Anupama update Friday 9 September 2022

Anupama 9 September 2022: Anu warns Geeta to behave with Baa. Geeta says as if Baa spills sugar from her mouth. Anu says she is lying in the hall, how will Bapuji feel when he sees this, she should go and sleep in lawn on cot. Geeta asks if its her mistake if her madam didn’t inform her about it. Anu says its not her mistake and she should go and sleep in lawn now. Geeta agrees, but sleeps back again. Baa rings bell near her ears and asks her to get up. Geeta shouts to stop pestering her. Family gathers hearing her shouting. Baa asks maide ki katori Kavya to control her maid. Geeta complains that Baa and Anu pester her a lot, she will leave the job if they continue, they insult her as she is poor. Anu warns not to take an excuse of poverty as she is also from a poor family, they get poverty by fate but develop arrogance themselves like she has developed.

Kavya asks Geeta who misbehaved with her. Geeta says her MIL and old bahu always trouble her and not even letting her to sleep. Kavya yells at Anu that when she cannot afford a maid, why is she troubling her maid. Anu says she doesn’t want to fight with her, Geeta was sleeping in the middle of hall and Baa asked her to sleep in lawn, but Geeta misbehaved with Baa. Kavya yells she purposefully is forcing her maid to leave her job as she wants her to work like a maid like her. Toshu and Samar warn her to behave with their mummy. Kavya yells that everyone are troubling her. Anu says nobody is troubling her, she is acting as if she went into one way route and complaining that all vehicles are coming opposite to her, and if she walks with everyone, everyone will be with her.

Kavya yells that Anu is staying in her husband’s husband and disturbing her. Bapuji says Anu is staying in her own house and if she cannot understand this, what is the use of her studies; she is this house’s bahu and should be one. Kavya yells that even Bapuji is speaking unnecessarily, all the problem is because of Anu, Anu may trap Vanraj in her buttery talks, but she will not. Anu says nobody has problem with her maid, but she should understand that nobody misbehaves with Baa like Geeta did and she should ajust like everyone. Kavya says she doesn’t tolerate or speak wrong. Anu says nobody should, what wrong did Baa speak to her. Geeta stands nervously. Anu asks what is wrong if Baa asked her to sleep in lawn as Bapuji will come to hall in sometime, what is wrong if Baa asked her to use washing powder in moderation and save money; she, herself, Kinjal, Kavya are all working women and saving money is not wrong; they should respect their hard earned money.

Kavya yells she is giving lecture for just 5 rs washing powder and asks Baa to take Anu in. Baa says she should take her maid in who is misbehaving continuously. Geeta complains that she cannot tolerate her insult. Baa says she set the fire here. Kavya yells that Baa and Anu will conspire against her and get her divorced. Vanraj warns her to stop. Kavya yells he knows what are they up to. Vanraj says she knows his family respects their space and cannot tolerate an outsider, but she doesn’t want to adjust at all; when she has brought her maid, her maid’s behavior is her responsibility, but his parents are tolerating her maid 24 hours; its neither Geeta, Anu, or his parent’s mistakes, but its her mistake. Kavya cries that everyone insult her as she is an orphan, Baa would have forgiven her mistaken, but she is hell bent to insult her maid.

Vanraj sends Geeta in and asks Kavya if its good to discuss their issues in front of outsiders, Geeta is not respecting his parents thinking Kavya also doesn’t and actually that is happening. Kavya says she didn’t ask Geeta to fight. Anu says Geeta will do what she does as she knows that she brought her here and is giving her salary and will listen to only her, nobody has problem with it, but someone has to take a responsibility if someone is staying in their house, she will kick Geeta out of house if Geeta misbehaves with Baa. Kavya asks if she will kick her maid out of house. Anu warns that whoever misbehaves with Baa and Bapuji, she will kick them out, whether they are maid or boss; she should teach her maid to behave and not discuss family issues with outsiders.

Kavya yells she doesn’t have to hear it from an outsider as Anu is an outsider who is creating problems between her and her husband; she is a lying, pathetic and cunning woman. Anu asks her to explain it in Hindi; she should calmly think if children and Vanraj will insult her like she and her maid insulted them, it is call patience. Kavya shouts if children, Baa, or Bapuji have any problem with her maid, they should keep their mouth shut. Anu warns her to shut up and tells Vanraj that if this house belongs to him and his wife, it belongs to even her, she tried to explain his wife but his wife is arrogant and stubborn and misbehaved with Baa and Bapuji, so she has decided that Geeta will not stay in this house.

Kavya shouts how dare she is to say this. Anu shouts how dare she is to misbehave with Baa and Bapuji, she should keep a family as family and not a drama.Kavya asks Vanraj to speak. Vanraj says if she cannot handle her maid, she doesn’t have any right to keep her in this house. Kavya yells everyone has a right to speak in this house except her. Samar says its a question of behavior and not right here. Kavya yells when a bahu works like a servant here, what is the use of maid here; Anu was a maid, Kinjal has joined her, and now they want even her to become a maid. Vanraj says everyone want same; when man brings groceries home or do minor chores, does he become a servant, and if that is not true, will she become a maid if she prepares tea or food for her husband; if she thinks so, that is what will happen, and she will prepare food for him; when Kinjal being her boss can do all this, why can’t she do it as a junior employee; hence his beloved wife and life will do the same and not only Anu, even he wants to send her maid out of house and until Jhilmil returns, Kavya will cook for them.

Geeta says she herself will leave the job as she has many job offers and needs her 1 month salary right now. Kavya yells if she needs whole month salary just to make 2 sandwiches and 1 cup tea. Geeta says she insulted them that they cannot afford a maid, but truth is she herself cannot afford a maid. Kavya shouts she will file a case against her and her agency and will ruin them. Geeta asks Baa how can she have such an arrogant bahu, Anu madam is better than Kavya who explained her and never insulted her and compared her with herself, Kinjal, and Baa, but Kavya always yells. Kavya asks V if she does that. Geeta says she is doing same. Kavya yells shut up. Geeta shouts you shut up. Vanraj stops her, gives her 1 month salary, and asks to leave today itself.

Kavya blames Anu for creating rift between her and her husband just in a week. Anu replies that even she became a bahu just a week ago and showed so much drama in this house, she dreamt of becoming this house’s bahu and Mr. Shah’s wife since 9 years, now she has family, husband, job, etc., and should thank god instead of showing hatred always. Kavya she understands her plan of proving her as a bad bahu and wife, but she will prove her wrong by doing all this. Anu hopes god helps her and wishes her best of luck. Kavya yells not to act sweet and behave like enemy. Anu says if she has enmity in mind, she will see everyone as enemy, like thinking like vision. Everyone walk away.

Kavya reminisces Anu saying this is also her house, thinks knows why Anu is staying back even after divorce, she will kick her out of house and family like V did once.Anupama walks to Geeta. Geeta packing her bag says if she also wants to vent out her anger on her. Anu says she can either be wrong or a victim and can’t be both, she also knows that the issue was not that big and if she sets a fire where she stays and work, even her hands will burn; she will get respect if she gives respects; anyways wherever she will go to stay should maintain love and prosperity, then everyone will say Geeta is a maid but true at heart. Geeta returns salary keeping 1 day’s salary. Anu says she didn’t ask money. Geeta says she will feel good and says she would be happy if she can work for her some day. Anu agrees.

She returns money to Kavya saying Geeta kept 1 day’s salary and returned the rest. Kavya taunts that she couldn’t see her ex-husband’s hard earned money being wasted. Anu says she thinks too high, she should be happy and let others also be happy. Kavya thinks she is trying to act as her saas when she is no more a bahu.Baa feeling severe headache thinks if its possible, she would have exchanged maide ki katori with a few utensils, maide ki katori ruined her son’s first day of job. Anu asks if she is having headache, she will bring her tea and then massage her head. Baa asks to add poison instead of ginger. Anu asks her to let it go, they will not interfere in Kavya and Vanraj’s issues again.

Baa says she is here since 25 years and never created any issue, but since maide ki katori’s reverse steps fell in this house, this house became a battlefield. Anu says its not because of Kavya, but her staying in this house; Baa should realize that no woman will tolerate other woman staying in her house and whole family supporting her instead. Baa asks to stop blaming herself. Anu asks her to think like Kavya’s saas and not my mother, she and Kavya are different and cannot become like each other, so Baa shouldn’t accept same from Kavya; if she wants her son to suffer between his wife and mother; she should adjust at least for her son’s sake. Baa agrees. Anu presses her head. Baa asks to press her throat instead.

Anu says she would have as a bahu, but can’t as a daughter. Baa laughs. Anu says she cannot live without Baa. Baa asks her to bring tea and get ready for college soon.Kavya hearing their conversation hiding thinks Anu knows to butter people. She returns to room and complains Vanraj that she found a maid and Anu kicked her maid out. He asks her to stop yelling as keeping maid is easy and very difficult to maintain her; she shouldn’t compete Anu in arguments but in serving Baa and Bapuji. Kavya thinks Geeta told right that she needs to win husband to win this battle. Vanraj says she thinks she is working hard to prove herself as a good bahu, but it takes time to turn perception into reality, so she shouldn’t accept results overnight as Anu also took time to win Baa’s heart.

She hugs him and wishes all the best. He says thanks and leaves without hugging back. She thinks its very difficult to keep this man happy and rushes to get ready for office.Baa feeds sweet curd to Vanraj. Bapuji asks him to work hard. Baa says bad time arrives for a short period in a hard working person’s life and can be punched out with hard work. Vanraj says punching is Baa’s duty, he will just work hard. Baa reminds she used to feed him sweet curd during his exam and says he used to come first then and should even now. Kavya rushes down and asks Vanraj to manage today’s lunch in cafeteria as she is late for office. Baa fumes, but Anu signals her to calm down. Kinjal asks Anu to bring pooja items as she doesn’t know what is needed.

Baa backs her. Kavya asks which pooja. Kinjal says there is vat savitri pooja tomorrow. Kavy asks what savitri? Kinjal says vat savitri. Baa says they are celebrating it since years. Anu explains that they keep fast on this day for husband’s long ilfe and health and it is said that husband and wife are bound for 7 years if wife fasts on this day. Kavya taunts Anu that her all her vrat failed then. Baa says if Anu’s vrat had failed, then Vanraj wouldn’t have been standing alive here and reminds of Vanraj’s accident. Kavya says whatever, Anu cannot fast now, so she will fast for Vanraj from this year. Baa jokes if she can stay without having grass/salad. Kavya says she can stay hungry for her husband. Kinjal asks why only wife has to fast for husband, why can’t husband fast for wife. Samar backs her. Toshu asks him not to comment.

Samar takes home cooked breakfast for Nandini and asks why is she having outside food. She says she was hungry and tasting food says Anu and Samar have spoilt her. He says how will they manage after marriage, Indian women fast for 1-2 day a year or else how will they stay together for 7 lives. She says LOL, lots of longevity, one life is hard for her and he is talking about 7 lives, she doesn’t know if there are 7 lives or not, she knows only 1 life which belongs to only him. He asks if she will do what many girls do. She asks him to be specific. He says finish breakfast soon as they need to visit factory. Vanraj reaches cafeteria and thinks he should prove himself again, reminiscing previous interviewer rejecting him.

In the evening, Baa asks Anu to add extra ghee in dinner as they need to fast whole day, asks Kinju baby if she will also fast. Kinjal says of course. Baa asks to inform her mummy or else she will file case on them; its good that nagin doesn’t fast or else Pramod will have to bear nagin for 6 more lives. Kinjal says Toshu is also fasting for her. Baa asks if she is forcing him to fast. Kavya walks in says she, Kinjal, and Baa should wear their husband’s kurta’s matching dress. She then asks Anu to go to her mother’s house as she would feel bad. Anu thanks her for thinking of her, but she .need not worry about her. Kavya says she is thinking about V as he is fasting tomorrow, she should go for 1 day and let everyone live in peace. Baa gets angry, but Anu controls her. Kavya says Anu cannot wear new clothes or fast, will get jealous seeing her and V performing rituals and will eye on their love.

Anu says love can be eyed by anyone, so she should make her love so strong that anyone’s eye shouldn’t fall on her eye; she is not Kavya to eye on someone’s love and Kavya shouldn’t become Anu to keep her eyes shut and let any Kavya eye on her husband. Kavya stands fuming.During dinner, Anu forcefeeds Kinjal for tomorrow’s fast. Toshu says even he is fasting. Samar and Pakhi taunt him. Baa joins them. Kinjal says her stomach will burst if she eats more. Baa says she may fall unconscious tomorrow and nagin will file case on them.

Pakhi sees Samar sad and asks him to inform Nandini to fast for him. He says she should if she has to. Toshu says he should fast for Nandini then. Samar shies. Baa asks if its necessary for Toshu to fast. Anu says its not necessary for anyone to fast, but like like women are fasting, men should also fast. Baa says men never used to fast during their times. Anu says women never used to step out of house to work during Baa’s times, when women and men are sharing responsibilities equally, then they should fast together. Bapuji joins them and says she is right, even he is thinking of fasting for Baa.

Baa shies. Kinjal sees Kavya having salad and asks her to have heavy food if she is fasting tomorrow. Kavya asks not to bother her and leaves. Baa says maide ki katori will fall down tomorrow for sure. Everyone walk away. Baa seeing Anu sad asks if she is fine. Anu emotionally says she is feeling weird as this is the first year where she is not fasting, Baa used to forcefeed her like she forcefed Kinjal, now she cannot get ready in the morning and break fast in the evening on terrace, she lost one relationship and lost many festivals and rituals. She wipes her tears and says lets forget it.Baa says there have to face new problem, all society women together break fast and don’t now what problem Kavya will create tomorrow.

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