Aparajita Zeeworld update Friday 30 June 2023

Aparajita 30 June 2023: Disha and others see Chhavi is missing, they look around for her and suddenly hear a scream. They run to Chhavi and find a clown there. Mohini’s girl makes her video and sends it to her. All are confused looking at the clown. The clown says some poetry for Chhavi. Aparajita asks who are they? The clown says we are here to spread love, I am Choty Ustad and she is Sasha. Aparajita and others are confused. Akshay says I brought them here. All are shocked to see him there, Aparajita says what are you doing here? Akshay says I was missing the kids so I thought to spend some time with them here. I found Sasha and Ustad on the way so brought them here.

Aparajita 29 June 2023

Aparajita says how did you find out we are here? Niya says I am sorry, he was in touch with me. Akshay says I can leave if you don’t like me here. Disha says you should have asked us before coming here. Niya says he just wants to spend time with us. Chhavi says please let him stay here. Aparajita says I think.. Akshay says we can do voting for me. Niya, Chhavi and Asha vote for him to stay. Disha glares at her. Niya says he won the voting. Ustad says lets just enjoy being together. He presents a rose to Aparajita. Sasha says we are just here to make everyone laugh. He smirks.

Sasha is making their live video by hiding a camera. Mohini is watching all that.Mohini recalls how she went to meet Ustad who worked in a circus, she asked him to control some people in real-life like he does in the circus, he denied her but she offered a lot of money to him so Ustad agreed. Mohini says you just have to control some people and keep them there till Veer arrives there and takes Chhavi from there. She showed Aparajita and her daughters’ photos to him. The flashback ends. Anish asks Mohini what if Veer takes Chhavi from there but doesn’t marry her? Mohini says we will force him to do it.

Veer is going to the vacation site and is angry.Ustad is entertaining the family by showing magic. All clap for them. Aparajita says we should leave as we have to reach Rishikesh. Ustad gives everyone chocolates but Aparajita says just leave. Mohini calls Ustad and asks him to keep them there for 1 hour. Ustad thinks I have to control them till then. Ustad says we will play a game in which you will do as I say. All look on. Ustad keeps them busy by showing magic. He does the magic and hynotizes them all. Ustad says you will do as I say now. He checks on everyone and they are all hypnotized.

Ustad says you all will become normal when I say the word Mohini. He makes them all normal. They all play a game with him. Ustad tells Sasha that Mohini’s name will switch on and off their hynotization.Akshay tells everyone that we can go to the restaurant and eat. Aparajita says we have home-made food. Chhavi says we want to enjoy her food. Niya says we always eat out so lets try her delicious food. Akshay says fine. Aparajita calls Sasha and Ustad. Akshay sees her dishes and says I missed your dishes. Aparajita is stunned, Akshay shares an eyelock with her. Aparajita serves food to everyone. They all enjoy it together. Ustad and Sasha say we will play another game.

Sasha says we will divide you in couples. She makes Aparajita and Akshay a couple. Ustad says you have to trust your partner and fall down in their arms. Aparajita says this is stupid. Niya and Asha ask them to please play. Akshay says we will play. Asha trusts Chhavi and falls in her arms. Then Disha has to falls in Niya’s arms but they both fall down. Niya says you should have trusted me, can we try again. Disha says I don’t trust anyone except my family. Niya is hurt. Ustad says next is Aparajita and Akshay. Aparajita says I can’t do this.

Akshay says trust me, I won’t let you fall, Aparajita says my mistake was trusting you and see what happened. Akshay says if you don’t trust me then I will fall in your arms because I trust you. Asha says please try it Maa. Aparajita becomes hypnotized with the word, Akshay asks what happened? Ustad calls her Maa and she comes out of the phase and falls down but Akshay catches her, he asks if she is okay? Aparajita leaves from there. Mohini sees all that. She calls Ustad and asks if he is out of his mind? I asked you keep them separate, you idiot. Ustad gets angry and ends the call. Anish gets Veer’s call.

Veer says I have reached the place, I will separate Chhavi from her cunning mother now. Anish says you can take her away from her family for some days but then she will go back to her family, you have to do something to keep Chhavi with you.. if you get married then you can keep her with you but.. Veer says Chhavi is mine and will remain mine.Niya and others don’t have network at the place. Ustad is angry that Mohini is ordering him around. Ustad goes to Akshay ahd hpnotizes him. He asks him to go and push Aparajita in the river.

Akshay is hypnotized and going towards Aparajita. Mohini calls Ustad and asks what are you doing? Ustad says you wanted to separate them right? I am doing that. Mohini panics and says I don’t want to kill Aparajita, please stop Akshay. Ustad says a joker can change the game, you will be punished for misbehaving with me. They end the video call. Mohini panics. Akshay comes to Aparajita, she asks what happened? she tries to leave but Akshay stops her and says I have to throw you in the river? Aparajita says what?

this is not a joke. Mohini is worried and says what if Akshay kills Aparajita? I have to do something. She tries calling Niya but she is not picking up. Aparajita asks Akshay to leave her. He is about to push her in river but she pushes him away and leaves from there. Akshay runs behind her.Disha and Asha can’t find Aparajita and Akshay around. Asha says what if this is like a horror movie and the joker is playing with us? Disha asks her to stop watching movies. Lets go and look for them. Asha asks Disha to be cordial with Akshay at least for today.

Aparajita is running away from Akshay but he grabs her. She says what his wrong with you? She pushes him away and runs from there. Akshay catches her again and says I will throw you in the river. She fights with him and hides. Aparajita thinks why is behaving like this? there is something wrong. She falls down and her foot catches a bear trap, she cries and screams in pain. Akshay comes there and says I will throw you in the river.

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