Naagin update Friday 24 June 2022


Naagin 24 June 2022: Episode starts with the eagles killing the naag and naagins in the temple. Akesh looks at Nageshwari and throws the knife at Hriday. Nageshwari gets shocked and runs to Hriday. Hriday closes his eyes. Akesh’s eagle man tries to attack Nageshwari, but the temple bell falls on him and he dies. Nageshwari gets angry on Akesh and tells that she did a mistake by trusting him and attacks him as half snake. Akesh asks her to become his. Nageshwari tells that she hates him and will give him death in every birth. She bites him. Akesh tells that he accepts death with her hand. She pushes him with her tail and he falls down in the valley. Nageshwari comes to Hriday and asks him to open his eyes. She apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. Mahadev appears there and tells that it was his mistake to give them boon of becoming icchadhari.He says now your naag and naagins will become icchadhari after 100 years, but not you. He tells that if she will get a chance after 10000 years and she will take rebirth with her lover and eagle Akesh, but with a different identities.

Nageshwari promises Hriday that she will return after 10000 years to unite with him, will fight with the eagles again. She says I can’t live with you, but now I will die with you. She takes out stab from him and stabs herself, says Jai bholenaath. She dies. Fb ends.Nageshwari tells Brinda that she has waited for 10000 years. Brinda says to take rebirth. Nageshwari says I will unite with my lover after his rebirth. Brinda asks what about that cheel/eagle? Nageshwari tells that Akesh tried to get her even though he knew that she loves someone else. He says even he will take rebirth, but if he tries to do anything wrong then the same thing will happen with him, like last time. Dev regains consciousness and takes Brinda’s name. Brinda hugs him and cries. Dev asks if I am alive? Brinda says sorry and says I couldn’t save you. Dev says I am sorry that your family was killed by my family. He says all I want to say is that I love you. Brinda hugs him. He sees Nageshwari. Nageshwari gives her intro. She tells that very soon her love will come. She asks if they are ready to go. Dev asks till what time, I was dead.

She says I was hearing the story. He says your husband was dead and you was hearing story. She says Dev..He asks her not to bite him and hugs her. They vanish from there. Nageshwari presents the naagmani to Mahadev and tells that she is ready to take rebirth and to find her lover. She says she is ready to create the history. Pandit ji tells that Eagles, Hriday and Nageshwari will take birth.After 40 years, Snake Charmer tells Mahadev what game is he playing? Pandit ji says he is Mahadev. Sname Charmer tells that Mahadev has written the history and tells that when the snakes and eagle will take birth, then what tandav will happen. He says those two lives, Hriday, Akesh and Nageshwari.

The new Nageshwari after rebirth is shown, she wakes up shockingly as she gets the dream of Akesh killing Hriday infront of Nageshwari. Noor comes there. The new Nageshwari realizes today is the marriage and runs. Snake Charmer tells that she has taken rebirth and tandav will happen. He says eagle will kill her this time or will die, nobody knows about what will happen, tonight will be deciding night. He says Mahadev’s maya can’t be figure out by anyone. History will repeat after sunset.Wedding house is shown. A snake crawls and comes inside the wedding venue. The bride Noor is shown getting ready and thinks to wear Pasa. She thinks where did she keep the Pasa? She searches for it and wonders what to do.

She waits for Bani then. Snake comes to her room. Bani is shown bringing the gifts and the gifts fall down. Khala keeps back the gifts. Bani tells that she is very stressed. Khala makes her eat sweets and asks her to make the bride wear Pasa. Bani says ok. While Bani walks inside, snakes are seen on both the side of the way. Noor gets shocked seeing the snake in her room. Bani comes there and holds the snake in her hand and tells that today is her bestie’s marriage. She takes the snake out. She asks Noor if she is happy with her marriage. Noor tells that she is happy doing the compromise for her parents. Ali comes there.


Noor asks Bani to go and attend their friends who had just come. Bani comes there and hears her sisters talking about the rich guy Gautam who has come to the wedding. Bani tells that richness can’t attract her. A lady comes and asks her not to give the same teaching to her daughters. Bani calls her Maa. She stares her. Bani calls her Maa and tells that Meera will marry her. The lady stares her. Gautam’s sister asks him to do something on full moon night tomorrow. Jai Mathur comes there. Bani feels a wind on her face when Jai comes. Jai also feels the same. Jai tells about his idea of a soul mate. Ali says it is divine love. The marriage altar is about to fall down due to the wind, but Jai and Bani run and hold it from both sides. They don’t see each other though. Noor’s mother asks her to keep some thing on the place. Bani goes to side and keeps the thing. The dupatta falls on Bani and Jai. Snake Charmer plays the flute seeing the stars meeting. They free themselves and look at reach other. He says the story started and says where is the black spot on the moon, that’s Akesh. A guy (Akesh’s rebirth) is shown on the bike. Maulvi asks the groom if he accepts the marriage.

The groom tells that he is waiting for his friend who is coming to attend the marriage. The biker and his friends come to the marriage. The guard stops them from taking wine inside. The new guy asks his friends to relax and they all drink wine. Then they enter the venue. He says I have come.He greets the groom Ahmed and asks the groom to give something nice. He takes the cloth and wipes his face, and throws it. Ahmed asks what is this nonsense? The guy says it was in my house. Ali says we are not interested in your personal life. The guy tells that he had slept with Noor last night and asks if she has problem with him when he threw the nighty. Noor tells Bani that she didn’t want to do this marriage, and that’s how she did a big mistake last night. Noor cries and tells that she is worried for her parents. The guy tells that he has even their photos to show. He tells the groom that Noor just wants a hefty Mehr/money from him. Bani tells Noor that the guy has no right to show their pic in public. She is about to confront him, when Jai asks him to stop it.

He calls him cheap to keep the girl’s night and malign her image in public. Ahmed calls off his wedding with Noor. Jai tells that he would have talked privately with Noor. The guy says he talks only nighty matters. He says do you know who is he? The guy tells that he is a rich guy who has a wine business. Jai says he don’t sell such things. Jai says you are not a human, but devil.

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