Anupamaa starlife update Thursday 21 September 2023

Anupamaa 21 September 2023: Devika tells Shahs that she doesn’t know where to find Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj walks in and says Anupama is fine. They all question where did he find her and why didn’t he bring her home. Vanraj says she didn’t want to come. Devika asks he left her alone just because she didn’t want to come. Vanraj asks if he should have lifted her and brought her home; they consider him as Anupama’senemy, but an enemy knows her better and knows where she could go than so called friends, etc. Bapuji breaks down again. Vanraj comforts him. Kavya asks where is Anuj then. Anuj comes in front of a taxi and forcefully gets into it while driver shouts is already booked. Passenger identifies Anuj and lets him travel with him. Car moves. Anupama passes by just behind Anuj’s car. Dam Lele Ghadi Bhar O Musafir.. song plays in the background.

Anupama reaches Kanta’s house and knocks the door. Kanta opens door and stands shocked seeing Anupama’s condition. Anupama hugs her and cries vigorously. Anuj wakes up on road and continues to walk holding his bag. Anupama tells Kanta that her house broke again, her little daughter left her, her Anuj left her, where shall she find him and bring him back, she feels afraid that Anuj will go far away and will never return at all. Anuj reaches Maaya’s house. Watchman doesn’t let him in and pushes him away. Anuj bumps on Maaya’s car. Maaya is shocked to see Anuj in such a condition and rfushes to him. Anupama gets a sense that Anuj is in trouble and prays god to protect Anuj. Maaya takes Anuj home and tries to comfort him. Anuj doesn’t react much. She recalls Anuj’s happier days with his Anupama and Little Anu.

Little Anu returns home and calls Anuj apapa . Anuj gets happy seeing her and pampers her. Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi.. song plays in the background. Little Anu asks why he looks sad and weak, if he is fine. Anuj says he is absolutely fine. Little Anu says she missed him and asks about Anupama. Anuj gets silent. Little Anu asks if mummy is playing hiding to give her a surprise and calls Anupama, she asks why mummy didn’t come to meet her. Anuj says her papa came to meet her though and hugs her. Anupama repeats wherever his Anuj is, he should be happy.

Hasmukh waits for Anupama’s call. Leela returns home and asks if they will not welcome her. Kavya hugs her and says she thought she will return home soon, she informs that Anuj left home. Leela says she knew this would happen, but didn’t know situation would worsen so much. She asks if they know where Anuj and Anupama are. Vanraj says no. Anupama does tandav nritya/dance recalling Anuj’s last words before leaving home. She then collapses. Kanta holds her and cries. She asks Anupama to stop thinking that Anuj left because of her, her problem is she thinks about other’s happiness and let Little Anu go, its her mistake that she gave sacrificial sanskars to Anupama and didn’t teach her to fight for herself, its a god’s mistake that he gives her sorrows in exchange of her sacrifice, its not only Anupama’s duty to handle all relationships alone, her mother is always there to support her and will fight for her, she will not let anything wrong happen to her. Bhavesh returns home. Kanta complains that Anuj did wrong to Anupama, asks him to call Anuj as she wants to confront him that if he loves her daughter, even she loves her daughter.

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