Love by chance update Monday 26 September 2022

Love by Chance 26 September 2022: The Episode starts with Gungun complaining about Anu. Riddhesh says he called to say sorry. Gungun says he has no manners, he did wrong, he ruined my party, I won’t let my today’s party get ruined. He says good thought. He hugs her and wishes her happy birthday. Garima also hugs her. Ankit and Khushi come home. They meet everyone. Everyone hugs Khushi and gets emotional. Charu says Gungun had come in your marriage, its her birthday today. Ankit says Riddhesh helped us a lot on that night. Goli teases him. Chandru comes and hugs Khushi. They cry. Khushi asks did everyone like the gifts. Sunanda says yes, thank your Sasumaa.

They all pamper Khushi and Ankit. Chandru happily cries. He says you will understand a father’s pain when Chavi gets married. Golu says I didn’t differentiate between Khushi and Chavi, I also miss her, don’t cry now. They smile. Sargam comes and hugs Khushi. She feeds prasad to Khushi and Ankit. Khushi is happy. Sargam cries happily. Khushi says mummy ji is really nice, I was thinking of second bidaai when I was coming here, mummy ji was crying. Sargam says you are so lovely. Anu jokes. He says have food, I have to go for my work at the university. Sunanda asks him to have food and go. Anu says Ankit’s mum fed me a lot, I can’t eat anything now. Golu says then have food in the evening. Yug says come on time. Neeti says we have to go in the birthday. They all tease Anu. Riddhesh and Garima arrange the party at home. He says I hope Maya doesn’t call her today, else Gungun will get disturbed. He says I m waiting for special guests, please wait. Charu and family come. Golu says Goli has also come. Golu jokes. Garima says thanks for coming with the family. Chandru asks shall I sing. They all stop him. Anu comes after them. Gungun comes downstairs. Riddhesh asks them to come in. Gungun thinks why did Anu stand there, I don’t need boring people in my party.

Anu says its waste of money. Yug says then no one can plan a function this way, come. Anu refuses. Gungun likes the cake. She cuts the cake. Everyone sings for her. She hugs Sargam and praises her. She says she fed me paneer kofta. Sargam says Gungun is lovely like a little kid. Garima says I m always after her, you take her and feed her with your hands daily. Sargam asks why not. Gungun meets everyone and gets wishes. Charu says we met before in the wedding, happy birthday. Gungun asks Chandru to sing a song on her birthday. Chandru says I will sing four songs. Gungun says sorry, I didn’t stop that day, Anu had insulted me a lot, so I had come home. Chandru says we got Anu scolded by Charu. Gungun says really, you are the best. She says Anu insulted me, he has called me and said sorry. Golu says he would have called on his own. Gungun says Anu has a big ego. Neeti says end the matter today, he is your guest. Gungun says no, you all are sweet, he is bitter, I decided what to do with him today, I will ignore him today. Anu hears her.

Golu saying you will get affected if ignored. Anu asks him to stop it. Riddhesh asks everyone to sit. He asks Garima to get cake for everyone. He says Khushi came to our house for the first time. Sunanda says we didn’t know your house had much sorrow. He laughs and says I was talking about Khushi. He blesses Ankit and Khushi. He asks them to go on long drive now. They smile. Ankit says you can tell us anything, I knew you will come here, I m glad, where is Anubhav. Gungun asks him to talk to family. Yug says go Anu. Riddhesh asks Anu to come. Anu says sorry, I have to attend the call. He goes. Chandru says birthday cake happens because of cake, guests and singing. Riddhesh says we will always remember the day if you sing. Charu says the memories won’t be sweet. Chandru says let me sing for Gungun’s birthday.Khushi says no. Ankit asks Chandru to sing. Gungun says encourage him to sing. Chandru says I will sing now. Goli jokes on Chandru’s singing. Garima says please sing, I will get the cake. Riddhesh says if Anu comes, then it will be good, we will start singing with him, he sang so well in the marriage. Garima says yes, Anu sings well and Chandru also. Riddhesh asks Anu to sing a song for them. Gungun gets the cake.

Ankit asks Golu what’s happening. Golu says we will tell you everything, its mission love. Khushi asks what did you say. Golu says no. She says I want to involve in this secret matter. He says you are young. She says Ankit is also my age, why did you involve him. Goli asks Khushi to come. Golu says Ankit, we are trying to unite Gungun and Anu. Ankit says I understood. Golu says you are smart. Yug says Anu is Sadu. Ankit says no, he is simple. Golu says don’t know what we lacked in the upbringing. Gungun says Charu is the eldest, he will get the cake first. Charu wishes. Gungun gives the cake to everyone. Goli says this gift is for you from all of us.Gungun sees the beautiful bracelet. She says so pretty, wow, thanks, I liked it. Sargam says keep this safe, I got sweet butter for you. Gungun hugs her and says this is my best gift. Sunanda says we made this at home. Gungun says the best gift is one that makes us happy, not the expensive one. Garima asks Gungun to give cake to Anu.

Gungun says you give it. Riddhesh signs Gungun. Gungun goes to give the cake to Anu. He refuses. Golu asks Anu not to refuse. Riddhesh asks Gungun to give it nicely. Gungun says I can’t feed him forcibly. He says politely, please. Gungun asks Anu to have the cake. Everyone smiles. Riddhesh asks Anu to take the cake. Anu takes it and thanks. She says he should thank me. Riddhesh says yes. Anu says thank you. She goes. She asks Riddhesh to have it. Chandru says everyone had the cake, now shall I sing. Golu says no, when Gungun comes home, you sing for her that time. Gungun asks him to sing. Riddhesh says Anu will sing. Anu says I can’t sing today. Riddhesh says sing any simple song. Garima says sing. Anu sings Kabhi kabhi ittefaaq se…. Sunanda praises him. Anu thinks Gungun was staring at me, now she is making a face. Riddhesh says I wanted to talk to you all. Gungun says maybe my friends are calling, I will go out and come. She goes. Golu says I have seen your garden, its beautiful, we will go and come. He takes Anu there. All the young team goes out. Goli says I love kids a lot.

Chandru asks shall I sing now. She says your audience isn’t here, sing later. He says. Charu says your house is beautiful. Sunanda says yes, it looks new. Garima says Riddhesh and Gungun stay outside all day, I handle this alone, I will feel lonely after her marriage. Riddhesh says I wanted to talk about Gungun. Chandru says she is a nice girl. Goli says keep sending her to our family, she will like it, and we will also like it. Chandru jokes. Riddhesh says I wanted to say something else. Sunanda says we will come whenever you want. Sargam says Chavi and Gungun can spend time. Charu says let Riddhesh say. Riddhesh says I have just one daughter, Gungun, she is sweet and clean hearted, she has everything in her life, not a big family, she wants a good family, you want a bahu for your son, can Gungun become your bahu, can she become a permanent part of your family. They all get shocked.

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