Aparajita Zee world update 13 July 2023

Aparajita 13 July 2023: Aparajita is worried for Akshay and recalls the priest’s words. She gets Disha’s call who tells her that I couldn’t see the person’s face in the CCTV footage. Disha says we will go to the police station, Aparajita says I will come there.

The priest comes there and tells Aparajita that you can’t go out, this is a sacred pooja and you have to stay in the house to save his life. Dadi asks Aparajita to listen to him, stay back. Disha tells Aparajita that don’t worry, we will handle it. She ends the call. Chhavi comes there and says Veer is looking for papa as well, I trust him completely. Aparajita thinks how to tell her that I doubt him the most.

Sunil beats Veer and says why did you attack Akshay and didn’t even tell me. Veer says I didn’t want to hurt him but he had proof against me so I had to attack me, what if he tells everything to Chhavi? Sunil says you have gone crazy for that girl like you did with Ritika. I should have finished this Chhavi before only. Veer grabs him and says don’t you dare think of hurting my Chhavi, he strangles him angrily. Veer calls his man and asks them to find out who gave the confession video to Aparajita.

Mohini comes there and grabs Veer, she asks where is Akshay? Veer says what are you talking about? I don’t know. Mohini says Akshay had a phone with Ritika’s confession so you didn’t want Akshay to see it that’s why you did something with him? Veer says I don’t know what you are saying. Mohini asks Sunil to tell him to speak up otherwise I will call Aparajita and Chhavi to tell them about Ritika. Your political career will end and he will lose Chhavi. Sunil asks her to calm down. Veer says nobody can take Chhavi away from me. Mohini shouts nobody can snatch Akshay from me, stop this drama and tell me everything otherwise.. Veer says I will tell you.

Disha and Niya come to the police station. The inspector says we can’t file a complaint before 24 hours. Niya cries and says what will we do? Disha says we will try searching for other CCTV footages. Another woman inspector comes to Disha and says I will help you. I lost my father because I couldn’t find him in time so I want to help you. Disha thanks her.

Veer shows his video with Chhavi to Mohini and says I was with her when Akshay went missing. Mohini says who was recording this video and how did you know you would need it? Veer says my friend was recording it just to tease me. I had no clue about the confession video, I love Chhavi a lot so why would I hurt her father? Mohini thinks he wouldn’t lie so confidently, what is happening? Sunil says maybe another political party is trying to hurt Akshay? he did fight with them in the riots, I will search for him. Mohini nods and leaves.

Sunil tells Veer that we handled this woman but that Aparajita won’t be silent. Veer calls his man and asks him to lower the temperature in the freezer. He tells Sunil that Akshay will be dead till they find him.

Scene 2
Akshay is freezing in the truck and dying.The priest tells Dadi that this pooja will be done only if Aparajita does it fully with heart. Chhavi tells Aparajita that I know he has hurt you a lot but he is our father and only you can save his life. Will you do it? Aparajita goes away.

Disha, Niya and the inspector find a truck in the area. They open it but Akshay is not there. The inspector says we can search the area more.

Mohini comes back home so Aparajita asks if Veer said anything? Mohini says Veer doesn’t know anything, he didn’t even know about the situation. Aparajita says he said that and you agreed? Mohini says Veer wouldn’t lie to me. Aparajita asks why? Mohini thinks because I know about Ritika and he wouldn’t dare to lie to me. She says he wouldn’t lie to me because he knows that I have power to help him. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? Mohini says we are searching for Akshay. Dadi says only 2 hours are left till the eclipse. Aparajita says there was a truck nearby when Akshay went missing so maybe he is in some truck? Mohini says I can ask Sunil to search for the trucks. Dadi says I know only Aparajita’s pooja can save him. Mohini says I am his wife and not Aparajita.

Disha and Niya are looking for the trucks. Disha says we can ask for CCTV footages. Another inspector arrives there and tells Disha that I will help you unofficially. Niya is getting dizzy so Disha asks her to go home, you didn’t eat anything. The lady inspector takes Niya from there. The inspector messages Veer that Disha is with me so I will handle her. Veer calls his man and asks him to lower the temperature more, the man says he will die in 2 hours then. Veer says I don’t care, they can’t find him alive. The man lowers the temperature more.

Dadi tells Aparajita that even Mohini couldn’t do anything, only you can save him. Aparajita goes to the mandir and sits down. She tells Lord that I can do the pooja for Dadi and my kids but I can’t do this as a wife, we don’t accept each other as husband and wife so how can I do this pooja as his wife? I have lived as a mother for 15 years so how can I become a wife suddenly? I don’t understand what to do anymore. The flower falls in her lap. Dadi and Chhavi look on. The priest says your answer is here, your life is tied to your husband till your last breath, we don’t have much time left so decide fast. Mohini comes there and takes the flower. She crushes it and says you people see my ego but can’t see my love. I will show you all that I love Akshay the most in this life.

She falls to her knees in front of Aparajita and says I love him so much that I am putting my ego away and pleading with you to save my Akshay’s life. I am here but you are getting this right so I am requesting you to save his life. She cries and gives the flower to Aparajita. Aparajita says okay, I will do the pooja. Mohini cries and thanks her. Niya comes there too.

Aparajita tells Mohini that she will do the pooja, Mohini thanks her and cries. The priest says you have to do it with your heart as his life is in danger. Niya gets dizzy and faints so Mohini and Asha rush to her.

Niya wakes up and says I am okay. Niya tells Aparajita that an inspector is helping Disha to find Akshay. Dadi says everything will be okay now, we will find Akshay. Mohini calls the priest there, he says we should get ready for the pooja. Mohini leaves from there.

Mohini calls Veer and says Akshay is in some truck, find out which truck was in the area when Akshay was out. Bappi comes there and says we heard that Akshay is missing, what happened? Mohini says we are looking for him. Infact kids are looking for him everywhere, I just hope we can find him.

Bappi says see how things change? Aparajita was thrown out of this house and now Akshay is gone from the house. Mohini looks on.

The priest tells his man that nobody should interrupt Aparajita’s pooja as Akshay’s wife. Mohini comes there and hears that. The priest leaves from there. Mohini tries touching the pooja items and says why can’t I stop myself? Akshay might get in more danger because of my studpitiy. Niya comes there and asks what happened?

Mohini cries and runs from there. Niya says why did you touch those items? Mohini says I am sorry, I thought I am his wife so I can touch those. Niya says yes, you are his wife so why did you allow Aparajita to do the pooja? don’t you have faith that you can save him? Mohini says I have love and faith but my faith was shaken by the priest and dadi’s faith, I love him so I can’t take any risk.

There is only 1 hour left and if this pooja is not done correctly then.. Niya hugs her and says nothing will happen to him. Mohini says I hope so.

Scene 2
Disha comes to the market and asks the shopkeepers for a CCTV footage. The inspector descretly tempers with the CCTV.

Veer is on call with his man and asking about the truck temperature. Chhavi calls him and gets connected on conference. She asks what temperature? Veer says I mean I was talking about AC, did you find anything about Akshay? Chhavi says nothing yet. The priest told Aparajita that if she does pooja for Akshay as his wife then he will be fine. Veer says don’t worry, I am searching for him too. He ends the call and thinks no pooja can save him now.

Asha tells Niya to calm down, I just hope papa comes back soon. Niya hugs her so Asha tells her to not lose hope, we are all strong and we will find him. Niya cries and says I am sorry. Asha asks what? Niya says I have been away from dad for one day and I am so disturbed so I can’t imagine how you all stayed without him for years, I can’t even imagine how your life was, I am sorry. Asha says I don’t remember much about papa, he left before I was even born so I had no clue about him but then he returned in our lives and then I realized how special it is to have both your parents together, now he is gone and I am worried, I just hope he is safe and come back to us soon.

Niya hugs her and cries. Asha says I will go and see how Chhavi is. She leaves from there. Niya cries and says I just want dad to be back home.

Disha is asking people around the market but the inspector has already scared the sellers to not tell her anything. He tells Disha that we will figure something. Asha calls her so Disha talks to her. The inspector messages Veer.

Veer comes outside Chhavi’s house, he asks her to come out. She comes there and asks if he found anything about Akshay? Veer says I am searching for him, I came to meet you and console you. Don’t worry, I will find him soon, trust me. Chhavi says I trust you completely. Veer says I will never break it. Chhavi finds blood on his hands and asks what happened? Veer says Maa got hurt and I bandaged her hand, I am okay. Chhavi says thank you, you and your family are doing a lot for my papa. I know we will find him. Veer says don’t worry, Chhavi leaves from there. Veer thinks this innocent Chhavi trusts me blindly that her father’s blood is on my hands but she didn’t doubt me at all. Soon she will be my wife as Aparajita becomes a widow.

Mohini sits in her room and says if she did a mistake by giving permission to Aparajita? She recalls the priest telling Aparajita that she will do the pooja as his wife. Mohini says this pooja is for Akshay’s life, not to be separated from me. He is mine and will always be mine.

The priest comes to Dadi, he says we need something related to Akshay which we will use in the pooja. Dadi says I have something, she gives them their marriage photo. He says only Aparajita can do this pooja, this taap will be very difficult so Aparajita needs to be ready for it all.

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