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Bridal Material 23 April 2022: Dolly informs Meera that Vivan wants to train her, so let us not delay. Meera says Vivan is not like she is thinking, he is very wicked. She tells that Vivan called her thief and explains the incident.

Dolly says she is right, but things have changed and reminds how Vivan saved her during high tea party. Meera says Vivan is the one who misguided her. Sisters say why would Vivan misguide her, he is so super rich and in fact is Soni Kudi Academy’s role model, what benefit he will have from her training her. Meera thinks not from her, from her friend’s bangle. Dolly says Vivan is not a bad guy and he helped them so much. Meera reminisces Vivan helping her and her father moniterily, etc.. and agrees.

Meera with Dolly barges into Vivan’s room when he is busy in a phone meeting and asks what he wants to train. He angrily asks her to get out, knock and come back. Dolly tries to leave with her. He stops Dolly. Meera knocks door and walks in rudely. Vivan scolds she does not know basic manners of requesting if she can come in. She angrily repeats. He says did he permit, it is very difficult to teach her.

She says she will leave then. He says he did not say he will not teach her. He shows slides of modern girls dancing and dining and then Meera enjoying sugarcane on cart. Dolly gets happy seeing photo. Meera thinks how did he get her photo. Vivan says she should ask that and just think how to train herself for a high society. He asks Dolly if she wants her daughter not to do bhangra on her wedding and instead do Salsa, her daughter should obey him.

Meera shouts what she has to do. Vivan says she has to mock, means act for a day. Dolly says Meera became rabbit during her class drama. Meera asks what is the need of telling all this. Vivan says she has to become a wife tomorrow and act. Meera asks who will be her husband. He says he will and says she has to do as he says and stop her arrogance. Meera says okay. He asks her to thank you She thinks can she slap him, says thank you. Vivan continues pointing her mistakes.

Biji tells Dolly that Meera does not have to learn anything just before 5 days of marriage. Amar comments whatever happening is wrong. Dolly confronts him that she is always considered wrong and tongue lashes him. Biji says it is both Meera and Dolly’s exam and whatever Dolly is doing is right.

Meera meets her friend who says she paid coach and her owner Manilal with bangle money and is tension free now. She says let us go for kabbaddi practice Meera says she has to get training from Vivan and she is sure he is behind her bangle. Friend says he is from London and why would he bother about bangle in Hoshiarpur, so Meera should relax and get training from Vivan.

Nimmo and Biji arrange dining table and discuss rich people’s style of living is really amazing, Vivan is too good. Laali walks in and gets jealous, asks if Sumer’s family is coming. Biji says no, Vivan is training Meera. Laali gets more jealous.

Meera angrily walks towards Vivan’s room thinking she is 10 minutes late and knocks door. He is still on bed with just bermudas and opens door. She stands shocked seeing him like that…

Meera knocks Vivan’s door. Vivan wakes up and opens door wearing only bermuda. Meera closes eyes. He says he like sleeping freely, if she has any problem. She murmurs poor naked millionaire. He asks if she said anything. She says no. He asks to go then. She reminds he has to teach her.

He asks to get black coffee for her, rich people drink plain black coffee. Meera thinks earlier high tea drama, what is this black coffee one now. He gives her coffee bottle and asks to bring it soon, no milk, no sugar, only plain coffee, that is how rich people drink coffee. She leaves yelling.

Laali starts drama hearing Vivan is training Meera, she yells at Biji that she promised to help in Vivan and Silky’s alliance, but she is spoiling instead, earlier she stole Silky’s alliance for Meera and now this drama. Biji asks her to stop her drama, Meera and Sumer’s alliance is via destiny. Dolly says once Meera’s wedding is over, they will concentrate completely on Silky and Vivan’s alliance.

Laali says Silky took training for 3 months, Meera is illiterate and what will she learn in 3 days. Biji warns to mind her tongue. Laal continues yelling and leaves warning if Vivan and Silky’s alliance does not happen, she will not let Sumer and Meera’s alliance. Dolly gets tensed. Biji asks her not to worry, just make sure Laali does not enter house when Vivan teaches Meera.

Meera goes to kitchen to prepare coffee and tasting coffee beans yells, it is so bitter, that is why Vivan is also bitter. She prepares tea adding ginger, cardamom and other indian herbs. Vivan informs Amaya about training Meera. Meera asks he hates Meera so much, then what happened. He says he is reason for high tea mishap, so he decided to teach Meera.

She says they both are same, both get angry soon, both are good hearted, etc..Vivan asks her to stop now. Meera knocks door. Vivan says her friend came. Meera walks in. Amaya says all the best for her training and leaves. Meera sees Vivan sipping coffee and scolds why did he ask her to prepare coffee then. He asks to do as he says if she wants to be trained. She says teach me how to become fake wife.

He says she wants to marry a rich boy and wants to yell also. Their argument starts. Vivan gets emotional reminiscing his mother’s betrayal. She asks what happened. He starts scolding her again and asks to leave. She sees his wrongly buttoned shirt and asks if rich people button their shirt like this. Vivan asks her to go now. She walks out. Vivan picks her coffee, sips and likes it. Meera peeps in. He says he was just checking. Meera says she prepared it in Indian style, not his bitter way. Their argument starts again. He asks why she is dreaming to marry rich Sumer and live high society life, if she does not want she may leave. She says arrangements are ready, he can come down.

Vivan goes down and sees dining table ready. He arranges forks and plate while family looks around. He says he will teach her how to eat from fork and knife to stop her embarrassing herself and others during parties. He then asks Meera to sit straight and fixes cloth on her thighs. She says she will not drop food and why they need 12 forks. He says this is high society culture and warns her to do as he says. He teaches her how to cut food. She drops food on his clothes and apologizes. He says that is okay and continues teaching her holding her hands. Sumer walks in and is shocked seeing this, asks what is happening. Dolly says Vivan is teaching Meera high society culture. Laali peeps in grinning, thinking Sumer will create a drama, but Sumer thanks Vivan for helping Meera and says after high tea drama, he was upset. He says Meera that she is lucky to have Vivan as teacher and asks if she learnt everything.

Dolly excited says yes and asks Meera to demonstrate. Sumer says that is okay. Biji asks why did he come suddenly, if he has some work. He says bua ji/aunty called him and told she wants to show him something important and calls Laali. Laaali walks in. Sumer says he wants to speak to Meera and takes her aside. Biji says why not.

Sumer takes Meera aside and says he is upset after high tea drama, so he brought song CD for her, she should learn dance and especially solo performance, should not disappoint him and mom. Silky walks in and asks what are love birds discussing, if this CD has romantic songs. Sumer showws. Silky says wow, it is my favorite singer’s song, she has a whole collection.. Sumer says his and Silky’s choices are same, he and Silky start conversing laughing. Dolly notices them and thinks why did Silky come between Sumer and Silky, she has to do something.

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