Faltu starlife update Thursday 21 September 2023

Faltu 21 September 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu saying I got to know this after coming here. Sid tries to make her confess the truth. She says yes, I will prove Ayaan and my parents’ dreams. Sid asks about his dream. Faltu says my dream is to become Anmol from Faltu, I will tell you about it when I think of it. Harsh says we shall go home now. Sid sees Faltu running. He thinks how the hell is this possible, I spiked the drink. Faltu thinks its not easy to fool me. She thinks I handled it well, I wish Ayaan tells the truth to everyone.

Kanika comes to talk to Ayaan. Savita says maybe he is sleeping. Kanika thinks to talk to Ayaan first. Bua asks what did he do. Kanika says nothing. Savita asks her not to go for work, enjoy Tanisha’s marriage. Kanika says yes, you are right. Bua looks on. She thinks something is

wrong, she looked angry. Lajwanti says no one is giving us ration, we will die hungry. Pratap says no, I got the food from the dhaba. Charan asks how did you get the money. He says no, I got it from my savings. Antima says I won’t have food. Her husband comes and says I came here to take Antima. Charan says thank God, you got a sense. Antima says I have called her. Lajwanti argues with her. Charan says I hope that she gets love and respect which she deserves. Antima leaves with her husband. Charan gets sad. Pratap says stop her from leaving. Charan says she doesn’t understand now, when Faltu comes back home.
Everyone leaves in the car. Faltu shouts take me as well. She falls down in the pit. Ayaan comes and helps her. He holds her hand. She asks how long will you save me. He says always, I will make you reach your goals, you know our dreams are one, until it gets fulfilled, we can’t get separated, you are finding a way to become Anmol, I will show you the way, you are the girl who I… but I have promised Tanisha that I will keep her happy, our business will unite too.

Tanisha comes and asks what are you doing here, come home, its our marriage tomorrow. He sees Faltu gone and shouts Faltu. He wakes up from the dream. He drinks water. Everyone comes home and thank Sid for the party. Tanisha asks Faltu to come with her. Faltu says I m feeling sleepy. Tanisha says cutie, come with me, I have some work. Faltu says its Ayaan’s room. Tanisha says knock the door, I have to meet him. Faltu says no, don’t get desperate to meet him.

Tanisha says I m not meeting him, you will meet him, go and knock. Ayaan says these dreams remind me of my reality. Faltu knocks the door and says its me, open the door. She acts like Tanisha. Ayaan jokes. Tanisha says I got something for you, a gift, just pick it. Ayaan says okay. Tanisha goes. He opens the door and sees Faltu with the gift. He asks what are you doing here. Tanisha calls him and asks how did you like the gift. He asks what gift. Faltu gives it. He gets the icecream. She asks him to taste it and tell her. Ayaan tastes it and says its good, but I would have enjoyed butterscotch. She says oh no, sorry, why am I clueless, I will take care of your likes and dislikes after marriage. He jokes. She asks him to have icecream and take care. Faltu says you are upset with me, because I went in the party. She thinks I will go after your marriage. Kanika goes to Ayaan’s room. He says Faltu…. I mean I thought Tanisha has sent Faltu. She says Tanisha is such, she tries best to keep her loved ones happy, but I regret not everyone is like my Tanisha. He asks did you have some work. She says yes, I want to know if you are happy with this marriage. He says I m very happy.

Kanika says parents don’t share everything with parents, Janardhan doesn’t like cricket so you left playing it, but I m sure that you play cricket secretly. He says no, never, I didn’t even touch the bat, I can never cheat him. She says I agree, what level of cheat do you find right. He asks her to go and take rest. He says trust me, Tanisha will be happy. She says she won’t be happy if her husband isn’t loyal.

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