Anupama update Thursday 8 September 2022

Anupama 8 September 2022: Baa spies on Geeta with her binocular thinking Kavya gave all the house’s responsibility on Geeta, but she cannot trust Geeta as she may loot the whole house and escape. She sees Geeta pouring whole box of washing powder in washing machine, runs and stops her and scolds that she can wash whole house’s clothes with so much washing powder. Geeta asks why is she interfering as if its her washing powder. Baa says it is and Kavya didn’t bring it in her dowry, gives her 2 spoons and orders to wash al clothes with. Geeta thinks she cannot work with Baa’s interference, so she needs to ask Kavya to divide their share.

Nandini fixes tubelight in their dance academy and asks why didn’t they hire an electrician. He says because electrician was demanding 2000 rs. She slips. He holds her and gets romantic. She says let her work. He says they should find a time for romance during work. He runs behind her and they fall on a cot. She says she missed him. He says even he missed her and expresses his concern for Anu because of Kavya’s too much interference. Nandini says even she feels weird and gets afraid thinking of staying with Kavya after marriage. Samar says he has a solution. She asks what solution. He says they will work hard in this dance academy and earn money to buy their own house where Baa, Bapuji, mummy, Kinjal and his siblings can stay happily and they don’t have to face Kavya’s drama. Nandini says lets do it.

Geeta over phone gossips with her friend that her new boss has 2 wives staying under same roof, one is divorced and second is newly married, new wife always finds a chance to insult old one, old one is hard working, biggest problem in the house is their MIL. She gets afraid seeing Anu hearing her conversation and nervously says she was chatting with her cousin. Anu doesn’t reply. Geeta asks if she doesn’t feel weird to stay with her sautan under same roof. Anu says she is Mr Shah’s ex-wife and Kavya his present wife, Baa and Bapuji didn’t let her go and hence she is staying here with Baa Bapuji and children, asks if she wants to know something else. Geeta gets more nervous. Anu says gossip is done for affairs and not for marriages, she can gossip about it with whoever she wants to but should speak only truth and if she wants to add masala, she should in good instead.

Geeta says she feels bad for her. Anu says a person who works for her is Jhilmil and she is like a sister for her, Jhilmil became her friend after gaining her trust, so Geeta cannot become her instant friend. She walks away advising her to dry clothes in shades as they are dyed one.Baa asks her not to give so much lenience to servant. Anu says she, Kinjal, and Kavya are also workers and why they feel proud to work in office and call themselves as working women and feel disgusted if a woman works at home and call her a maid. Baa says she should not trust Geeta as she is not trustable like Jhilmil. Anu says she didn’t trust even Jhilmil at the begging and just try to trust Geeta similarly.

Geeta watches TV. Baa scolds that a maid is paid to watch TV. Geeta says she finished her work and is watching TV. Baa says TV actress is too talkative. Geeta says she is indirectly scolding her. Bapuji walks to Baa and asks his specs. Baa asks Geeta to give Bapuji’s specs from table. Geea says she has to work only for 2 people. Bapuji says its okay, he will pick himself. Baa scolds Geeta. Geeta says if she helps, now, they will ask her to work even for them. Baa says helping elders is good and she should learn to speak to elders. Geeta says she is not her boss. Baa says she is her boss’s boss and MIL. Geeta says she is boss’ MIL and not hers. Baa switches off TV. Anu tries to calm Baa down.

Geeta says she will watch serial on TV. Baa switches off wifi. Geea says she has 4G network. Baa says her tongue works faster than 5G network. Their argument continues when Vanraj walks in. Geeta changes her tone and goes to prepare tea for them. Baa complains Vanraj that his wife left a problem on them. Vanraj asks her to calm down and informs about his new job offer in his friend’s enw cafeteria, asks Bapuji’s opinion. Bapuji says he is seeing him smiling after many months, so he should accept this offer as no job is big or small, fate has opened a new path in front of him and it may take him towards success. Vanraj looks at Anu, Anu smiles in approval and prays god. Geeta watches them and thinks their are divorced, but still connected.

Vanraj tells Bapuji that he will work hard in his new job and goes to freshen up. Baa tells Bapuji that she is seeing a smile on her son’s face after a long time. Bapuji says she is very talented and hopes he gets adjusted in his new job.Vanraj thinks he should work hard and prove himself in his new job and hopes to shut his children and wife’s mouth with his hard work. He remembers his past days and then Anu’s encouraging words and thanks Anu for her support. Kavya calls him, he doesn’t pick it. He then freshens up and goes for lunch. Geeta serves him boiled vegetables and salad saying madam ordered her to serve him this. Vanraj tries to leave. Baa stops him saying his mother is still alive and serves him proper food.

Geeta taunts when he wanted to have his first wife’s prepared food, when why did he make prepare it. Vanraj gets angry and asks Baa to control her. Baa says he should control his wife to control Geeta. Vanraj enjoys food. Bapuji sees Anu tensed and asks reason. Anu hopes Kavya doesn’t fight with Vanraj for having her prepared food.After sometimes, Baa enjoys litchi fruit with Samar and Pakhi and says fruits have become very expensive. Anu says they cannot have same thing daily. Pakhi says then why they have bottle gourd daily. Samar says because its healthy and cheap. Anu laughs. Kavya returns from work tired and rests her legs on table ignoring Baa.

Baa controls her anger. Anu offers litchi to Kavya. Kavya says she will buy herself if she wants to have it, it was such a hectic day. Baa jokes if she goes to office or drives rickshaw. Kavya says she can talk to even her. Baa says she herself told in the morning not to talk to her and that she got FOMO. Kavya asks if she knows the meaning of FOMO. Baa says fear of missing out, a person can learn anything except respect which a few people cannot learn at any cost. Kavya keeps down her legs and asks Geeta if something happened in her absence. Baa complains in detail what Geeta did. Kavya says Geeta is her maid, so Baa shouldn’t bother her. Baa ignores her.

Kavya asks Geeta if Vanraj came. Geeta says he came, but didn’t have her prepared food. Anu says Vanraj doesn’t like olive oil, so she should try desi ghee. Kavya yells if she asked her opinion. Baa says she should to know what her husband needs. Kavya yells its a question of her husband’s health. Anu says Kavya’s husband is also Baa’s son. Kavya says she knows that, but what is he to Anu. Anu says she is not interested in her and her husband. Kavya yells why is she interfering then. Anu says she is interested in her children, Baa, and Bapuji and Kavya knows she cannot tolerate their insult; Kavya cannot live like a friend, but should learn to respect at least.

Kavya yells she doesn’t need her gyaan and warns to stop serving food to V and lure her. Anu says how many times she should inform her that she is not interesed in her or her husband. Kavya yells then she should stop eyeing on other’s husband. Anu says everyone are not like Kavya. Baa taunts Kavya. Kavya orders Geeta to prepare the food she orders as she is responsible for V’s fitness and cannot expect health anything from unfit people. Baa says she is dumb not to understand that habits change over time and not instantly, a man gets irritated if he doesn’t get the food he likes. Kavya yells not to interfere between her and her husband.

Baa asks Kavya what if she similarly her not to interfere between her and her son, a mother cannot stop worry for her son, and just like Kavya cannot see Vanraj having spicy food, she cannot see her son hungry. Kavya says she should clearly say that she and her ex-bahu cannot see her and V happy and conspire daily against them; above that, she is earning and hired a maid, that didn’t go well with them. Anu asks why is she diverting the issue. Kavya yells at her not to interfere as she knows what she is up to. Anu says she speaks bitter truth and Kavya doesn’t let her speak sweet. Kavya yells to shut up and asks Baa to have some sweet to sweeten her bitter tongue. Baa fumes.

Anu asks her to calm down as the more she speaks, the more Kavya will trouble Vanraj, so its their life and let them handle it themselves. Baa says he snatched her husband many times, but Anu never tried to snatch her son from her, feeds her sweet and thanks her for that. Anu says its sweet like Baa.Kavya returns to her room. Vanraj happily informs him that his friend offered him sales and marketing head’s job in his cafeteria and wants him to handle his new venue. Kavya shouts after working in a corporate office for many years, he wants to work in a mere cafeteria, how will she tell her friends that her husband works in a mere cafeteria. Baa offers medicines to Bapuji. Bapuji says Kavya will fight with Vanraj as she will not like him working in a small company.

Anu says its their personal issue. Bapuji says she is right, but he saw a spark in Vanraj’s eyes after many days and it will be off if Kavya stops him. Anu says god must have thought well and sent this job for his son, Kavya will also agree if god wishes. Kavya yells at Vanraj that there is an age limit to take risk, he wants to change his profession at this age, he himself suggests Samar to find a proper job and himself wants to work in his friend’s local cafe which nobody knows of, these kind of cafes go in losses and he may have to work more than requred, so he should deny this offer. Vanraj says Baa and Bapuji were happy with his new job and even Anu approved it, but Kavya is not happy and yelling instead. Kavya yells if an online class and cooking teacher will give him suggest him and if he is more dumb than an illiterate woman.

He says she was illiterate but used to understand her husband. She asks then why he used to come and cry in front of her that he is alone and she hates reminding him that she is his wife now and not Anupama, he should discuss his issues with him and not his ex-wife. He says he discussed it with Bapuji and not Anu. She asks if he discussed issue while having Anu’s prepared food. He says she hired a maid to spy on him. She says whatever it is, he will not do a small-time job. He says he informed her and not sought her opinion, he will do whatever he wants. Geeta brings tea. Vanraj asks her to take his cup down as he wants to have tea with his family and warns Kavya to mind her tongue from next time. Kavya vents out her anger on Geeta and thinks issues will continue till Anu is in the same house and interferes between them, but she didn’t except that V will change so soon.

Anu sees Vanraj passing by angrily and thinks what she feared must have happened, why don’t Kavya understand where is Mr Shah’s happiness, anyways she shouldn’t interfere between them. While having tea, Pakhi tells Bapuji that it has been a long time since they played cricket. Anu reminds her what Baa told last time. Bapuji mimics Baa and they all laugh. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she became a thief in her school’s play. Baa jokes they wanted her to become collector instead. Vanraj says very good, extracurricular activities are also needed. Kavya walks to them and offers sandwich and green tea to Vanraj. Toshu brings jalebi, kachori, and samosa for whole family. Bapuji gets happy hearing jalebi. Anu says he will not have jalebi and will have either 1 kachori o r samosa.

Bapuji sadly says anything. Anu serves snacks to family while Vanraj temptly looks at them. Baa offers him snacks. He takes plate and happily munches snacks. Anu offers snacks to even Kavya. Geeta takes sandwich back to kitchen and thinks even monkey cannot have such sandwich. Anu offers her snacks and asks her to have them before they get cold. Geeta gets impressed.Vanraj speaks to his friend over phone and informs that he has a lot of ideas for his cafeteria and will join the job tomorrow. He sees Anu and asks if she wants to say something. She says since its affecting family, she wants to tell him to discuss his and Kavya’s personal issues in his room whether its a bitter or sweet issue as it will affect adversely to children and parents.

Kavya seeing that yells at him that when he takes his ex-wife’s suggestion and eats her prepared food, should she die. Vanraj says nobody asked her to die, she should live and let others live peacefully. Kavya then hears Geeta praising Anu that she really works hard and does multitasking easily and yells at her not to talk about Anu. Geeta changes her tone and says she feels sorry for her that she hired a maid for saheb, but saheb always wants to be with family; even he cannot do anything as family is always around him forgetting they are newly married, he should find a time for her, but he its not his fault as his family and ex-wife don’t live him alone. She further suggests her that there are many ways to control her husband and intimacy is the most successful formula, so she should control saheb with that formula.

Samar offers water bottle with pill box attached to Baa, Bapuji, and Anu and says they will not miss medicines from hereon. Baa praises him and says he has gone on her. Bapuji says if he had gone on her, he would have sat and watched via binocular, he has gone on Anu instead. Anu says Samar has Baa’s sanskars and tries to discuss about Samar and Nandini’s engagement. Baa walks away giving excuse. Samar asks Anu to relax and give some time for all this. Anu tells Bapuji that he is saying something but means something else. Bapuji says children suffer silently. Anu says Samar and Nandini would have married themselves, but are still waiting for Baa’s permission. Bapuji asks her not to worry, everything will be alright.

Vanraj speaks to his friend over phone that he will join is new job on time. Kavya apologizes Vanraj. He says he would have done whatever he wants to even with her opposition. She says cafe job is not good for him, but she doesn’t mind if he is happy. He asks how did she change suddenly, if its love or insecurity. She asks with whom. He says Anupama and goes to sleep ignoring her. She thinks whatever she did with Anu, she will not let Anu do the same with her.

Next morning, Baa performs pooja and gets disturbed hearing Geeta snoring. She rings bell near her and asks her to wake up before she slaps her and go and sleep on cot in lawn. Geeta yells at her to shut up. Baa gets angry. Anu asks her to go and sleep in lawn on cot as Baa is performing pooja.Geeta yells that Baa should stop playing bell, but she always troubles her and has ruined her life. Anu warns her to dare not speak ill about Baa.

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