Destined by fate update Saturday 12 August 2023

Destined by fate 12 August 2023: Nakul tells Sayuri that he is hurt seeing Saroj’s rude behavior towards Sayuri and cares for her. Sayuri says she is so happy that Nakul is marrying Rashmi and asks him to never change. Kanha joins them and asks what are devar and bhabhi planning. Sayuri jokes that they are conspiring against Kanha. Kanha says he will take Rashmi on his side then. Sayuri says she will turn Rashmi on her side. Saroj hears their conversation and thinks she is getting Rashmi for her support and not Sayuri.

Sayuri laughs on jokes. Nakul gets Rashmi’s and says he got a friend’s call. Kanha sensing it asks him to speak in front of them. Nakul walks away feeling shy. Kanha gets romantic and hugs Sayuri. Sayuri says she needs to go. Kanha talks romantically and talks about supporting her always. He insists for a dance. She says there is no occasion to dance now. He says they don’t need any occasion to dance and dances with her on Kyunki Tum Hi Ho.. song.

Kanha with Sayuri then visits Sharmas and discusses about engagement arrangements. Nakul walks in. Kanha taunts him. Nakul says he came with Saroj here. Saroj walks in. Everyone are surprised to see her at Sharma house. Saroj calls boutique and jewelry shop owners and asks them show their best designs for Rashmi. Kanha asks why she is spending so much for engagement itself. Saroj excitedly says she has a lot of dreams for her children and since a few couldn’t fulfill her dream, looking at Sayuri, she wants to fulfill her dream in Rashmi and Nakul’s marriage.

Kanha thinks already business is in losses, Saroj is spending money at a wrong time. Saroj sends jewelry and boutique owners away asking Rashmi to select the designs and continues to show her fake excitement. Sayuri says she want to speak. Saroj thinks she is waiting for that since a long time. Sayuri says its not right to spend so much for engagement and wedding as expenses should be shared between both families and Sharmas cannot afford it. Saroj says she is not asking Sharmas to pay for the expenses. Sayuri expresses her views. Indu and Bhanu support Sayuri.

Saroj starts her drama that she is deeply hurt with their views, she just wants to see her children happy and has a lot of dreams for them; she has changed, but they don’t want to accept it. She continues her emotional blackmail and walks away smirking. Indu feels guilty for hurting Saroj’s feelings. Rashmi walks to Saroj and says her mother, sister, and grandmother didn’t mean to hurt her. Saroj says she can understand her mother and grandmother’s concern, but why is her sister bothered.


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