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Anupama 27 September 2022: Anupama walks out of Shah House. Baghon Ke Har Phool Ko Apna Samjhe Baghbaan… song plays in the background. She recalls the time spent there. Kavya cries hugging her and says whenever she needs a friend, she should remember she is always there for her. Rakhi thinks children have become enemy and sautan has become a friend. Anupama cries hugging Hasmukh. Hasmukh offers her taramind candy, then gives her hand in Anuj’s hand, and blesses her to be always happy with Anuj. Anuj takes Anupama and Little Anu with him. Hasmukh cries waving them bye. They reach home. Anupama says she wants to be in car for some time. Anuj nods yes. Little Anu offers her water bottle and walks in with Anuj.

Anupama 26 September 2022

Anupama feels distress recalling Pakhi, Toshu, Vanraj, and Leela’s bitter words. Barkha gets upset when she learns from Ankush that Anuj is going to make some announcement. Anuj walks in with Little Anu. Sara asks about Anupama and pampers Little Anu. Anuj asks Sara to prepare him some coffee till he freshens up and informs family that he really wants to make an announcement.Rakhi asks Shahs if she can get some black coffee. Kinjal asks her to stop her drama. Rakhi says she will have coffee at her home then and leaves saying she will return tomorrow with her bags to stay at Shah House till Kinjal’s delivery. Hasmukh says people send devi from their house happily requesting her to return next month, but his family insulted devi and asked her to never return again; he should have died before seeing his daughter being humiliated and kicked out of the house by his family; he prays god to kill him right now. Leela asks why is he saying that.

Kavya offers him water and says Anupama would feel bad if something happens to him. He drinks water. He tongue lashes Pakhi and Toshu for misbehaving with their mother and says they can never live in peace even for a day without mother’s help. Hasmukh tells Vanraj and Toshu that they will never get a job when they insult a laxmi often, he will never forgive them for their act and they all will repent their whole lives for their heinous act.Anupama continues to feel distress and walks inside home. She notices a happy Santa toy in her room and opens it to find Little Anu’s note to calm down and come out as she and Anuj are waiting for her. She walks to them smiling. Little Anu cheers up saying mummy is happy. Anupama says its because she got a happy santa toy from someone. Little Anu asks her to visit her light tent if she is happy. They all 3 spent quality time together cheering each other.

Vanraj tries to check Hasmukh’s BP. Hasmukh warns him to dare not touch him. Vanraj says they are concerned about him. Hasmukh says he doesn’t mind dying and asks how could he allow Pakhi insult Anupama when Anupama never let anyone insult him. He asks if he would watch silently if someone insults his mother. Kavya asks why didn’t Vanraj slap arrogant and shameless Pakhi.Kinjal tongue lashes Pakhi and Toshu for disrespecting Anupama. She says she and Kavya understood value of Anupama being her DIL and sautan, when will Pakhi and Toshu understand her value being her children. Kavya says never as they both are selfish. She says she never such a selfish, pathetic, useless, arrogant child like Pakhi and says she doubts if Pakhi is really Anupama’s daughter; asks when little Anu being Anupama’s adopted daughter understands her, its a shame on Pakhi who is Anupama’s biological daughter. Kinjal asks if she is feeling bad now, she should realize how Anupama must be feeling when her own daughter kicked her out of her own house. Kavya asks Pakhi she was shouting to get out of her house, its Anupama and Anuj’s kindness that they didn’t kick whole family out of their house.

Kinjal says they repeat same mistakes and every mistake is not forgivable. Kavya says still she should apologize Anupama and maybe as a mother Anupama may forgive her. Pakhi walks towards her room. Kavya says she is so arrogant and relentless that she doesn’t even want to listen to elder’s advice. Pakhi leaves. Kavya then starts tongue lashing Vanraj.Anupama and Anuj spend quality time with Little Anu. Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai.. song plays in the background. Pakhi feels remorseful for her heinous act and breaks down. She hits her head to a bed and calls mummy, recalls Kavya’s words that she will remember her mummy whenever she is in trouble and herself insulting Anupama. Vanraj in his usual arrogant tone asks Kavya what she want to say now. Kavya says she loves him and his whole family including shameless Pakhi and Toshu, she always wished she would have been like Anupama, but now feels glad that she is not too good like Anupama. She tongue lashes Vanraj that he would never be thankful to Anupama’s sacrifice and even if she is about to die serving them, he would ask her to go to her pala, Toshu would ask her to die after 2 years after taking care of his baby, Pakhi will feel ashamed by the way Anupama is dying. She says Vanraj, Toshu, Pakhi, and Leela are no one’s dear ones and very greedy and selfish; she would never tolerate Leela or anyone’s taunt regarding her look and lifestyle and wold give them a befitting reply as she is Kavya and not Anupama. She says Anupama has her husband and wife and must have forgotten the insult and sharing happiness with them, but Shahs won’t be happy at all.

Pakhi imagines Anupama comforting her and saying though she did wrong, she would always support her. Pakhi falls down and realizes she was imagining her. Anupama looks at rakhi and recalls all the bitter words by Shah family. Anuj tells Anupama that he didn’t say anything yesterday as they were her family or else he would have burnt their worlds for insulting her. He asks how can a mother tolerate so much hatred, he would have died even if his daughter says I hate you. He says her respect is his responsibility and he will not let her visit Shah house again, he is taking this decision on her behalf not because he is her husband but because it would be difficult for her to take this decision, he wants all the blame on himself so that nobody blames her. Anupama says she wouldn’t go to the place where he feels hurt and Little Anu gets tears. Anuj says she should go whenever there is some emergency. Anupama says she would definitely go if the call her. Sara walks in. Little Anu asks her how can Anupama be her idol. Sara explains whom they like to follow are their idols and she follows Anupama.

Vanraj walks to Pakhi and sees her crying. Pakhi say she feels remorseful for her heinous act, asks why didn’t he stop her when she insulted Anupama; she insulted even Hasmukh, Kinjal, and Anuj, but Vanraj didn’t stop her at all. She continues to cry and says tomorrow is Rakhi festival, buddy will not let her visit them. Vanraj asks her to get habituated to celebrate festivals without his mother as their worlds are different. Pakhi says they have created this difference, she wants to meet Anupama and apologize her. Vanraj thinks he doesn’t want Kapadias to visit Shah house again, says there is no need to visit Kapadia house or apologize Anupama.

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