Aparajita zeeworld update Thursday 21 September 2023

Aparajita 21 September 2023: Aparajita tells Dadi that the truth is that Disha got married to Arjun. Dadi says you did a mistake, how could you not see Mohini swapping them? Aparajita says that didn’t happen.

Arjun tells Ashmit that I know I married Disha only, I will take her home. Ashmit asks him to stop his nonsense, he won’t let wrong happening with Niya, he leaves. Aparajita comes there and says thank you for trusting me, I know you married Disha only. Asha comes there and says Niya is awake.

Niya wakes up, all are there. Dadi asks if she remembers anything? she says I don’t remember anything. Akshay asks if she took pheras with Arjun? just try to remember it. Niya tries to recall and says mom.. she attacked me and said that she will make me married to Arjun, she was forcing me. The doctor says let her rest. He goes from there. Arjun says I should be with Disha. Dadi asks him to come out. Dadi tells Arjun that we don’t know who you really married so don’t hold Disha’s hand till everything is clear. Let them wake up and stay away from Disha till then. She leaves. Arjun says I will kill Mohini.

The doctor checks Mohini, Kabir says she has to wake up. He says she will wake up in a bit.

Aparajita asks Akshay if he is doubting the marriage? Akshay says I don’t know what the truth is. I don’t know how Niya will feel. Aparajita says I am telling you that Disha married him but no one is listening to me. Akshay asks her to calm down and says you are strength of everyone. Aparajita says I couldn’t save my kids, how could I do that? Akshay says you have done more than enough, I did a mistake by listening to Mohini and left my family. I am really sorry, I am responsible for all this. I couldn’t be a good husband or good father. Aparajita says we can’t change our past but how can we let our kids’ live a ruined life? Akshay says I am worried about Arjun too, he fought so much to marry Disha. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Arjun is hitting himself and tells Chhavi that I married Disha only. I won’t leave till everything is clear.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kalpana’s mother in law says too much is happening here so I am taking Shubh from here. Kalpana stops her and says I will come with you. I can’t stay away from Shubh. They come to Dadi. Kalpana says we have to leave now, she was taking Shubh so I had to go with them. They all leave. Dadi sees some reporters outside the house. They are talking about who married Arjun. The neighbors come there and laugh at Dadi too. She goes in the house and cries. Akshay comes there, Dadi says they are moking us. He asks her to calm down. Dadi says we can’t stop them from gossiping. We have to do bidai. Akshay says we don’t know who married him for real. They hear band coming there. Ashmi and Sarika enter the house. He tells Akshay that we are here to take our daughter in law. We have decided that Niya will be our daughter in law. Aparajita asks Akshay what will we do now?

Mohini wakes up and shouts at the doctor. Kabir and the inspector grab her. She says I am not going anywhere. The inspector slaps her and asks her to stay in her limits.

Ashmit tells Akshay that we have to end all this, we won’t leave without our daughter in law. He calls a lawyer and gives a paper to Akshay. He says this is your last chance to register Arjun and Niya’s marriage. We will take Niya as nobody saw Disha in the mandap so it means Niya married him. Let us take Niya or end this relationship. All are shocked.

Ashmit tells Akshay that we all saw Niya only so she is our daughter in law, either send her with us otherwise end this relationship. They all see Kabir taking away Mohini. Dadi tells Aparajita that we are getting insulted in the society, just listen to Ashmit and send Niya with Arjun. Aparajita says but he married Disha. Dadi says that’s what you think, do you want our family’s honor to be ruined? Ashmit asks Akshay what’s his decision? Arjun and Niya come there too. Arjun says we should ask Niya’s decision too. Niya tells Ashmit that I am sorry, I don’t want to take Disha’s place in Arjun’s life, they both love each other so I can’t go with you. Ashmit says what if you have taken pheras with him? then what? Niya says I don’t remember that, till Disha is conscious, I won’t go anywhere. Arjun tells Ashmit that I know I married Disha only. If you think I didn’t marry her then I can apply sindoor to her again. Kabir brings Mohini there with a constable. Mohini tells Niya to not listen to them, you married Arjun, you took pheras with him and you should go with him, don’t listen to anyone. Mohini snatches the gun from the constable and holds her hostage. Kabir puts his gun down and says don’t do any mistake, Mohini tells everyone to stay awwy from her. Akshay asks Mohini to stop all this nonsense. Mohini says I will leave and nobody can stop me. Aparajita says you can’t leave like this. Mohini points the gun at her and says I will conclude this chapter today, I will finish you today. All look on. Mohini is about to shoot Aparajita but Akshay pushes her away and gets shot. All are shocked and rush to him. Mohini panics. Aparajita sees Akshay bleeding to death, all cry for him. Mohini tries to run from there. Aparajita tells Akshay that nothing will happen to him. Akshay apologizes to Dadi, he says I couldn’t be a good son or good a husband. He asks Aparajita to do justice with Disha and Niya. Aparajita says please remain awake, she shouts for an ambulance. Arjun calls the hospital.

Scene 2
Akshay is brought to the hospital. Aparajita says nothing will happen to you, I have forgiven you. He is taken to the OT. Aparajita cries and says I am not miffed with him, Chhavi consoles her. They all wait, the doctor comes there and says he was saved but he went to the coma. He had massive bleeding so we can’t tell when he will be awake, the family’s prayers can bring him back. Aparajita says our faith will bring him back, can I meet him? The doctor says you can take him home after some time. He goes from there. All are crying for Akshay.

Akshay is brought back to the house. Dadi cries and apologizes to Akshay. Aparajita tries to talk but Dadi shouts that this happened with my son because of you, you provoked Mohini and she tried to shoot you, Akshay came in between to save you. Aparajita cries and says I am responsible for all this. I will bring him back, I will fight with God and pray for him. Niya cries and consoles Aparajita. She says I am so sorry, its not your fault, this all happened because of me. I should have listened to Mohini and this wouldn’t have happened with dad, I am all alone now. Aparajita says don’t say that, you are not alone, your family is with you and I will do justice with you and Disha. She says when Akshay wakes up, only then bidai will happen. I will talk to Ashmit.

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