Anupama update Sunday 24 April 2022

Anupamaa 24 April 2022: The Episode starts with Mama ji asking Baa how can she ask for money. Vanraj says Mama ji is saying right, they are Anupama’s Maayka, she is bahu of this house. Baa asks will she do anything, everyone was happy. Vanraj says I know it was her mistake, what’s the need to ask Bhavesh for money. She asks will you also lecture me. Anupama looks on. Vanraj says Anupama’s family can’t pay us, its bad to ask money from them, lets end the topic here.Baa says Samar is young, don’t have anything in heart, don’t raise a hand on him again, end this matter here. Vanraj nods. Anupama smiles. Samar comes to her. She tries to cheer him up. She sings Moi koi aisa geet….. and dances. Samar hugs her. She asks are you fine. He jokes and asks her to smile. She says sorry.

He says I m sorry, you have to tolerate so much, how is dad’s mood. She says fine, Baa asked Bhavesh to pay, but your dad managed it, he is really good. They smile. Anupama lies on the bed. She sees Vanraj beside. He is sleeping. She says I gave you a reason to get angry, then you fix things as well, you love me as well, you managed everything, I want to keep the family happy and never let you complain. She applies him kajal dot and smiles. She says I love you a lot. Its morning, Anupama calls Maa. She says ask Bhavesh not to worry about money, Vanraj managed it, he gets angry but does also. Maa asks what. Anupama asks what shall I say. Maa and Bhavesh laugh. Maa blesses Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama ends the call. Anupama says Vanraj went to office early, I will make good food and convince Baa also. Kinjal comes to meet. Anupama holds her hands and gets happy. Haldi gets on Kinjal’s hand. Anupama cleans her hands. She says next time you will get haldi in rasam. She compliments Kinjal.

Kinjal tells her about Uk currency Pound. Baa sees them and says others also stay in the house. Kinjal greets her. Anupama asks her to touch feet and take blessings. Kinjal feels tough to bend. Baa lifts her feet. She says clothes can be short, but values should be big. Kinjal asks for Paritosh. Anupama says he is studying in his room, go. Samar and Pakhi come and compliment Kinjal. Anupama asks what will you have. Kinjal says anything but Gujarati. Kinjal goes to Paritosh. Baa asks why did you send her to Paritosh’s room. Anupama says times have changed. Baa says Saas is saas, look at her clothes. Anupama says Sweety also wears such clothes. Baa says there is a difference in bahu and daughter, don’t teach me. Anupama says I have to end this difference and become Maa, not Saas.

Samar goes to Paritosh and asks him to change Kinjal, she isn’t nice. Paritosh scolds him and says Kinjal is the perfect girl for me. Kinjal asks really. Paritosh says you here. She asks do you really love me. He says yes. He signs Samar and Pakhi to go. Samar says we will give background music. Pakhi says I will sing. They tease Paritosh. They go. Kinjal asks do you also think I m dominating. Paritosh says no, they were pulling your leg, I like you a lot, thanks for the lovely surprise, how did you come, did you talk to uncle and aunt, did they refuse for marriage. She says relax, they didn’t decide anything, I know to convince them, so don’t worry, please smile.Samar says my girlfriend will not be like this. Pakhi says you won’t have anyone. He says girls die on me, I don’t give them attention. She says then start it, else you will be alone. Samar recalls the girl. Kinjal says my hands got yellow by mistake.

Paritosh says what a lovely mistake. They fall on the bed and have a moment. Anupama knocks the door and comes with the food. Paritosh asks why did you come. She says sorry to disturb, I made breakfast for Kinjal. He asks will she eat it, I will order food for her. Kinjal says no, I asked aunty to make gujarati food for me. She eats the food and likes it a lot. She asks her to pack food for dad. Anupama says fine, I will give the recipe also.Paritosh says chefs make every dish in her house. Kinjal says chefs can’t make coffee as aunty makes. Anupama says you can come and have coffee. She goes. Kinjal asks does anyone talk to mom like this. He says she spoiled the good moment. She says Anupama is sweet, she let me go to your room, she knocked before coming. He says I really wanted to kiss you, I got angry. She asks how could you get angry on your mom, person doesn’t forgot values in anger, better change, or my opinion about you will change.

Vanraj and Kavya work. Vanraj sees Kavya. She says you came early, any special reason. He says you were going to come early, that’s why. He gets close to her. Anirudh comes there. She says Anirudh….. Anirudh smiles and says I knew it, I will find you in Vanraj’s office.Vanraj and Anirudh arguing. Kavya says I was going to leave for home. Anirudh says I have come to get the house’s duplicate keys, I hope you have the keys. She says yes, lets go. Vanraj says Kavya, give the keys to him, we have a meeting with MD now. She says oh, I forgot, sorry Anirudh. Anirudh says finish the meeting, until then, I will have something at the canteen, but we will go home together today. He holds Kavya. Vanraj gets angry.

Devika comes to meet Anupama. Anupama gets happy to see her. Devika gives her best teacher award. She says I m so happy that you have become a teacher. Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi come. Devika greets them and introduces herself.Baa and Mama ji come out to see her. Devika greets her. Baa taunts her. Anupama says he is Baa’s brother. Devika says please to meet you Mama ji. She says Anupama tells a lot about you all, I can easily guess you all. Anupama thinks if Vanraj sees Devika, then…. Vanraj gets a call and disconnects. He gets down the car. He gets Kavya’s call again. Kavya says you didn’t answer my call yesterday. He asks why are you wearing this nightie. She says its my regular clothes, you look cute when you get jealous, I will talk later.Anirudh comes and compliments her. Kavya says I will call tomorrow. Vanraj gets angry. Kavya asks what was that. Anirudh says I was praising you, relation broke, its not over, I have some right. She warns him and says you are my past, I can’t ruin my present, we are married just for name, wear your clothes, if you fall ill, I won’t take care. He smiles.

Devika talks to everyone. Baa signs Anupama. Devika says I forgot to say, I m going to Mumbai tomorrow, I thought to stay here tonight, we will have fun. Anupama worries. Vanraj comes home. Devika greets him. Mama ji says she is Anupama’s friend Devika. Devika says I m glad to meet you, I heard a lot about you. He says me too. She says Anupama doesn’t talk anything except you, Anupama is so lucky to get an understanding, caring and loyal husband, I wish I was also lucky, my husband and cheap and characterless, he used to cheat me, that too with his secretary, can you believe it. Vanraj worries. Devika says I m going to Mumbai tomorrow, I made a plan to stay here with Anupama tonight, I hope you don’t mind. Vanraj says not at all.

Devika thanks him. Samar says it will be fun time. Paritosh says yes, fun time. Baa asks who will study. Pakhi says we will adjust. Vanraj smiles. Anupama goes to him and takes his bag. She gives him water. He asks her to get charger. Devika sees them. Vanraj says get me tea to my room. Anupama gets his tea. She asks him if he is upset. He asks how does it matter. She says I will send Devika if you say. He asks what will you say that your husband doesn’t like her coming. She says I will make an excuse. He says stop it, you should have broke your relation with Devika, go and enjoy now, at least keep my respect in front of her. Anupama goes. Samar sees her. He says dad has many friends, but you can’t have a friend.He asks her to start living for a day at least, live as Anupama. Devika calls Anupama. Anupama goes and serves the dinner. Devika says you have become an expert in cooking. Vanraj says she has done this all her life. Devika looks at Anupama. Baa tells about rituals. Devika asks Anupama for coffee. Baa says don’t forget about cooking food for two days. Baa asks Devika to call Vanraj as Jija ji. Devika says Jija ji is better, I will get licence to flirt with him. Anupama goes. Devika sees him busy on phone. Devika says so many dishes, none can say that you disliked cooking, she used to hate cooking, she just loved books, she used to study all the time, we used to call her a bookworm. Paritosh asks was she good in studies. Devika says she was a topper, she got married early, else she would have done a govt job today. Anupama’s children smile. They ask more about Anupama. Devika says Anupama used to get first prize in classical dance. Anupama goes to get hot rotis.

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