Barrister Bahu update Thursday 24 November 2022

Barrister Bahu 24 November 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh refusing to divide his time. He says I don’t regard it a marriage. He sees Bondita there. He says Manorama and I got married, she will be with me all 7 days, no one else, this is my last decision. Trilochan goes. Anirudh goes out and sees Bondita. She makes an upset face. He thinks I did injustice with Bondita, but I did this fake marriage for the sake of her future. Sampoorna asks Bondita to go and decorate Anirudh’s room, he had agreed to stay with Manorama, don’t know what’s special in her.

Manorama sees Bondita’s watch. Sampoorna comes and says its a special night for you and Anirudh, I m worried for Bondita, she said that she accepted your marriage, but I know her well, I m sure that she will try to spoil your special night. Manorama says I won’t let Bondita spoil my special night. Bondita gets sad seeing the decorations. She talks to Koyli. She thinks these white flowers will cause itching to Manorama, then she can’t be here. Sampoorna and ladies bring Anirudh and Manorama to the room. Bondita hides under the bed.

The ladies ask Anirudh is he happy now. They tease him and leave. Anirudh asks Manorama to sleep on the bed, he will sleep on the sofa. Bondita thinks its good, Manorama will get itching now. Anirudh says no one knows that this marriage is a compromise. Manorama says I m having much itching. He says I will call Koyli. She says no, if you call Koyli, then everyone will know that its a drama. She sees Bondita in the mirror. He also sees Bondita and gets shocked. Bondita laughs and claps. Anirudh says no need to explain anyone, we are not stealing anything, we have got married, we are right for each other, see I don’t have to bend down or sit to talk to you, like talking to Bondita, she has irritated me a lot.

Bondita gets upset. Anirudh says we will play a game and you will forget about the itching. He plays the game with Manorama. Bondita shuts her ears. Rishta tera mera….plays… She thinks to ask him, how did he get friendly with Manorama on the first day. She gets hurt and screams. She falls down. Anirudh worries for her and stops. He asks Bondita, what are you doing here, you were hiding and hearing our talks, does this suit you. She asks them to remove the white flowers from the bed, that’s causing the itching.Bondita says he has lied, I never frustrated him, he can see his pain, not my pain. She goes. Anirudh cries. He says I know Bondita, you are hurt, I also feel hurt.She cries in her room. Anirudh says whenever I say bitter to you, I feel the pain, I m doing this for your sake, so that your future gets better, forgive me Bondita. Manorama feels sad. He says I have to do this until you get ready to go to the hostel.

Manorama coming to Bondita. Bondita is upset. Manorama tries to befriend her. Trilochan looks on. Manorama applies haldi to her wound. She goes out and sees him. Trilochan says Manorama had applied the ointment to Bondita while playing, fight ended. Sampoorna holds Manorama’s hand and hurts her. She asks why did you apply ointment to your sautan. Manorama twists her hand and warns her.She says you think so bad about your sister, you don’t wish good for me. Sampoorna says I will become Saas for you and show you, I will not leave you, remember my name, Sampoorna. Manorama says if you stay as Saas, you will get respect, if you hurt me, then I also know to reply, I respect one who deserves respect, remember. She goes.

Its morning, Bihari says don’t know who will do the aarti now. Bondita thinks Manorama made me away from Trilochan also, but she can’t make me away from Durga maa. Anirudh asks Manorama to do the aarti, snatch all rights from Bondita, then Bondita will get courage to move on. Bondita asks how shall I stop Manorama from doing the aarti. Batuk makes a drawing and cries. He hides it when Bondita calls out. She asks for glue. She tells her plan. She says I have to stop Manorama from doing aarti. He says just you are my Baudi, I will come and help you. He goes to Manorama and engaged her in talk. Bondita applies the glue on the table. Bondita signs him and hides. Anirudh comes. Anirudh and Manorama’s hands get stuck to the glue. Bondita worries. Anirudh thinks it means Bondita has applied the glue. He frees his hand and helps Manorama. Anirudh and Manorama’s hands get stuck. They think how to go for puja. Anirudh says Kaka doesn’t like being late for puja, I will hide it by pallu. Bondita says no need, the glue will get on her hair.

Anirudh says this hand has no glue, how did the glue come. He thinks I know Bondita has done this. He asks Manorama to come, they will do puja together, they are together, there can’t be any problem, come. Bondita says I won’t let you do aarti, stay away from Anirudh. She dips their hands in water and frees them. She thinks Anirudh wants Trilochan to get happy with Manorama, I won’t let this happen. Bondita asks Manorama to tell Durga sthutra in aarti. Manorama says its tough, I don’t know. Bondita asks Koyli can we do aarti puja now, just good bahu of the family would know it. Trilochan says yes, Manorama, you try and begin, we will pray along, don’t you know a bit of it, your mum said you know every puja, you have good qualities. Bondita says its not easy to be bahu of Roy choudhary haveli, you have to know and understand all rituals and customs. Trilochan says you are right.

Bondita says I think I have to do aarti now. Anirudh says no, Manorama is my wife, she will do aarti and read the Durga sthutra from the book, all shloks are written in it, shall we start aarti now.Trilochan says fine. Manorama says I can’t read like Bondita, I had sent you a letter by making someone write it. Bondita says I will read the sthutra. Trilochan says yes, it should happen on time. Anirudh says I will read the book, Manorama will repeat it after me, husband and wife are same. He thinks I m doing this for you, I want you to become good barister.

Bondita thinks Anirudh has hurt me a lot today. Anirudh and Manorama do the aarti. Manorama gets scared of the camphor diya flame and drops the aarti plate. Everyone gets shocked. She apologizes. Trilochan shouts enough, no need to apologize or explain.Sampoorna smiles. Trilochan says I don’t like Durga Maa’s insult. Manorama says something is added in the camphor balls. Anirudh sees Bondita.

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