Lost in love update Thursday 21 September 2023

Lost in love 21 September 2023: Virat prepares himself with weapons in a commando style to fight the naxals. He silently walks towards naxals and instructs his plan to his team. Naxal head threatens cadets that all this drama is not to save them but to just show it to world, he just had a few requests which government didn’t fulfill, so they all should be ready to die. Aide says he will shoot them all with his one order. Head asks him to wait for some time and asks cadets if they are ready to die. One of the case notices Virat silently killing naxals outside. Virat throws a stone at the bus. Head sends aide to check. Virat kills aide and continues to throw stones at the bus. Head asks cadet to go out and check. Cadet walks out asking if someone’s there. Virat exchanges his uniform with cadet and shoots at the naxal head. Naxal head escapes and shoots back at Virat. Bullet hits Virat’s shoulder, and he collapses.

Pakhi feels sad recalling Virat leaving home to meet Sai and then news of his face-off with naxals. Ashwini walks to her and asks her to have hope on god as god will protect Virat. Pakhi hugs her emotionally. They both notice Savi playing with matchbox and warn her not to play with fire. Harini asks them not worry as she is monitoring Savi. Savi shows them notes for Bappa to protect his baba and says she will send them via Chinese lantern to Bappa. Pakhi says she will also help her. Karishma and Mohit join them and say even they will help her. They all fly lantern in sky.

Sai’s team’s ambulance breaks down on the way to naxal area. Sai asks his if they reached naxal area. Drivers says they are 3 km away. Sai asks him to repair ambulance soon. An officer calls Satya and asks if they reached naxal area. Satya says their ambulance broke down and they are 3 km away from the camp. Officer asks him to hurry up as many officers including a senior officer is severely injured. Sai asks senior officer’s name. Officer says DCP Virat Chavan. Sai feels drowsy hearing that and runs towards the area. Dr. Satya runs behind her. Sai continues to run throwing her footwear away and injuring her feet. She reaches police camp and asks officers about injured officer and Virat. Officers show her Virat’s tent. She runs towards it calling Virat. Virat comes out. She emotionally hugs him and asks if he is fine.

Virat says yes and recalls how he trapped naxal head Datta Konke, shot him, and rescued cadets. Sai asks what about blood on his shoulder. Virat says its a fake blood to fool Datta Konke. Sai continues to cry and says she was worried for him. Satya reaches with Sai’s footwear and says she run senselessly throwing her footwear away. Virat notices Sai’s feet bleeding and nurses them scolding her. Sai continues to look at him. Kaise Muje Tum Milgayi.. song plays in the background.

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