Barrister Bahu update Thursday 22 September 2022

Barrister Bahu 22 September 2022: Episode starts with Binoy kicking the dogs’ collar. He says no, I won’t let this happen ever, Anirudh isn’t any ordinary man that you are behaving like that, he is my son. Anirudh asks him to calm down. Saudamini claps and says great, you know to wear it, or shall I help you. She sees the slate there. She laughs seeing the drawing. She asks did you get the drawing along. Greenwood asks Anirudh to wear the dogs’ collar, he is a slave now. He gets a hunter too. Anirudh surrenders. Binoy gets angry. Greenwood goes to beat Anirudh. Bondita and the girls come. They stop Greenwood. Anirudh and Binoy smile. Bondita sings Hum honge kamyaab…. Anirudh and Binoy also sing with the girls.

Trilochan gets the villagers there. He says wait Anirudh, I m also coming. Anirudh says you here…. Trilochan says yes, we are here because of our Bahu Bondita. Anirudh says the challenge begins now. Trilochan plays the shank.Greenwood says the challenge just started, you all are celebrating as if you have won. Saudamini says its their old habit. Anirudh says now, there will be a battle. Mr. Nafroz comes there as a referee. Greenwood says I have called him here, he is a school principal, he will be the judge and he will make rules. Trilochan says you got him here, we can’t trust him. Anirudh says no, we can trust him, he has taught me in childhood, I met him in Batuk’s school, he will just support the truth, Nafroz thinks girls should stay at home so that there is a balance in family, I will always respect you, but can’t accept this, if I win this challenge and change your thinking that women can do any work, then this challenge will bring double happiness, these girls will get a chance to study and your thinking will change, girls can write their fate on own. Nafroz asks both the teams to meet.

Saudamini calls the boys. Her team member throws a stick towards Anirudh’s team. Other one kicks a football and comes there. Everyone coughs. Saudamini introduces the boys with unique talents and skills. Anirudh thinks to make the girls strongly skilled. Nafroz asks the girls to introduce themselves. Saudamini says they all are losers. The boys laugh. Trilochan says I don’t think our girls can face their boys. Bondita says I will introduce them. She introduces the girls. Anirudh smiles.Bondita says we didn’t go to school, we don’t know sports or science, but we know kitchen and relations, we don’t know poetry or use strength, but we know to make relations with moon and stars. She says we can compete because we know to learn. Anirudh smiles and claps. He says if girls get a chance to study, they will prove they are capable, they will learn and become Arjun, this Mahabharat is for their future.

Nafroz says both the teams will be tested on their smartness and physical strength. Greenwood says they will fail in mental strength test, why do we waste time on time. Nafroz gets the GK books. Anirudh and Saudamini take the books for their teams. Nafroz wishes good luck to both the teams. Its morning, Trilochan ties a thread to Bondita and says you are Arjun in this battle, Anirudh will show the way as Krishna, you have the responsibility in your hands, you have to mentor the girls, make them work hard, if you want to win this battle. Bondita says tie this thread knot more right, its my promise I won’t let this break, I won’t let Tulsipur and Anirudh lose. He blesses her. She prays.

Anirudh saying the way will be long and tough for the girls. He sees the book and says they can study many such books. Ramayya asks Surayya to study. Surayya says I have to look beautiful also. The girls are busy in their own routine. Ramayya tries to get everyone. She says Anirudh is coming to teach us. Anirudh shouts its a warning that a big earthquake is coming, everyone come out of the house. The girls hear this and come out. They see Anirudh. He asks them to come early for the studies from tomorrow. Bondita smiles.

Anirudh says we have to start learning from today, don’t waste time, sit on your places. Bondita says he becomes angry when its about studies. Saudamini asks the boys to study well, their attendance will be given at the school. Greenwood says relax, these boys are already ahead of the girls, they will easily win. She says I have to see Anirudh defeated and make him a slave. Anirudh starts teaching the girls. He says its goal is to learn and progress, we have some rules, no one will talk, joke or do any mischief in the class, everyone will do homework, no one will eat much, when we eat much, we get lazy, say you all will agree to the rules. He asks Bondita to address him as Sir. She says fine. He scolds the girls and asks them to stop laughing. H says we will have a class monitor who will see the discipline of the class in teacher’s absence, that’s Bondita. Surayya asks why not me, I m the eldest here.

Anirudh says its not about age, Bondita is studying since some time, she can help everyone, that’s why Bondita became the monitor, she has convinced you all to accept this challenge, right. Saudamini says our goal is to defeat the kids, remember this. She asks the boys to remember it. She sees the boys studying well. She says I have to see how Anirudh’s team is doing. Anirudh teaches the girls about gravity. Saudamini asks a boy to go and see Anirudh’s team preparation. Bondita says I understood, like I walk after you whereever you go, we get back together, this is gravity and centre of attraction, right. Anirudh smiles. Rishta tera mera….plays… The boy says Anirudh is teaching the girls. Saudamini says I knew it, I will do something to stop Anirudh.

Anirudh gets a chart and explains about Moghul dynasty. He tells them about the Kings. Surayya says its tough to remember it. Anirudh asks do you remember the seven tunes of music. They say yes. They sing. Anirudh says you will practice daily and remember the seven generations also. He makes teams and asks them to study together. The girls try to memorize the names. Saurabh comes there. He gets food. Anirudh says there is less time, I have to teach them in a way that they don’t feel stress, we will do it, we will work hard, the girls will become strong. Bondita tells the names. Bholi cries. Bondita asks her to speak up.

Bholi faints. Bondita asks Anirudh to see Bholi. Everyone worries. Bondita asks Bholi to get up. Anirudh asks Saurabh to call a doctor. Ramayya says no, she gets such attacks, she is a child widow, her husband used to torture her, and then after his death, her husband’s family punished her, it suppressed her voice. Bondita says husband should protect a wife as he promises, why does a husband torture his wife, its wrong. Anirudh says girls will become capable and raise voice against injustice, don’t worry for Bholi, she is with us. Surayya says make Bholi out of your team, else you may lose. He says never. Bholi gets conscious. He asks how are you feeling, Bholi will be part of our team, I trust her, you all will be proud of her one day. Bholi smiles. He says we don’t have to win, but learn also, I know Bholi is carefully learning. They hear the girls fighting for food. They go out. Anirudh asks them to stop.

He goes away. Bondita sees him. Ramayya asks the girls to apologize. She says we found a way to remember the names of all Moghuls. They sing. Bondita asks Anirudh to come and teach them. Anirudh comes back. He says now we all will study, we have to go ahead in life and win this challenge, we will study science now. He hears the music played by a band. He asks the men to go somewhere else, class is going on. Saudamini comes there playing a trumpet. Anirudh shouts and asks her to leave. She asks why shall we go, we are practicing for our function. He asks what. She says we will win, so we are practicing to celebrate our victory, you think these girls will defeat us, don’t get angry. She laughs on him. He goes back to the class. She plays music again.Anirudh continues to teach the girls. Saudamini goes on disturbing them with the music. Anirudh takes the girls inside. The girls shut their ears. She comes to Anirudh. She asks how long will Bondita save you.

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