Anupama update Monday 22 August 2022

Anupama 22 August 2022: Anupama with family enjoys watching family’s celebration videos. Toshu seeing Rakhi’s video asks Samar to forward it as mom has changed for good now. Baa tells Anu that she knows she will do whatever she wishes, but she should understand that woman cannot fight against society; she is not going to America but after 2 lanes after divorce; people will taunt her as divorcee; they cannot change society’s thinking; they look at panchang and fix wedding since ages and since ages only woman is blamed. Anu says she knows how she has to suffer. Anu says one cannot bear continuous taunts like even a mountain cannot bear continuous drop of water on it and it breaks down, society doesn’t care for anyone. Anu says why should she bother about the society then, its a difficult path and she will walk on it. Baa says everyone like women who talk big but in other’s houses, but for their own house everyone want Anu kinda woman.

Anu asks if she is stopping her because of that. Baa says as if she will stay back on her order. Anu says she will if she could. Family continues enjoying videos and falls asleep except Anu.Anu cries, drapes blankets on them, and thinks this is her family and she won’t be part of her own family from tomorrow. She thinks this house is a replica of her house and she finds it difficult to leave it; it would have been good if Kinjal, Mamaji, and Bapuji would have been here, but its okay as other family members are with her now. She sleeps holding Pakhi and Baa’s hands and then looks at her and Vanraj’s video on screen. Mera Kuch Saman Tumhare Paas Pada Hai.. song plays in the background. She reminisces the quality time spent with him, him ignoring her for Kavya, cheating her, filing for divorce, etc.

Vanraj walks to her and asks to come along. She walks behind him and asks if he is fine. He says let us rethink about their decision. She tries to leave. He holds her hand and says a man who ever bent in front of anyone is bending in front of her and requests to change her decision, accepts that he made a big mistake and betrayed her, its hurting him a lot, he spent 25 years with him and cannot leave her in this situation, she should think about her children at least, Samar and Nandini have engagement tomorrow and will they be able to celebrate it under so much stress, Pakhi came out of depression just now and her mental condition will worsen with their divorce. He continues that how will she manage her treatment, how will she take care of her mother and brother’s expenses if she has to leave her job, even if she manages like usual, she has a support system in Toshu, Kinjal, and him; what is the use of self-respect which separates her from her family; he will give her divorce later once she gets well completely; she shouldn’t take any decision in haste as it will affect their family and children’s life and should change it for their sake. He kneels down and pleads not to go to court tomorrow and accept his request one last time. He cries hugging her and continues pleading. Anu stands speechless.

In the morning, Anu performs pooja. Whole family joins, he and Vanraj perform aarti togetehr. Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks they don’t seem to take divorce, but then thinks Anu will not back off from her promise for sure. She rushes towards their cottage. Anu and Vanraj show aarti to everyone and take Baa’s blessings. Kavya walks to Anu and showing her wrist thread asks if she broke her promise. Anu breaks thread and goes into flashback where Vanraj pleading her not to take divorce in this situation as its difficult for her to go away from family and even he cannot manage family without her; if she goes to her mother’s house with her illness, her mother and brother will think they kept her till she was working and sent her to them when she fell ill; she took care of family for years and now its their turn. Anu also cries loudly hugging him. Put of flashback, Baa asks Anu which promise maide ki katori Kavya is talking about. Vanraj says that he and Anu decided last night that they will not take divorce for now. Family gets happy hearing that.

Kavya asks Anu if V is speaking truth. Anu asks her to calm down and tells Vanraj that last night Vanraj spoke and she just listened, her silence didn’t mean yes; she broke Kavya’s thread as her promise will be fulfiled today. Vanraj stands shocked hearing that while Kavya gets happy.Anupama tells that Vanraj he is remembering his family when relationship is breaking, but didn’t when he broke the relationship. She says he shouldn’t worry about his children as they are grown up; he need not bother about what her maika people’s opinion as daughter is belongs to other’s house but not her sorrows; he cannot decide everything; everyone thinks she is doing mistake; when husband has returned and is apologizing, she should apologize, Baa and Dolly think same; breaking a relationship is life’s biggest disaster, but living in a relationship without love is a much bigger disaster than that; when they are feeling so bad, they should imagine how bad she is feeling; nothing belongs to a women in her life, house belongs to MIL, happiness belongs to children, and dreams belong to husband; even if a woman wants to, she cannot lead her own life and if she wants to, people try to make her realize that she is making a big sin; they want her to forgive her husband and become a devi, but she cannot; she tried to forgive his ignorance, insult, betrayal; she tried a lot even yesterday, but she cannot; the moment she saw him and Kavya on her bed, she died 1000 deaths that moment and is unable to forget it. She continues that if she will stay with Vanraj, her whole life will be locked in that moment and she will die each moment; if Baa wants her to die each moment, she should tell her to stop the divorce. Baa doesn’t reply anything. Anu says its 6 a.m. and they will leave for court.

Kavya tells Vanraj that he is lucky that she loves him immensely, any other girl wouldn’t have seen even his face after so much happened; she killed her self-respect for him 1000 times and is doing same even now; if he does a mistake again, he will repent; she is a second woman and Anu’s enemy, even then Anu fulfilled her promise made to her enemy; he shouldn’t try to evade divorce today as she loves him immense and can hate him similarly. She returns to her cottage and informs Anirudh that Anu and Vanraj are leaving for their divorce finalization today and she is informing him about it so that even he gets ready to divorce her. She happily thinks her hope used to break always since years, but finally today whatever she wished is happening.

Baa cries vigorously and tells children that she built a hope seeing Vanraj and Anu performing aarti together. Dolly asks her to stop crying as nothing will change. Samar says it shouldn’t as if mummy is thinking its right, then its right. Baa cries that his mummy is the only right person in the world. Toshu says till today someone else took mummy’s life’s decisions, this is the first decision she took by herself and he thinks they all should support her. Dolly says they cannot forget that what bhai did was utter wrong and he broke Bhabhi’s heart repeatedly, she will respect bhabhi’s decision. Toshu says if they cannot lessen mummy’s pain, they should at least support her. Baa says her heart doesn’t listens and prays god to give strength to Vanraj and Anu as post-divorce life is very difficult.

Anu sees her old Sari in her bag and thinks Baa kept it by mistake, its Vanraj’s first gift for her. Vanraj picks his shirt reminiscing ordering Anu that only she should wash his clothes, her telling they will leave for court at 7 a.m. Anu wears sari and reminiscing Vanraj gifting that sari and she saying its his first gift and she wil wear it on a special occasion. They both walk out of their rooms. Her sari pallu gets stuck in his watch and she pulls it out. Manake Hum Yaar plays in the background. He keeps her broken sari piece. Anu prepares breakfast tea and feels dizzy, she serves it to Vanraj and then serves breakfast to Pakhi and asks Vanraj if they can leave now. Samar asks if they can accompany her. She says no, only she and Vanraj will go. Baa says they are going together but to separate. Anu touches her feet, and she cries vigorously hugging Anu. Anu cheers her up and gives her binocular. She then prays god and consoles Pakhi and signals Vanraj to leave now. He stands up. She collapses. Family rushes to her concerned, Vanraj asks Samar to call Dr. Adi. Samar calls Adi. Vanraj scolds Anu that she always does whatever she likes. Baa says he can scold her later. He says he won’t be having right on her later. They rush her to her bed. Anu opens eyes. Samar brings Dr. Adi’s assistance who checks and informs that her BP shot up due to stress and she will be fine in 5 minutes. Anu consumes juice. He asks how is she feeling now. She says better. He says sometimes it happens due to stress and weakness, she need not worry and once Dr. Adi returns, she can consult him.

Vanraj asks her to rest, but she stands up and walks away forcefully. He stops her and scolds her that she is so adamant to go away from his life that she is risking her life. Samar says he cannot scold mummy. Vanraj shouts if he cannot see Anu’s condition and tells Anu though she hates him so much and wants divorce immediately, she should wait for sometime till she recovers. Anu says why should she stop when she is fine. Baa scolds her that doctor came just like that. Anu asks why didn’t she stop Toshu when he had exam and was having fever. Baa says how could Toshu miss his exam. Anu says even its her exam and she doesn’t want to miss it. Dolly asks what if something happens to her on the way.Anu says Vanraj is her husband one way and will take care of her; when she hasn’t stopped doing other chores, why should she stop walking; she is ready for court now. Vanraj asks what if she stumbles again. She says he wanted to support her.

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