Anupama starlife update Sunday 13 August 2023

Anupama 13 August 2023: Kinjal asks Leela and Hasmukh to go and sleep as Samar is taking care of Toshu, then she will. Kavya walks in crying. Leela asks what happened to her. Anupama tells Anuj that maybe Barkha misunderstood, why would Maaya peep into their room. Anuj says maybe she is missing Little Anu and hence came in to see her. Anupama says possible. Anuj says they shouldn’t judge then. Maaya thinks let everyone think whatever they want to, she knows what she wants and will start mission Maaya from tomorrow. Everyone ask Kavya why is she crying. Kavya informs that Vanraj misbehaved with Mohit on set and Mohit kicked her out of job. She says she knows Toshu’s condition and she should have been at home, but work is also important. She tells Vanraj that he can see her makeup and phone calls, but he can’t see her keeping herself awake whole night for the shooting; she had already informed him about her late night shoot, even then he came there and created a drama; she changed herself completely for him, but he couldn’t change his attitude for a day.

She says she can’t expect anything from brainless Leela and hence expected from Vanraj, but he proved that he is Leela’s son; he should stop expecting her and Kinjal to be like Anupama as they can’t sacrifice like Anupama, even Anupama got tired and left their house; she wants to work peacefully. She complains Hasmukh that she lost a big project because of Vanraj; if its her mistake that she married a man who doesn’t trust her and thinks she goes for timepass at shooting. Hasmukh comforts her. Vanraj apologizes her. Kavya asks what is the use now. Leela shouts that everybody are bothered about themselves and nobody is bothered about Toshu. Kavya says Toshu is not her reponsibility. Rakhi says even its not Kinjal’s responsibility, they should be happy that Kinjal is staying with them even after Toshu’s infidelity and will not sacrifice her career for Toshu.

Vanraj asks them to stop and says it has just been a day since Toshu came home and nobody wants to take his responsibility. Kavya repeats that Toshu is not her responsibility and warns that she will continue to work and he can’t dare stop her. Rakhi says she will take Pari home as Shahs can’t handle Toshu, forget handling Pari. She asks Kinjal not to worry about Pari and concentrate on her work. Leela feels worried recalling Kavya and Rakhi’s words. Vanraj returns to his room and sees Kavya crying inconsalably.

Anuj expresses his love for Anupama and says he missed her a lot and will not let her go anywhere now. Door bell rings. Anuj opens door thinking who must have come early morning. Leela walks in crying and calling Anupama. Anupama hurriedly brings water for her and asks what happened. Vanraj walks in and tries to take Leela away saying Leela is just emotionally overwhelmed. Leela refuses to go without speaking to Anupama. Whole family gathers hearing Leela’s cries. Leela cries that her curse returned on herself and her family is shattering. Anupama asks what really happened. Leela says Toshu fell down from bed and broke his head; she had told Anupama that they don’t need her, but they need her now.

She falls on Anupama’s feet and pleads her to return to Shah house with her. Maaya grins seeing the drama. Leela continues her emotionally blackmail that Toshu is her son and its her responsibility to take care of him.

Vanraj says their house needs Anupama, but Anupama doesn’t need their house; they have to learn to handle their problems and shouldn’t trouble others. Leela then starts emotionally blackmailing Anuj. Barkha asks why can’t they hire a male nurse and why Leela always thinks separating Anuj and Anupama is the only solution. Leela says Anupama is Toshu’s mother. Ankusy says Anupama is a mother and not a doctor. Leela says whole world’s doctors can’t be equal to a mother and continues emotionally blacmailing Anupama. Barkha says this is emotional blackmail. Leela says whatever it is, its between her and Anupama and continues. Anupama asks Anuj if she shall go. Anuj looks at her. Anupama thinks she is a mother and can’t leave her son alone. Anuj thinks he and Little Anu need her more, if its really a serious issue, Vanraj would have called Anupama; why can’t Anupama be silent and let Vanraj handle Leela. He just says haaa haa.. Maaya grins hearing that. Barkha notices her facial expression. Leela asks Anupama to come now and let someone send her bags. Anupama says not bags, her daughter. Vanraj thanks Anuj for understanding their problem.

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