Aparajita Zee world update 14 July 2023

Aparajita 14 July 2023: Aparajita comes to the lounge for the pooja. Mohini glares at her and thinks I am giving this right to her only because I love Akshay a lot, once he comes back then I won’t let anyone snatch my right. Aparajita thinks I don’t want this right as Akshay’s wife but I am doing this taap because of Akshay’s life only.

The priest tells Aparajita that you are married to Akshay so you are connected with him through heart, you are going to make the impossible into possible, are you ready for this taap? Aparajita says yes. The priest shows ice slabs and says my intuition says Akshay is in a very cold place and to save him, you have to feel his pain. Aparajita nods but Chhavi says no, I can’t let you do this, it will be painful.

Asha says you don’t need to do this. Aparajita says my body might be in pain but I have to save someone’s life, I will bring your father and Dadi’s son back. She stands on the ice slab and Chhavi holds her. The priest asks her to sit on the slab. Aparajita sits down and is feeling cold. Mohini looks on. The priest tells her to start praying and feel your connection with Akshay, keep praying till you reach him. Aparajita starts praying for him.

The man calls Veer and says I have lowered the temperature more, he will die in a bit. Akshay is unconscious in the freezer and dying. Otherside Aparajita prays for him while sitting on the ice slab.

Asha comes to the market and meets with Disha. She says Maa has sent me to help you. The inspector says you both should go back home, its not safe here. Asha says why would we be scared when you are here? He thinks they are both clever.

Dadi is praying for Akshay and says I can’t see Aparajita in this much pain. Aparajita is shivering in cold, the priest asks her to try and connect with Akshay. Aparajita recalls how Akshay left her and starts crying. The priest says don’t recall your bad memories with him, it will affect your connection, try remembering your good memories with him. Aparajita recalls her married life with him, when they were happy and started a family. She starts shivering and praying for him. The priest says don’t lose strength, you are reaching Akshay.

Disha asks a seller to show them the CCTV footage, the inspector pushes her and breaks the CCTV cable. Disha falls down so he says you both should go home. Disha sees the CCTV footage playing and they see the truck in the footage. The seller says its a freezer truck. Asha says the priest was saying he is in a cold place, he must be inside this truck. Disha asks the inspector to call his men and find the truck. The inspector goes and calls Veer.

Chhavi gets Disha’s call and says what? Chhavi says they found which truck has Akshay, its a freezer truck. Mohini asks where is it? Chhavi says they haven’t found it but it was going in the colony only. Mohini says it means the priest was right that Akshay is in a cold place. The priest tells Aparajita that you are doing well, he starts doing rituals around Aparajita and starts a fire around her. All are shocked. The priest says you have to feel this pain till you reach Akshay. Otherside Akshay starts waking up.

Disha and Asha are driving around and looking for Akshay.

Veer calls his man and asks him to leave the truck as Disha is looking for it. He nods and ends the call. He sees the freezer wire broken and thinks how did this happen? He calls Veer and says the freezer is not working anymore. Veer says we don’t have time, just take the truck away and burn it down with Akshay in it. The man drives it away.

The priest tells Aparajita that every begining has an end, before this fire melts the ice completely, you have to reach Akshay and end this pooja. Niya says this ice will melt in half an hour.

The man is about to drive the truck from the colony but some kids come in front of it. Disha arrives near the truck and tells Asha this must be it. They go behind the truck, Asha this is not the same truck as CCTV as the number plate is different, papa is not inside this. The flashback shows how Veer had asked his man to change the number plate.

Aparajita is praying for Akshay and he wakes up. Asha comes back home and tells Aparajita that we found the truck which has Akshay in it. The flashback shows how Disha and Asha were leaving the place but they saw the wrong number plate coming off. Disha stopped the man from driving it and asked Asha to go home to inform everyone. The flashback ends. Mohini asks Asha where is that truck? Asha says outside the colony. They all run to check it. The priest tells Aparajita that your taap was successful, nobody did it before but you did. Aparajita cries. The priest dozes off fire. Aparajita breakdowns in tears. The priest tells her that they found Akshay but his life is still in danger, all look on.

Scene 1
The priest asks Aparajita to step down from the ice. Disha starts beating the goon who tries to stop her from opening the truck. Mohini and Niya come there. Mohini asks where is Akshay? Disha says he is in the truck, go and open it. Mohini tries to open it. Aparajita and Chhavi come there. Mohini says I can’t open it. Aparajita says to search the key. Disha holds the guy but he throws away the key.

Mohini says how will we open it. Disha beats him and asks why did you do this? Aparajita brings a scale and opens the driver seat door, she finds a button and opens the freezer door. The man pulls Asha and puts a gun on her, he says don’t move anyone otherwise I will shoot her. All are shocked. Veer comes from behind and hits him using a hammer, he thinks this person

can’t open his mouth. Veer asks where is Akshay? Mohini says he is in the back. Veer thinks I have to kill him before he wakes up. Veer runs to the back side with a knife, he is about to attack him but Aparajita runs there and screams Akshay.. She finds him unconscious there and hugs him. Mohini and others come there too. Aparajita tries to warm him up. Disha goes to call an ambulance, Veer looks on. Mohini pulls Akshay and hugs him.

They put him in the blanket. Veer thinks he has to die before he opens his mouth.
An ambulance arrives there so Aparajita puts him inside and tries to leave but Akshay holds her hand in his state. Mohini and Aparajita sit in the ambulance. Mohini tells Aparajita that he held her hand because he is unconscious. Aparajita says I know that, do we have to talk about this when he is in this condition, we should find out who did this with him. Mohini says I won’t spare that person. Aparajita says you know who did this, Veer is behind this but you are not ready to accept it, the truth will come out one day and then everyone will need to accept it. We can’t hide the lies for long. Mohini looks on.

Akshay is brought to a hospital. All are waiting as he is in the OT. Niya hugs Mohini and cries. Asha consoles Chhavi, Veer is there too. Disha hugs Chhavi and says nothing will happen to him. Dadi prays for him. Asha says what if anything happens to him? Disha hugs her and says he will be fine. Chhavi says if anything happens to him.. Disha says don’t say that, nothing will happen to papa. Aparajita and others are surprised to hear her call him papa. Chhavi says what did you say? you have called him papa for the first time but he can’t even hear that. Aparajita cries, Chhavi says please do something, you prayed to find him so do something to save him also. Mohini looks on. The doctor comes out of the OT and says you people were late to bring him. His senses are not working and he in a coma, its not possible to revive him. Mohini says this is not possible, they all rush to his room. Aparajita breakdowns hearing that.

Mohini and others rush to Akshay’s room, they are all crying for him. Veer calls Sunil and says Akshay is in coma and they can’t revive him, nobody will know who did this with him. Sunil says Ritika’s sister sent the video to Aparajita. Veer is angry and says I will take care of that girl now.

The doctor asks everyone to leave Akshay. Mohini starts leaving and recalls about the pooja. Aparajita is sitting outside the room and cries. She says we found Akshay because of God but we can’t lose him like this, you helped us find him so you have to help him become okay, how can you take away their father from the kids, take Dadi’s son, you can’t do this with them, you have to save Akshay. Mohini marches there in anger and grabs Aparajita.

She says stop doing this drama, do you hate Akshay? you did the pooja with hatred that’s why this happened, you always cursed him so if you pray for him then God will punish him only, you wanted to punish Akshay that’s why this happened with him, you sent him out and this happened with him, she cries and says you killed my Akshay. Aparajita tries to go but Mohini says he is not awake, you won’t go to him, get lost. Aparajita tries to leave but Mohini grabs her.. Aparajita pushes her hand away and goes from there.

Aparajita comes to Akshay’s room and sees him lying there unconscious. She cries while standing near him. Mohini and others come there too. Aparajita says why do I get blamed everytime? why do people point fingers at me only? you left me 15 years ago and people blamed me that I couldn’t keep my husband with myself. Even today I am being blamed for not being able to save you, what can I do to make you wake up? All look on.


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