Aparajita zeeworld update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Aparajita 26 July 2023: Akshay tells the inspector that this is his wife and they are his daughters. Mohini and Guggo come there too. Chhavi says maybe his memory is back? Disha says I don’t think so. Akshay takes the phone and tells inspector Singh that I will call the home minister to tell him what you are up to. Singh says you know the home minister? Akshay says yes, I am an intelligence officer, you have arrested my family so I had to reveal my identity, I will call the minister and tell him everything. Singh says I am sorry, we did a mistake. He frees Chhavi, Disha and Asha. Aparajita runs to them and hugs them. Akshay looks on as they cry. He smiles seeing them. Mohini thinks what’s going on? The flashback shows how Mohini told Akshay that Aparajita left him on his anniversary then Guggo told him that Aparajita went to the police station to save Disha, Chhavi and Asha, the flashback ends. Aparajita looks at Akshay, he asks if she is feeling okay now? Chhavi hugs Akshay and says papa.. Akshay whispers you don’t need to do more drama, we are okay.

He says if Aparajita can act like your mother then I can act like your father too? He tells Aparajita that you didn’t need to lie to me to save them, I would have come with you. Lets go now. Mohini is angry seeing all that. She sees inspector Singh and calls Manish, she says Akshay lied to the inspector saying he knows the home minister and Singh believed him. Singh hears that and gets angry. Akshay is leaving with the family when Singh comes there and says you did act well. Akshay says what do you mean? I got to know that you were lying about knowing the home minister, you will be arrested now.

Aparajita is shocked. Mohini thinks I did this so the girls would be arrested but not Akshay. Singh arrests the girls again along with Akshay. Aparajita goes to Mohini and says you are so bitter, you want to take revenge from me so why are you dragging my kids in all this, don’t forget that Akshay loves them. Mohini says I love him that’s why I am doing all this. She says Manish will be here in a bit and then I will win. You are my husband’s ex so I can free them but you have to tell Akshay that they are his daughters. Aparajita says you love him but you are ready to put his life in danger. We can’t stress his brain, don’t you remember what the doctor said? I have told you that I don’t want Akshay but I am a good human so I won’t tell him anything. Mohini says I know you don’t want Akshay to remember anything, if you don’t tell him the truth then nobody can bring your daughters out of the jail, I will make sure of that. Aparajita glares at her and says I will hurt you like you have hurt me. I promise you that I will save my kids without telling anything to Akshay. Mohini leaves. Aparajita gets an idea.

Aparajita goes to the female officer and tries getting her attention. Akshay helps her so Aparajita goes with the officer. Aparajita tells the female inspector that I need your help.Manish comes to the police station and tells the inspector that I am here to bail Akshay. Singh says you can’t free him. Manish says he is not a criminal and my lawyer with the home minister. Akshay says I am not worried about myself but the kids, they can’t stay here. Mohini says don’t get involved in this, this is a prostitution case so you should ask Aparajita to call their real parents so they can solve it. Akshay says you are right. Aparajita comes to the inspector and says I have a proof now. She calls the driver and asks him to tell the truth. All look on.

Aparajita brings the driver to the inspector and says the CCTV footage shows he left my daughters on that road. The driver says the girls asked me to leave them there, you can see the CCTV footage and I never forced them to leave there. Disha says he is lying, he left us there. Akshay says you should punish him. Singh asks the driver to leave but Aparajita stops him. She asks where were you taking the girls? he says to the hotel. Aparajita says but you left them on the road which is not the way to the hotel? why did you leave the girls there then? why did you stay there after leaving the girls there? you were waiting for the police right? she slaps him and shouts to tell them the truth. The driver cries and says someone called me to do all this and gave me money. Akshay says the truth is out so lets leave the girls and me. Singh says we didn’t hear anything, they will be in jail only.

The female inspector says I have recorded this driver and I have recorded you as well so please let me do my work otherwise I can send it to DSP. Aparajita tells Singh that you should be honest with his duty. The girls come out of jail, Aparajita hugs them and leaves with Akshay. Mohini is angry and says I will keep creating issues for her.Aparajita comes home and finds the whole house decorated with roses and candles, she smiles. Akshay says you left by lying to me, why did you hide it from me? Aparajita says actually I.. the girls come there and look around. Akshay says I did all this for Aparajita but I want to welcome you back safely too. I should apologize to you all because I didn’t know about the driver’s intentions, I am really sorry. I have prepared dinner so lets celebrate like a happy family.He makes them all sit down and goes to Aparajita. He holds her hand and makes her sit down. He goes to get food.

Scene 2
Manish asks Mohini what can you do now? Mohini says you will find out soon. They both come to Aparajita’s house. Mohini says I brought food but you all are having food already. She asks Asha if she is feeling okay now? she checks her and says you are wearing the ring similar to what Akshay brought for Aparajita? She shows it to Akshay and says its my ring, how did you get it? Asha gets scared and says I took it from your room. Disha says its not her fault, I took it from your room. Mohini says you trusted these girls but they are thieves. Akshay gets angry and says why did you take it from my room? he shouts at them. Aparajita says Disha you should tell him the truth.. they hid it from you to surprise you and they wanted to give it to you in restaurant so you would give it to me. Disha says yes and all that fiasco happened.

Akshay says don’t lie, what you did was stealing. He tells Aparajita how can you think these girls are from good families if they have this upbringing? didn’t their parents teach them anything? Disha sadly smiles and says our papa didn’t stay with us to teach us anything. Akshay is confused. Disha says you can say anything about my father I don’t care but if you talk about my mother then it won’t be good.. Akshay says what? Aparajita asks them to leave, they all leave. Akshay says she is misbehaving after stealing? Aparajita asks him to calm down. Akshay glares at her and says only I know how worried I was about the ring, he leaves from there.

Aparajita comes to Akshay and says don’t feel bad about Disha’s words, she took the ring just to surprise me. She talked to you like this because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her father but she is good at heart. I apologize on her behalf. Akshay says why are you apologizing for her? what is she to you? call her mother and let me talk to her. You are taking their sides and you are acting like I am a stranger, you even lied to me for those girls? that girl took the most important thing on my most important day but you are taking her side? Aparajita says you are thinking too much. Akshay grabs her and says you don’t care about our anniversary, don’t you care about my feelings? He throws away the ring in anger. Mohini sees all that. Aparajita picks up the ring and says I took Disha’s side but not because I want to stay away from you. You want me to wear the ring? I will wear it, infact you can make me wear it.

I am sorry for lying to you, you are right that lies can make a relationship weak but I won’t let it happen. Akshay takes the ring and makes her wear it. He says happy anniversary. Aparajita says happy anniversary. Akshay goes from there. Aparajita thinks wearing this ring is like drinking poison but I am doing this to save my kids. Aparajita goes to Mohini and asks what are you doing outside my room? she shows off her ring and says Akshay gifted this. Mohini tries to take it off but Aparajita says why? my husband gave it to me who loves me a lot. Mohini gets angry and says Akshay is mine. She takes off the ring and throws it away but Aparajita catches it and says I got it back. You should know your place, I have slapped you without physically doing anything. She wears the ring again and says this imaginary slap is enough of an answer for you, I have to go now as my husband is waiting. Mohini is shocked.

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