Anupamaa update Saturday 23 April 2022

Anupamaa 23 April 2022: The Episode starts with Vanraj celebrating with family. Kavya gets working. She checks for his call. She gets upset. She says he doesn’t care for me, why should I care. Meenu says I attended Kavya’s call on your phone, she said its urgent work. Vanraj says okay, I will see. Dolly stops him from going. Nihaal says my rakhi is the best, I know. Anupama thinks of Baa’s words. Nihaal likes the car toy rakhi. Baa asks who changed the rakhi. Samar says Sweety made it for Nihaal. Anupama smiles and hugs Pakhi. She talks to Bapu ji on call. He praises her values. She says you should have been here, I m very happy. She cries. Everyone sings and dances. Aaj rakhi….plays…. They celebrate raksha bandhan.

Baa taunts Bhavesh for giving less shagun. Nihaal says person’s love should be seen, not the price of the gift. Bhavesh stops him and asks him to say sorry. Meenu says its Baa’s mistake. Mama ji asks Baa to forget it. Everyone smiles. Jhilmil stands with a rakhi. Vanraj sees her and asks her to tie the rakhi to him. Jhilmil ties the rakhi to him. He gives her shagun. Dolly ties the rakhi to Anupama and does tika to her. Mama ji says we will do garba now. They all do Garba. Anupama thinks Vanraj is happy today, I became special since I m your wife, I m yours. She gets happy and dances with him. She goes to kitchen and smiles. Maa comes and asks her to share her joy. Anupama says my dreams are small like my small world, I just want everyone to be happy. Jhilmil comes. Anupama says I m happily crying.

Maa says you help Anupama a lot and share her emotional burden also, I don’t worry for her because of you, I got this for you, take this. Jhilmi takes it. Anupama gets called by Baa. She says Baa’s taunts also have love, go and sit, you will have food by my hands. Maa thinks I should have been a big heart than a big house when I got Anupama married. Vanraj hears Kavya’s voice message. She says Anirudh is coming tomorrow, I can just meet you today. Vanraj says by what right is he coming to stay. He calls Kavya. He turns and sees Samar. Samar asks him to come if he is done talking to his GF. Vanraj asks what. Samar says your work means your GF, sorry.

Baa taunting Anupama. Vanraj says I got a call from office. Samar talks to his friend on video call. He shows the step. Vanraj sees Samar. Anupama asks Samar to have food. Samar says I don’t know that girl’s name. Varun asks him to just her name and find out. He does the steps. Samar asks him to go. He thinks of the girl. Mama ji asks Pakhi to click their pic. Nihaal says I will click your pic with my camera. Baa says you have money for camera, not to give shagun to sister. Nihaal says we didn’t buy it, we got a gift. Baa asks who gifted it. A man comes and calls out Anupama. Baa says its Vanraj’s house. Vanraj leaves the food and goes to shout on the man. The man says I would have spoke politely, if you all didn’t cheat me, you bought items from my shop and didn’t pay money. Anupama asks what, I don’t even know you. The man shows Samar and says that guy bought the camera and made bill of your name. Baa sees Nihaal’s camera.

Anupama recalls Samar’s words. Vanraj shouts Samar. Samar sees that man.The man says you gave me EMI cheque and then didn’t come. Samar says there was some problem, you will get your money, go. The man says no, I want money. Samar thinks Vanraj shouldn’t know that mummy took the camera for Nihaal, I will get scolded and lie that it was for Varun. Anupama thinks I will get scolded, but not let him get scolded. The man throws the cheque. Vanraj checks Anupama’s sign on the cheque. He slaps Samar. Everyone gets shocked.Vanraj asks about the amount. The man says 15000. Vanraj asks for account number. Bhavesh says I will pay. Vanraj says let me handle it. He transfers the money and asks the man to get out. Anupama says its because of me, its my mistake, I thought to give money every month from my salary. Vanraj says it means you would have hidden this from me and paid every month.

He warns Samar that next time he will throw him out of the house. He scolds Anupama. Her family feels bad. Samar cries and thinks of Vanraj’s words. Sanjay says Vanraj loves the family, he gets angry some times. Samar says he is unfair towards mum, Baa and dad will scold mum a lot. Baa scolds Anupama and Bhavesh. Bhavesh says I will pay the money. Baa says you created this drama on the festive day. Anupama cries. Baa asks her to manage her house until she has time. Vanraj comes to meet Kavya. He asks her not to talk to Anirudh. She asks him to go to his family. Vanraj says I m already upset, I will book a hotel, tell Anirudh to stay there. She says you have the house keys, but Anirudh is the owner, he is still my husband, he is coming. She takes the keys from him.

He says either he will stay in hotel or you will stay in hotel, you both can’t stay together under the same roof. She says fine, I will tell him that I will stay at your house, I didn’t mean your bedroom, I will adjust in guest room, I don’t think I need to say something else, go to your family. Anupama tries to get the money from the grains boxes. She cries and says Samar got slapped, I couldn’t even hug him, where did he go. She blames herself and cries.

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