Aparajita Zeeworld update Saturday 24 June 2023

Aparajita 24 June 2023: Akshay comes to Mohini and asks her to break her fast but she says you don’t care for me. Akshay says I brought diamond earrings for you but I can give them to Aparajita now. Mohini takes them and says I am still angry at you. Akshay says I was not at fault, you know I got stuck in a situation. He breaks her fast and says everything happened for a reason, I am closer to my daughters now. Mohini thinks to use Aparajita against him. Aparajita calls Dadi and says Veer showed care for Chhavi but then I saw him beating that guy like crazy. I am just worried about Chhavi’s future.

Aparajita 23 June 2023

Veer calls Chhavi and says if you don’t answer me for marriage then I will kill myself. Chhavi says I need some time. Veer says I can’t live without you, you will have to answer me soon, he ends the call. Chhavi is worried and says I don’t know what to do.In the morning, Chhavi is working in fear in the laundry. Disha asks if there is any trouble? She says no. Chhavi says thank you for lying to Aparajita for me. Disha says I lied for her, I didn’t want to stress her. Akshay comes there with gifts. Disha says we don’t need them, you want to buy our love? Akshay says I really want to reunite with you people.

Disha says I don’t trust you, she leaves from there. Chhavi tells Akshay that I will take the gifts. Akshay says I want to talk to you, he takes her from there.Anish gets a video from Sunil which shows Veer and Chhavi coming close to kiss. Sunil calls him and tells him to keep their daughter under control, ask Akshay to keep his daughter away from Veer. Anish says I promise Chhavi won’t be near your son anymore, he ends the call. He shows Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video to her. Mohini smirks.

Akshay asks Chhavi if she loves Veer? You can talk to me as a friend. Chhavi says he loves me a lot, he makes me feel special which I never felt but I didn’t know he would propose to me like that. Akshay says what’s your decision? Chhavi says Maa said.. Akshay says just think what you want. I will take your side at any cost because I love you. Chhavi hugs him and smiles. Aparajita comes there and glares at him. Chhavi leaves.

Anish tells Mohini that we have to keep this video under wraps. Mohini says no, this is my chance to destroy Aparajita.Aparajita tells Akshay to not give hopes to Chhavi. Akshay says I am just being supportive. Aparajita says I am here to think about her marriage. Akshay says you keep me away from them. Aparajita says you don’t have to agree to them every time just to please them. We can’t take a decision about them till I find everything about Veer. Akshay says do what you want, he leaves. Disha hears all that and angirly leaves. Aparajita goes behind her and says you are not going to the college?

Disha says why did you let him enter our lives? Aparajita says its your decision to bring him in your life or not. What he did with me has nothing to do with you. I have to talk to Chhavi but I need your help. You should search about Veer and find everything. Disha nods. Aparajita gets a video of Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video. She is shocked. Disha gets the same video. All neighbors get the video of Veer and Chhavi. The flashback shows how Mohini told Anish that I have to use this video, I don’t care about the business.

I will make this video viral. The flashback ends. Mohini says now Akshay and Aparajita will hate each other.Aparajita and her family are shocked to see the video. Asha says this video is viral now. Chhavi comes there and asks what happened? Aparajita glares at her.Chhavi comes home and asks if anything happened? Aparajita looks away and cries. Disha shows the video to her, Chhavi is shocked and falls down. She says this.. this is not true. She asks them to trust her, this is a lie. She cries and asks them to believe her. Disha shows Veer’s name on her hand and says this is a lie too? Aparajita is shocked to see that. Disha says you kept a fast for him,

that’s a lie too? Chhavi says no but that video is a lie. I went with Veer but nothing happened. you should trust me. She asks Asha to trust her. Asha says how can we trust you? Disha says you left us there and went to meet him, you lied to us all. Chhavi shouts but this is not true. Aparajita shouts then what’s the truth? I asked you if anything happened but you said nothing happened. Chhavi says yes, I went with Veer and he applied mehndi on my hand but nothing happened between us. I had to stay there because of the riots. Aparajita says then what about this video?

Chhavi says I stopped him before anything happened, I am swearing on your name that nothing happened between us. Aparajita sits down and cries. Chhavi says I am fulfilling my promise to you, I would never do anything to bring shame to you. Aparajita caresses her head and says I know you are saying the truth but you shouldn’t lie to me. I am your mother and I know you did nothing wrong, I don’t care what the society says because only your words matter to me.

Akshay is angrily driving with Anish and says I won’t spare that Veer. Anish says Chhavi is at mistake too. Akshay says I know Chhavi did a mistake for not thinking about her family, I will talk to her and teach a lesson to her mother but I have to take care of that Veer first.Chhavi is crying so Aparajita tells her to not worry, we are with you. Chhavi says people would be bad-mouthing about me now. I won’t be able to go out of the house now, people will taunt my character. Aparajita says you didn’t do anything wrong so don’t worry, these people have nothing against you. I am here and I will handle everything.

The door bell rings so Aparajita goes to check. She asks them to go inside. Aparajita opens the door to find the neighbors there. Bappi shows her the video and says we all got this video. This is Chhavi right? Aparajita asks the neighbors to delete the video and my daughter didn’t do anything wrong. She asks them to trust her and delete the video. Bappi says we will do it but he is an MLA’s son so media will pick this up, you have to do something. They leave from there. Aparajita sits alone and cries.

Chhavi is calling Veer but he is not picking up. Asha comes there and says the whole neighborhood got the video but don’t worry. She hugs her and sees her trying to call Veer. She says what are you doing? Chhavi says if he knew about the video then he would try to clean my name. I know you don’t trust me. Asha says its not like that, Maa will make everything fine so don’t cry. Chhavi hugs her.

Aparajita calls someone and asks them to come to meet her soon. she ends the call and tells Disha that I have reported it to the cyber crime branch. Aparajita asks if they can delete the video? Disha says we don’t know the source of this.Sunil is beating Veer. He says you can’t stop me, I love Chhavi. Akshay comes there and says I won’t spare him. Sunil stops him and asks what are you doing here? Akshay shouts that its about my daughter, he tried to destroy her image. Sunil says stop doing drama as your daughter was okay with him. Veer asks them to stop it. He says we didn’t do anything wrong, that video..

Akshay slaps him. Veer says you can beat me but nothing happened between us, she just came to meet me. We were close but Chhavi stopped us, they made the video from the wrong angle.Aparajita tells Disha that Chhavi is blinded by Veer’s love that’s why she can’t see his shortcomings but we have to make Chhavi open her eyes and see clearly.Veer tells Akshay that Chhavi didn’t cross her lines, I love her and I want to marry her but with your blessings only. Akshay looks on.Aparajita tells Disha that I will show real Veer to Chhavi at any cost.

Mohini comes to Dadi and says let me show you the drama that your Chhavi has started. She shows her Veer-Chhavi’s video. Niya comes there and says don’t talk to her like that. Mohini asks her to stay out of it. She asks her to leave. Dadi is shocked to see the video. Mohini says your Aparajita is so modern that she was okay with Chhavi doing all this, what did she expect? This had to happen.

Disha tells Aparajita that Chhavi is blinded by Veer. Aparajita says she is doing a mistake but we have to bring her on the right path, we have to show support to her otherwise she will get closer to Veer.Veer tells Akshay that I want to marry Chhavi but with your permission only. Akshay leaves. Sunil tells Veer that don’t do the same mistake you did before.

Veer says I just want Chhavi, I will do anything to get her. Mohini is calling her friends and shaming Aparajita and her daughters.Niya brings Dadi to Aparajita’s house and shouts what is going on? I saw the video. Aparajita says I am going to the police. Aparajita asks Disha and Niya to leave. They go away. Aparajita tells Dadi that I am going to the police to find out who made this video viral. Dadi says it’s about our honor more. Aparajita says Chhavi didn’t do anything, someone is trying to malign her character. I have to find out who is trying to destroy her present and future. Akshay comes there and says you are right Aparajita. Aparajita looks on.

Akshay says the only way to save Chhavi and her character is to get Veer and Chhavi married. Aparajita is shocked. Dadi thinks about it and says it’s a good idea.Asha comes to her sisters and tells them everything that’s happening. Disha says how can they plan to marry Chhavi suddenly? Chhavi looks on. Disha says who is that man to interfere in our lives? Niya stops her and says you are too harsh, he is our dad. Disha says he doesn’t matter to us.

Aparajita tells Akshay and Dadi that you want Chhavi to marry Veer, why? Akshay says don’t you understand the problem, we have to end this matter. Aparajita says you want to end the matter by marrying her off to a guy we don’t know? She asks Dadi to speak up. Akshay says you want to make a scene of this? We should wrap up this issue because she did a mistake. Aparajita says she didn’t do any mistake, she is your daughter so you should have asked her what really happened. Akshay says I just want to end this matter,

Veer is ready to marry her so do it before the society destroy her character. Aparajita says why do you care about the society more than your daughter’s life?

My video got viral too but this society keeps pointing fingers at women. Chhavi told me that nothing happened between them. Dadi says she said that and you accepted it?Disha tells Niya that he has no right to interfere in our lives. Niya says he cares for you all, Chhavi wants to marry him too. Disha says don’t get involved in our family matters. Asha asks Disha to calm down, Niya just wants to be a part of the family. Chhavi is trying to call Veer but Disha takes her phone, she says you are still calling him? Chhavi says you think only you care for Maa? Disha says if you cared about her then you wouldn’t like a guy like Veer.

Disha is about to leave but Chhavi throws a pillow at her and says you know nothing about love. Disha is shocked. Chhavi says you know nothing about feelings, you think every men will be like our father that’s why you don’t want us to have feelings for anyone.Dadi tells Aparajita that Chhavi kept lying about Veer so how can you trust her? Aparajita says I saw truth in her eyes and I am with her. Akshay says even if she is telling the truth, why did she go to meet him? Aparajita says she did that mistake but she didn’t do anything so don’t punish her. Akshay says you think that’s a punishment? Dadi says you should think about your family’s honor, you have 2 more daughters.

Asha tells Niya that I am sorry about all this. Disha and Chhavi love each other so don’t worry. Disha sadly looks at Chhavi. Aparajita tells Dadi that you want me to destroy Chhavi’s life for other daughters? Even if I marry her to Veer, people will keep taunting her for a mistake she never did. If we marry her off then we are trying to doze off the situation. I want to help my daughter.

Anish tells Mohini that Veer is not a nice guy. Mohini says that will be good, if Chhavi’s life becomes hell then Aparajita will curse Akshay for life. Anish says its not about Veer’s political family.. Veer has a past.. he had a girlfriend. Veer and her had a fight and then that girl vanished. Mohini is stunned.Aparajita tells Dadi that I want my daughter to be married but with honor. I will clear this misunderstanding first and them marry her. Akshay says its useless to talk to you, I will go talk to Chhavi. Aparajita stops him.Mohini asks Anish who knows about it? Anish says whoever knows won’t open their mouths. I am telling you because you are my sister. Mohini smirks and says I don’t want this to come out, I want Veer to be more dangerous.

Aparajita tells Akshay that Chhavi is already stressed. If we do this marriage then it means we confirm everything was right in the video and the society was right in taunting. Akshay looks on.Dadi tells Aparajita that Veer is a good guy for Chhavi. Akshay says she loves him. Aparajita says life doesn’t go on with love only, we had love in our lives but it didn’t work. Akshay says so you are projecting your failed marriage on your daughters? you are taking revenge on your daughters for failing in your marriage? can’t you see your daughters happily married because you were not? Dadi asks him to stop it. Akshay sighs and says I am sorry. Aparajita looks away.

Akshay says I have seen love in Veer’s eyes for Chhavi. I can recognize people. Aparajita says we thought the same about us also but it didn’t work, yes I am being cautious because of what happened with me. I want my daughters to be settled but I want them to be strong and independent first. Why do we think of making our sons successful and just think about marrying our daughters off? I won’t let anyone play with my daughter’s life. Akshay says I asked her and I know she likes Veer. This marriage will happen at any cost, I worry about Chhavi and I will get her married as her father. Aparajita says enough, I won’t let this marriage. I will find out who made this video viral, I have called the police.

Akshay says what? Aparajita says you were worrying about punishing your daughter. Akshay grabs her and says you won’t involve the police in this case. Dadi asks him to leave her, we will take decisions for Chhavi. Aparajita glares at him and says I promise to find out the truth because I want my daughter to rise in her eyes, I want her to face the world with confidence. Akshay looks on.Chhavi asks Asha to go outside and see what’s happening. Aparajita comes there and asks Chhavi to come, I have called the police. Chhavi gets scared and says I won’t go, they will ask me many questions.

Aparajita says I called them, you remember how you never liked medicines but you had to take them. Chhavi says I can’t do this. Aparajita says you won’t like their questions but it can prove your innocence, we have to expose the person who made that video. Chhavi says you will be with me right? Aparajita wipes her tears and says I am with you but you have to fight your battles moving forward. She takes her from there.The inspector asks Akshay if he knew where her daughter was going? Aparajita brings Chhavi there. The inspector sees Chhavi shaking in fear and asks if Veer is her boyfriend?

Chhavi says we knew each other. The inspector says then why did you go to meet him? Aparajita asks Chhavi to be confident and answer her. Chhavi says I like Veer, that day I went to meet Veer for some time but then the city got attacked. The inspector says why did you stay there for such a long time? Chhavi says we wanted to celebrate Karwachauth together. The inspector says what happened then? what about the video? Chhavi says that video is half, I stopped him before anything could happen. The inspector asks if that guy tried to do anything with her before? did he try to make any video with her? Akshay says he is a nice guy, don’t say that.

Aparajita says so what? that doesn’t mean he can’t be culprit.. Chhavi says no.. Veer is a nice guy and papa is right. The inspector tells Aparajita that we will try to catch the culprit who made the video viral, I would suggest to keep Chhavi home till then. Aparajita says why? Chhavi didn’t do anything wrong. Nobody is asking Veer to stay at home but he was in the video too right? You want to keep your daughter locked in the house just because she is a daughter? this is wrong.

She is my lioness and she will fight anyone she wants. The inspector says you are right, we care about what others say more than trusting your daughters but I really appreciate your bravery. Aparajita says I will be with my daughter all the way. The inspector leaves. Dadi tells Aparajita that you did the right thing. Aparajita says I trust my Chhavi. Akshay says Chhavi won’t go to the college till this matter is solved. He takes Dadi from there.

Akshay tells Mohini about Aparajita calling hte police. She says you should have stopped her. Anish says now the video will be in the news. Akshay says do you think I can stop her? Mohini says you are right to support Veer and Chhavi’s marriage, you are her father and you have a right in this decision. Niya says it should be Chhavi’s decision only. Mohini asks her to stop interrupting them, go and study.

Niya leaves. Dadi says why do you care about Aparajita’s daughters now? Akshay says she is right, you supported me first but then took Aparajita’s side. It’s about my daughter’s happiness now and I think the matter will end with their marriage. Dadi says Aparajita is brave and she is ready to fight the world for her daughters, all mothers should learn from Aparajita. Akshay looks on.

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