didnt give his best to the game, hence he is unable to win it. Arti says that he has always given his 100% to anything that he has taken ever. Ansh gets up and asks him what is he doing up so late. when aysh shows him the game, ansh takes it instantly and solves it in an instant, arti says that just like the game, everything would work out perfectly in their lives. the all sleep together.

Location: Prashant’s house
Prashant enters his house and is confronted by shobha who is angry at the turn that prashant’s behaviour has taken. she confronts him saying, that if he thinks that he would get ansh and arti back into hsis life, by winning the court case. When prashant tries to deny that he’s doing it just for ansh and not arti, shobha says that he cant befooled his mother and she knows that he’s after getting back arti in his life even after failing badly in his first attempt. He says that he does remember and also remembers the sense of satisfaction on her face but this time he wont accept defeat. Prashant challenges shobha that this time, she and arti would face the brunt of the situation as arti would come begging on her knees back to him.

He says that he’s better than yash in every sense and has even sired her a son and yash, has just daughters to his credit as a father.`Shobha slaps him saying that even he has been brought in this life by a woman and when he left his own son, a woman only, referring to arti, brought her up and therefore, he is in no position to talk and compare himself to yash. while prashant continues telling her to stop, she continues saying that he is nothing compared to yash and that he is not even fit enough to be called a human being and that he could never make a relation, be it that of a son, or a husband or a father, succeed in his life. unable to take it any longer, prashant picks up a vase lying on the table and breaks it on the floor and shobha’s legs are hurt by the broken glass pieces.

but that doesnt break her spirit as she continues reprimanding prashant for his inhuman behaviour and saying that he would soon find himself in a dark corner again, with noone beside him due to his own wrong deeds. Prashant leaves from there, bathed in his own ego and over confidence while shobha is flaming with rage. Shobha quoting from the mahabharata, “VINASHKALE VIPRIT BUDDHI”, says that now nobody can stop him from being destroyed.Yash and arti come to the court with ansh. While ansh doesnt like the ambience of the court and asks why he has been brought here, yash tries to pacify him saying that they have an important piece of work to attend to and then they would leave from there.

He asks ansh not to be afraid since his dad is here with him.The enter the court and find it decorated with cartoon characters and live ones playing with each other. The girls and ansh ask if they have come to play. Prashant comes to mock yash that they dont have a lawyer to defend them. But the dubeys come to support yash asking him not to be scared by prashant’s intimation as he still doesnt know the power of the love of a father.The judge comes in and also starts joking along with the kids to put them at ease. He asks his attendant to take the kids outside so that the kids are not psychologically affected by the hearing. Mr. Chhabria starts his case, but is stopped by the judge, who asks prashant, the person who gave birth to ansh to stand beside yash, the person who gave his name to ansh.

Heinstructs prashant to plead for his case himself just like yash is doing. yash starts his statement telling the entire truth about prashant’s behaviour towards ansh right from the time he was conceived, stating that now its too late for him to demand custody since arti has throughout looked after ansh and even got remarried for his sake, so that he doesn’t feel the absence of a father. He also talks about ansh saying he is a very good and adaptable child, who doesn’t care who his real father is, but is concerned with the person who is with him at all time, in his sickness and health, in his sad and happy moments. Yash says that he cant live without ansh and finishes his statement at that. The judge then asks prashant to step up and present his case. he comes in the witness box, and says that he had never thought that he would fight ever with prashant and arti as they have always been truthful.

He confesses, much to everyone’s surprise, that he is in fact guilty of everything that yash has accused him of.He says that it is due to arti’s good nature, that even his parenst supported arti is ansh’s growth. He confesses that he has done wrong to arti and he very sorry for it. Arti tries to interrupt but the judge asks her to step in the witness box and say whatever she wants. She says that she cant trust prashant after what he had done to her and that he is always centred at taking ansh away from them. read full updates fast only at But prashant slyly, reminds her and also brings it to the judge’s notice how he had turned over a new leaf and helped arti, in lalitpur village and also helped her in getting back together with her own husband, yash.

The lawyer also brings in the receipts of the hospital expenses to the judge’s notice. Despite arti trying to tell the judge that this is all a frame up to try and show prashant in good light, the lawyer starts pushing pressure on arti making her confess that she had left yash’s house voluntarily with ansh. Yash also admits to that having happened and prashant’s role in getting them back together. The lawyer also points out gayatri having closed ansh in their store house, showing that yash’s family had never really accepted ansh as a member of their own family.

yash intervenes again saying that it was just behaviour on gayatri’s part since every adult scolds and punishes children to teach them a lesson, and would have done the same if his girls had done the same thing. Seeing yash agitated, the judge asks him to control hiss temper and tone, or else he would have to leave. Everybody is tensed at yash’s and arti’s tension.Prashant agrees that his parents would also have given the same punishment, but they forced ansh in a manner that he would never have. He also tells the judge about the school change of ansh and his kidnapping. Arti defends saying that yash was the person who had saved ansh in that scenario. Prashant too says that yash has proved to be a good father but everey man needs to be financially stable to support his children, and tells that yash has been taken off from the will of his father.

Suraj comes in the witness box, and confirms prashant’s claims saying that he has broken all relations with his son, due to this woman, referring to arti. Yash again intervenes, apologizing for his misbehaviour, that he wouldnt have any body bad mouthing his wife in front of him. the judge again asks him to be in control. yash sits down. The lawyer excuses suraj too.The judge takes his time in deliberating over the facts. Prashant starts another drama by kneeling in front of yash and begging him to give ansh to him and also tells arti that she has everything now, a husband and kids also but he is very alone. He also pleads the judge that he would be a responsible father, and wouldnt marry again and give him all the love that he deserves in the world.

He sits on his seat incoherently crying all the while.The judge says that ansh should have an opinion in this matter. He has stayed with scindia family for over 8,9 months but prashant never got that chance. Therefore, he says that he is ordering ansh to stay overnight with prashant so that he can decide who he wants to be with, and then tomorrow he would give his final descision regarding the custody, after taking the opinion of his jury panel and also keeping ansh’s wish.Arti and yash are tensed to hear this, while prashant has an evil smile on his face seeing his plan succeeding.

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