A new life update Friday 22 April 2022

A new life 22 April 2022: Meera seeing Angad and going to her office. Angad asks why didn’t you tell me that your office is close to her office. Kabir says she doesn’t own the city. Angad says stay away from her. He goes. Kabir says Meera changed so much, I will not leave her. Dadi makes a video. Kamli laughs. Amrita asks Dadi to tell the dialogue with more style. Kamli asks what’s this, shall I throw it. Dadi says Kabir made this drawing, he was four years old, its his first drawing, your Dada ji kept it saved. Amrita recalls Pritam’s drawing. She thinks whose drawing was it with Pritam. Dadi asks Kabir to fix the light. Amrita says he went to office. Meera sees a guy staring at her and smiling. She pours the coffee on his head. She scolds him.

A new life 21 April 2022

She asks Priya to get printouts, clients and boss will be happy. Kabir asks Meera to meet him in the canteen. She asks him to behave. She warns him. He says I didn’t come to fight. She asks what’s the joke, call your brother. He says he left. She asks why did he come, what did he teach you. He says dirty mind, he came for the revenge. They argue. She asks him to get lost, she doesn’t have time to waste. She gets the printouts. She says our presentation will be powerful now. She goes. He smiles seeing the laptop on. He says Meera, you are gone now.Pritam and Nitin meet some goon. Goon Rathi bashes someone in front of them. He says there is no loyalty, such people became informers of the police. Pritam says I came to talk about business, give us control of the market, we will get more profits than Soda gang. Rathi laughs and says I heard someone fooled you and took the stuff, you want me to do the business with you.

He gets a hammer. He says tell me, who are you, I never heard about you. Pritam says I did small business till now, I m new in this city. Rathi asks Yogi to call and find out about Pritam. Pritam says I m sitting here, find out, there is a murder case on me. Rathi says anyone can do a murder. He scares Pritam. He asks Pritam to just leave. He says I respect policemen, you would have wife and children, just leave, I won’t tell anything. Pritam laughs. He says my name is Pritam Choudhary, I don’t have anyone in my family, if I was a policeman, I would have not let your consignment reach here, it was worth 10 crores, I have much stuff, are you understanding. Rathi says I will think and tell you, leave. Pritam and Nitin leave. Rathi says Yogi, I don’t trust him, you know what to do. Pritam says I think Rathi didn’t trust me, he sent his goons after us, we should leave, its market place, no one’s life should end because of us. Dada ji collides with Pritam. Pritam asks him to go home. Dada ji says drop me home, I will come along. Yogi looks on.

Pritam says my bike is damaged, go home, please. Dada ji says stop, don’t hurry, where are you going. He gets a call. He says its Santo’s video call. He answers. Dadi says ring light is damaged. Dadi says it flickers, I will fix it, you damaged it. He asks Pritam to see what did Dadi do. Pritam comes on video call. Amrita and Dadi see him. Pritam thinks if I move, then he will get shot. He asks Dada ji to come with him, there is much traffic. Dadi and Dada argue. Yogi gets the gun in his hand. Pritam worries. He asks Dada to go home and fight. Dada says my anger will get down till then. Pritam calls Nitin and asks him to do something, where is Monty. Dadi says get ring light. Pritam says I will get the ring light, stop fighting Hema Malini. Amrita asks how did you call her Hema Malini. Pritam says Dada ji told so.

Dadi thanks Pritam and says get a good one. Amrita says give me the phone. Dadi goes. Amrita says no need to get anything, I will get it online. Pritam says I will get the light, ask your Dada ji to leave, there is danger. Amrita asks what danger. Dada ji asks what danger. Pritam says just go from here. Amrita asks Dada ji to come. Pritam sees the goons coming with guns. Dada ji says fine. Amrita worries and says what danger did he say about. Nitin and Monty catching the goons and sending them away. Pritam asks Dada to go home. Dada ji leaves. Pritam asks where were you. Monty says sorry. Shetty scolds Meera. He asks who can do it, if laptop is yours. He shouts on her. She says I m sure someone tampered my presentation. He asks oh really, shall I get CBI enquiry. She says it will be Kabir. He says you are against Kabir, he is genius, more intelligent than you, I have to convince the client now. Amrita worries for Dada. Dadi says Pritam will get the lights. Nimmo asks why.

Baljeet and Pammi come home. Baljeet creates a scene. He asks what’s happening here. He shows the video of Pritam. Dadi asks what’s the big deal. Baljeet says he is roaming naked in your house. Soni says he was taking a bath and water stopped running. Amrita says yes, Dadi was also there. Nimmo asks so what, its natural to him to come out from the bathroom if water stops running. She jokes. Amrita and Soni laugh. He says don’t take this lightly, same way a guy ran away with Mansi’s bahu. Nimmo and Dadi scold him. They ask Pammi and Baljeet to leave. Baljeet and Pammi leave. Nimmo asks Amrita not to feel bad, their minds are dirty. Meera says I m sure Kabir did this. She gets angry. A girl asks are you okay, Kabir is giving a treat to everyone, he is very happy, everyone went to canteen, he called you also. Meera says he got me humiliated, I will not leave him. She sees Kabir’s laptop and smiles. Shetty is leaving. She says Kabir is a genius, you are right. He says better be like him. She says he has a big clients list. He says what nonsense, he would have not roamed on roads, he met me in a cafe.

She asks him to come and see. She shows the contact details of the corporates. Shetty smiles. Meera says he is sitting on gold mine, he will get clients if you say once. He says yes, he is our savior. She says exactly, give him ultimatum, he is lazy. He says yes, tell him, I want three clients in three days, thanks you have compensated. He goes. She laughs. Kabir’s friends are at some tea stall. Amrita sees them and asks where is Kabir. They say he is at office. She says don’t spoil him again. Pritam comes and hears them talking about Kabir’s fake appointment letter, Angad won’t doubt. They ask Pritam did he hear everything. Pritam says yes. He asks what’s this. They say Kabir’s real appointment letter. Pritam asks shall I tear it, will you get another copy from office. They ask Pritam not to tell anyone. He says Pritam is cheating his family. They say no, he got a job, matter is something else. Pritam says I don’t lie and don’t support lie.

Amrita sees them folding hands to Pritam. She asks what’s happening. She asks Pritam what is he doing. He says ask them. He asks them to tell her what’s going on. She asks them. They say no, he is talking with love, he was just asking how is Kabir. She asks sure. They say yes. She goes. Pritam says I will think. They say you don’t know Nimmo, she beats Kabir with slippers. Pritam says fine, keep it, do as I say, what’s your names. They say Sunny and Ronny. Pritam says very good. He goes home. Dadi asks him to give the ring light. Pritam says no. She says you told it. He says Amrita refused me. She says don’t lie, she didn’t refuse, you didn’t get the lights. He says I was going to get it, but she refused. She says I don’t like people who don’t keep their word. Pritam asks Amrita to come and tell Dadi.

He says tell her, you asked me not to get ring light. Dadi asks did you say that, how can you say, you know I wanted it, he is blaming you. Amrita says yes. He says tell the truth. Dadi asks what’s the truth, accept your mistake. He says its not my mistake. Amrita says she is right, say sorry, why are you blaming me, when did I refuse. He looks at her. Dadi says now tell me. He says she is lying, she said I don’t need to bring anything. She says I was talking to Dada ji, not you. He says you are such a liar. Dadi says she doesn’t lie. Amrita asks did I take ring light’s name. He says no, but you meant about it. Dadi says don’t talk to me from today. Amrita says I will ask Kabir to get the ring light. Dadi asks him to go. He says its not my mistake. Amrita asks him to just go. Dadi says go, I don’t want to see your face. He says mad people. Amrita says I will ask Kabir to fix the ring light. He comes to his room. He says Amrita has an innocent face, she lied on my face. He shuts the door. He finds the bolt broken and gets angry.

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