Anupama update Tuesday 23 August 2022

Anupama 23 August 2022: Anupama asks Vanraj shall they leave? They are late. Kavya says that she’s feeling bad for Anupama. She had waited for this day for so long, but now she is not able to see. Anupama and Vanraj start walking. Anupama recalls the time she had entered the house. Everyone is sad. Vanraj says in his mind, stop Anupama, there’s still time. But she doesn’t stop. Baa checks the time and says she did grah-pravesh exactly at this time. Anupama and Vanraj sit in a golf cart and leave from there. Baa and others cry. Baa says everything finished, she thought that the God will do some magic, but she lost that hope as well.

Vanraj and Anupama exit the golf cart. Vanraj gives car key to Anupama, but she tells him to drive so they can end the way they had started. They proceed toward the court. In car, Anupama looks at her mangalsutra. A couple on a bike comes near their car. They both look at the couple – how they are hugging. Vanraj drives away.Baa gets a video call from Bapuji. Baa is crying. Bapuji says she never liked Anupama and now when she’s leaving, she is crying. Baa asks him whether he’s not feeling bad, he liked Anupama so much. He says he’s feeling bad, but you don’t get everything in life. People get such bahu with so much difficulty, they were lucky to have her for 25 years. They say good time, now they will face bad time too. He further tells her that she has her son, grand-children. Anupama is going to lose everyone and still she is staying strong. He advises her to stay strong.

Anupama receives a call from her lawyer. She informs him that they have left and will reach on time. She confirms that divorce will be done today, right? The lawyer tells her just to reach on time and tell the judge that they want divorce. After the call, she tells Vanraj that it’s the first time she’s seeing him drive so slow. He says and he didn’t see her hurrying so much. She asks him to drive faster. In mid-way, she reminds him that it’s the same road where they drove first time to a temple. He says and today, they are ending on the same road.Baa blames Kavya for Anupama’s departure and asks she will let them meet her after she comes in the house, right? She requests Kavya not do anything now that will separate Anupama more from them. Kavya says that she is not a villain like Baa thinks. She just wants her happiness. Baa says there was a time she didn’t like Anupama, but today she’s crying for her. No one can replace Anupama. She can come in Vanraj’s life in place of Anupama, but she won’t be able to replace Anupama. She can make space for herself, but she will have to work hard for it. Everything will be destroyed after Anupama’s departure, and it will be her responsibility to take care of everything. It’s easy to snatch something, but hard to earn.

Baa leaves. Kavya is confident that she will handle everything and hopes that the divorce is done today. Baa comes in the house. Toshu and others stare at her. Baa says that she didn’t go to fight, she just went to tell Kavya that by marrying Vanraj, she can become this house’s bahu, but she won’t be able to become Anupama.Kavya is restless. Nandini comes to her and tells her to eat something now. Anupama and Vanraj have gone for the divorce, why is she still worried? Kavya says that the divorce is not done yet. Nandini tells her to relax. Kavya says she can’t because she doesn’t have faith in her destiny.

A bike comes very close to Vanraj’s car. He makes a sharp turn and escapes the accident. He tells Anupama that for a second, he felt it would be good if accident had happened. She tells him not to do an accident purposely. He says he’s not that fool. She says that he’s still a fool. They argue on it. He tells her that if she was that understanding, then she would have understood what he’s trying to make her understand since last few days. She says he’s using the wrong way. He says she’s stubborn. She says if she’s stubborn, then he’s a khadus. He stops the car and they continue arguing. He says why they are arguing. Policemen come and say love increases by fighting, but is it their age to fight? Vanraj says that they weren’t fighting. Policeman tells them to go home and do whatever they want. Vanraj drives. Vanraj and Anupama laugh recalling how policemen called them tota-maina (love birds). She says no one called them that when they were newly married and saying now when they are going for divorce. She further says it’s so strange, normally people are crying when going for divorce, and they are laughing. Vanraj says they are lucky that they got this moment in such time.

Vanraj apologizes Anu for scolding him on the first day after marriage and reminds all the incidents. Anu reminisces all the incidents and shuts his mouth. He says he is 1000 times sorry for his 100 mistakes and 1 lakh times sorry for his 1000 times. Anu says she forgives him for all his mistakes. Advaith seeing Samar sad tries to cheer him up in his style. Samar smiles. Adi says they shouldn’t let sadness in their life again. Samar says he knows, but. Adi says he thinks he couldn’t do much for his parents. Samar says he should have stopped them or followed them, but.. Adi says children hold parent’s hands till they grow up and then draw their hands back as they love their independence, samething is happening with his parents and they want to draw their hands back from their children as it’s their last day as parents and they need privacy. Samar agrees and seeing him worried asks reason. Adi says Anu’s final reports will come today and he is nervous, he jokes with him again and laughs.

Anu learns to say sorry and says let us move ahead now. Vanraj drives car again. Adi plays bansuri in resort. Anu and Vanraj reach court. He holds her hand and she withdraws it. Alvida.. song plays in the background. Wathcman stops them and says they should reach court 15 minutes before. Anu says it’s 8:46 a.m. and they are just 1 minute late. Watchman yells to go and stand aside and gets busy with others. Anu requests to let them in, and he yells again. Vanraj warns to behave with wife. Lawyer calls and asks to come fast as they need to make entry or else divorce will not happen today. Once watchman’s attention diverts, they both walk in and meet lawyer. Lawyer thanks god that they reached on time and asks them to sit. They both sit nervously reminisces the quality time spent together. Alvida… song plays in the background again. Lawyer calls them.

Baa asks family they should think what will happen after divorce. Anu and Vanraj walk into judge’s room. Lawyer asks them not to be nervous and sends them to judge. Judge checks their papers and asks if they want divorce. They both nod yes. He asks if they both agree. They nod yes again. Judge says its written that she doesn’t need money, property, or alimony from him, if she agreed under pressure. She says no.He asks them both to sign on divorce papers and offers pen to Vanraj. Vanraj holds pen with shivering hands and drops it down remembering their happy moments again.

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