Aparajita Zeeworld update Sunday 25 June 2023

Aparajita 25 June 2023: Chhavi dreams about people taunting her and Veer leaving her. Aparajita wakes her up and asks what happened? Chhavi says I saw a bad dream. Aparajita hugs her and says it’s okay, it was just a dream. Chhavi says I can’t go out, people will taunt me. Aparajita says it doesn’t matter because you didn’t do anything wrong, just ignore those people.

Mohini tells Anish that once Veer and Chhavi get married then her ego will break and she will hate Akshay. Then Akshay will stop trying to be with his family and he will be mine forever. Anish says I don’t know if you praise you or not. Sunil calls Anish and asks him to come and meet him. He ends the call. Mohini says no one should know that we viral that video.

Sunil tells Anish that the video can’t go to the media. Anish says this news has reached the police already. Sunil gets a call and says Aparajita is going to college with her daughters, I won’t spare her.

Aparajita brings her daughters to the college. Chhavi is anxious so Aparajita says I will wait for you outside. Disha and Asha tell Chhavi that they are with her. Niya comes there and me too, I have joined the college. Aparajita wishes her luck. They all go to their class.

Akshay gets a call that Aparajita went to the college with Chhavi.

Aparajita calls the inspector and asks about the case. She says we are working on the case, don’t call us.

Veer’s mother comes to his room as Sunil locked him inside. She asks him to call the girl and tell her that you won’t meet her now. Your father is already angry, he was on the call.. its better for that girl and her mother that you stay away from that girl. Your father was talking about the college. Veer gets angry and leaves.

Akshay calls Aparajita and shouts at her why did you take Chhavi to the college, stop projecting your ideologies on her. Aparajita says I want her to become brave, someone is trying to break Chhavi’s confidence. Akshay says I am not against her going to the college but she should stay at home for some days, I am coming there to take Chhavi. Aparajita says no, she will attend college like normal. Akshay says challenge accepted, I will come and take her from there. I will see how you can stop her.

Chhavi comes to the canteen and people start taunting her about the video. Some guys come around, they ask if she can come with them to spend time alone? Chhavi gets scared hearing the taunts.

Veer arrives at the college. Aparajita doesn’t see him going inside. Veer enters the canteen and starts beating the guys who are taunting Chhavi. He pulls her closer, they smile at each other. Disha is shocked to see him there. Veer shouts at the guy who dare you taunt her? He starts beating them angrily. Disha tries to stop him but he pushes her away. Chhavi holds her back while Veer beats the guys badly. Disha is shocked to see his anger. The principal comes there tries to stop him but Veer is uncontrollable. Chhavi pleads with him to stop but he pushes her away too.

Aparajita comes there and shouts at Veer to stop. The principal tells Chhavi that you have brought enough shame to us and now this guy is beating people because of you. I am rusticating you from the college. Akshay comes there and hears that too. Aparajita is shocked. The principal asks them to leave. They all leave. Veer tells Chhavi that don’t worry, I will talk to the principal. Aparajita shouts at him to stop.

She asks everyone to leave. They all leave. Aparajita tells Veer that you think you can stop everyone’s taunts? veer says I am sorry, nothing happened between us, that video is wrong. Aparajita says I know, I trust Chhavi completely but you were at mistake for calling her there. I told you that Chhavi will complete her studies first and then we will see. She won’t get married till she completes her studies. Veer looks on.

Chhavi is crying outside the college. Akshay asks Disha to bring water for her, I am here. Disha leaves. Akshay asks her to stop crying. Chhavi says Aparajita will never forgive Veer for this. Akshay says to think about yourself, you have a right to choose a life partner and take your decision. Do you want to study or do you want Veer? Chhavi cries and says I tried a lot to study but I can’t. Akshay says it’s okay, I was not bright but I got successful because I was street-smart. You don’t need books to learn about life. Chhavi says Maa doesn’t think that, for her my education is important. Akshay says your happiness is important, you can study after the marriage also. Just tell me if you want to marry him?

Chhavi says it doesn’t matter, I don’t have control over the situation now. I can’t hurt Maa anymore. Akshay says I will talk to her, I saw how much Veer loves you so I will support you as a father, I will do anything but convince Aparajita for this marriage. Chhavi smiles and hugs him.

Sunil’s wife tells him that Veer went to college. He says why did you open his room and let me him go? He is about to slap her but his manager comes there. Sunil says Aparajita will know her place now.

Aparajita tries to convince the principal to not rusticate Chhavi as she was not wrong. People were taunting Chhavi. The principal says people are talking because her video went viral. Akshay looks on. Aparajita says that video is wrong, my daughter is innocent. The principal says enough, your daughter must have done some mistake for all this to happen. I understand that you raised your daughters alone but you should have been careful. Akshay says why are you commenting on your broken marriage? I know we separated but when it comes to our daughter then we become one.

Aparajita looks at him and is surprised. The principal says my decision is final and I won’t change it. Aparajita says you can’t punish her like this, she has been studying her and her career depends on it. If you can’t change your decision then its okay but I will prove her innocent and then you will have to re-admit her. She leaves with Akshay.

Mohini asks Anish if he know what’s going on? Anish says I just know Sunil won’t be silent against Aparajita now.

Aparajita calls Disha and asks her to take Chhavi back home. She ends the call. Akshay says you shouldn’t have brought Chhavi to the college. Aparajita says I trust my daughter and I won’t let her hide for being innocent. I will go and talk to the MLA. Akshay stops her and says he is a politian, I will go and talk to him. Aparajita says I don’t need you, I will bring my daughter’s honor back.

Disha and Asha bring Chhavi back home. Disha asks her to not worry. They are shocked to see their house being vandalized with comments and taunts on Chhavi’s character. Chhavi starts crying. Bappi says Aparajita has to bear so much because of Chhavi. Disha shouts who did this?

Mohini tells Anish that lets go and see what drama is going on outside.

The neighbors taunt Chhavi for being characterless. Bappi asks them to stop it, she tells Chhavi that she should have thought about her mother before doing all that. Disha shouts to not say a word to Chhavi, she didn’t do anything wrong, that video is wrong. She shouts at them to leave. Mohini sees all that and tells Anish that I wrote all those taunts. She sees Niya with them and says I am tired of her being involved with them. The neighbors taunt Chhavi and say she shouldn’t stay here as we are honorable people. Disha throws water at the neighbors and ask them to get lost. Mohini laughs seeing that.

Akshay sits in Aparajita’s van and says I will come with you because I am not sure what you will say to Sunil. Aparajita says if you want to come with me then fine but you won’t stop me from talking to him. Akshay tries to turn on the AC but its not working. Aparajita says be gentle with it. She starts the van and drives away.

Disha brings Chhavi home. She cries and says this is all happening because of me. Asha asks her to stop crying, Maa always say we are always united against the odds.

Aparajita and Akshay come to Sunil’s house but he is not there so Aparajita says we will wait for him. Akshay says you are so stubborn. Aparajita says you keep saying that.

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