Barrister Bahu update Friday 23 September 2022

Barrister Bahu 23 September 2022:  starts with Saudamini saying I will create problems so that the girls get scared to study, my team boys will win, then I will be winning. Anirudh ends the class in anger. He asks Bondita to come. Saudamini smiles and plays the trumpet. She asks what happened, did you give them leave, its better to see what my boys have done. She calls the boys. Anirudh says I don’t need to ask him. Saudamini asks the boys to answer her. The boys tell everything from the GK book. Bondita says I will ask question this time. The boy answers her also. Saudamini says its first day, they remember all the pages, exam is happening in this month, we shall go now. She goes with the boys. Bondita says I will fight with the world and study, I will become Kaali Maa to fight Saudamini.

Bondita memories the Moghul dynasty. Bihari asks her not to make mistake. She says that book is more heavy than you. He laughs. He asks how will you study. She says I have to memorize all the pages. Anirudh says we are going really slow, we have to study faster. Trilochan and Binoy come. Bondita says the boys have studied the entire book. Binoy says you also go and study, you don’t need to do any work. Trilochan says fine, go and study in the kitchen, to remember that you are our bahu. Anirudh says time is less, and work is more. Bondita sits studying. She remembers. Bihari says I m going to throw the veg trash outside. Bondita says no. He asks are you going to throw it outside Saudamini’s house. She says no, I have learnt to make fertilizer from the trash, Anirudh said he will teach me, we will grow vegs at home.

Bihari says you don’t like those vegs. She says so what, when Trilochan eats his fav vegs, I will be appreciated. She laughs. Binoy says our Bondita is just like the bahu you wanted. Trilochan says I was scared that she will go away from her study, but she is becoming better, education makes women sensible. Anirudh calls her. She says I m coming. She runs to him. He says if we have to defeat those boys, we have to study at night also. She nods. He explains her. Trilochan says its not good that she studies outside at night, she is our bahu, she can’t go out. Binoy supports Anirudh. Anirudh says fine, I will not take her out, permit me to get those girls to haveli and teach them. Trilochan says I will never permit you, how did you think so, you are teaching them fine, but don’t get between my Dharm. Anirudh says please let me teach my way. Bondita says don’t worry, I will study and learn something new, why do you think that I m going out, you think that I m going out and coming home after learning something good.

They smile hearing her. Trilochan says yes, go and come home, this is the way to talk. Anirudh says yes, come. Bondita says I will go and come. Anirudh and Bondita leave. Anirudh lights a bulb. Surayya asks will we study at night also. He says yes, you can’t rest until we win the challenge. He throws water at the girl’s face. He says we have lost the entire day, sit now and study. The girl says I will get rid of study. She breaks the bulb and lies. Anirudh asks who has broken the bulb, will no one tell the truth, you know the result, we will ask the class monitor. He asks Bondita who broke the bulb. He says you are their friend, you will be knowing it. She thinks I can’t take Elaichi’s name. He scolds her. She says I can’t take the name of that girl. He says fine, don’t tell me the name, go out and rub the wood sticks. Bondita does so. He asks her not to stop. Ramayya says her hands are hurt. The wood catches fire. Bondita gets scared and moves back.

He says you have learnt fire ignition today. The girls smile. Saudamini says it means Anirudh is teaching the girls at night, he didn’t punish Bondita but taught her. Greenwood says Anirudh is amazing, he is teaching them well. Saudamini thinks I also know that Anirudh is a genius and even Bondita is smart, they both can change my game. She asks the boy to work hard and study well. The boy says we will study hard. She says we have to stop the girls from studying, I will burn Anirudh’s dreams.

Anirudh and Bondita come home. She asks why are you upset with me. He says you didn’t tell me who broke the bulb, you were afraid that the girls will break friendship with you. She says no, I have hidden it so that the unity doesn’t break, you said unity is strength. He calms down. She gets upset and sits under the table. He says Bondita, you got angry on me, tell me. She says I m angry because you said you are Sir in the class, why do you get Sir home, I want my husband at home, who used to scold me, make me laugh, explain me.He goes and gets haldi lep for her hands. She smiles. He says you got rashes on your hand. He sings hum honge kamyaab….. She also sings.

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