Anupama starlife update Saturday 10 September 2022

Anupama 10 September 2022: Anu prepares breakfast praying god that today is Kinjal’s first vat poornima vreat/fast and god should take care of her and even others who are fasting today. She gets sad remembering family’s attention towards her when she kept vrat last night and thinks they move by leaving memories behind. Kinjal gets ready for vrat and tells Toshu that its their first vrat and he shouldn’t make any mistake. He hugs her from behind and says she is right or else Baa will say our generation doesn’t know how to fast and praises that she looks beautiful in sari and bindi. She shies. He says they say if they fast, they will be together for 7 lives, but he wants to be with her beyond 7 lives. She says even she and takes selfie with her.

Anupama 9 September 2022

Anu decorates pooja thalis to break vrat. Pakhi with Samar helps her and says she will decorate everyone’s thali except Kavya. Anu says she should decorate thali even for Kavya as she is fasting for her papa.Kavya gets ready and asks how is she looking. He says very beautiful. She says she got ready and is fasting for him. He tries to get intimate. She pushes him and says he is very sweaty. He reminisces pushing and insulting Anu similarly. She takes selfie and when he tries to drink water stops him and says she told everyone that he will be fasting with her. He says he doesn’t fast. She says he should as she is fasting for him.

He says she is forcing and ordering. She says whatever it is. He says she cannot force him. Pakhi and Samar fight during thali decoration. Anu stops them. Pakhi says she decorated all 4 thalis and asks if she will also get reward. Anu jokes and says she will. Kavya continues insisting Vanraj. Vanraj walks away saying he needs is going to work. Kavya thinks how will she inform family that V is not fasting, so will lie that she asked him not to as he needs to work. She reminisces Anu’s mental breakdown after finding about her and V’s affair during last year’s vat poornima vrat and smirks thinks now its her turn.

Nandini hears ladies talking about vat poornima vrat and realizes that Samar wanted to discuss about it yesterday. Samar walks to her. She says if he was expecting her to fast for him, he is wrong. He thinks he will never force her to fast. Evil neighbors think they will insult Anu and Leela/Baa tonight. After sometime, Anu performs Toshu Kinjal, Samar Nandini, and Pakhi and Meenu’s nazar/removing evil eyes. Meenu says they are sisters and not couples, why is she performing their nazar. Samar jokes. Kavya with Vanraj walks down and asks Anu to perform even their nazar as she heard newly married couple get nazar fast.

Anu says yesterday she told she is putting nazar on her and wants her to perform nazar. Kinjal says she will. Dolly backs her. Kinjal performs Kavya and Vanraj’s nazar.Vanraj tells Baa that he is going to cafe as its his new job. Kavya tries to stop him, he says he already told her that he never stayed at home even during last years. Vanraj says even work is necessary. Baa feels concerned that he will be working hungry whole day. Kavya says she asked him not to fast, in fact he was insisting to fast. Pakhi asks her not to lie as she could hear her forcing papa to fast and he denying her. Anu stops her. Meenu says its wrong to lie. Kavya yells that she must have stood near door and heard their fight on Anu’s order.

Samar replies as if mummy doesn’t have any work, they should keep their fighting volume low. Kavya warns him not to act oversmart. Toshu says his brother is already smart. Kavya asks Anu to control her kids as she is their junior/choti maa. They all 3 chuckle. Kavya yells that she didn’t crack any joke, asks Baa to introduce her to neighbors, and asks Anu to be at home and watch a movie. Bapuji says if not vrat, Anu can attend pooja like Samar, Toshu, Pakhi and others. Baa insists Anu to accompany her and forcefully drags her along.

Vanraj shows his new business idea presentation to his friend. Friend praises him. Vanraj says he is lagging behind and wants to run. Friend says people say only young blood has passion, he is so happy that he is with him, and asks him to alone handle his whole new cafeteria without any interference. Vanraj asks how can it be, its his cafeteria. Friend says he trusts him a lot and knows he will not disappoint him. Vanraj feels happy.

Baa with family walks towards pooja venue when her enemy neighbors taunt her that her both bahus will perform pooja for her son and yell not to spoil their lane with her modern thinking and perform pooja in her home itself. Kavya gets angry, but Anu stops her and says let Baa speak. Neighbors taunt Baa why is she silent now. Anu says she will go in and they should let Kavya and Kinjal perform vat savitri pooja as its their first pooja. Neighbor yells one who is breaking parampara/ritual cannot perform pooja with them. Bapuji walks to her and ask which parampara she is talking about, Kavya is their DIL and Anu their daughter, DILs and daughters attending pooja is parampara and stopping them is not parampara which she is doing, his family is not breaking parampara.

Neighbor says there was a divorce in his family Bapuji says divorce is not a contagious disease to spread and she should understand that Anu’s relationship with Vanraj is broken and not with whole family, Kavya and Anu are both part of the family and stopping them from performing pooja is not parampara; he knows that she cannot understand his and Leela’s relationship with Anu and cannot understand a daughter’s relationship with parents, and if they cannot respect the relationship, they should tolerate it and shouldn’t stop his family from performing pooja.

Baa says she thought they mend their ways last time and hence she brought silver gift for them. They both ask her to give to them and says lets perform pooja together. Kinjal asks toshu if he is hungry. He says a bit and will break fast only with her.Nadini coughs. Samar offers her cold drinks. She denies. He says he will bring water then. She says no and says he is fool. He gets happy thinking she is fasting for him. All ladies perform pooja around a tree. Anu teaches Kinjal how to perform pooja. Nandini hopes to perform pooja next year. Samar says they will. Pakhi offers him laddu, and he denies. Nandini asks if he is also fasting. He says he will never leave her alone in any path of life. Kavya gets irritated seeing Anu teaching Kinjal and yells not to teach her.

Women continue pooja tying thread around the tree. Kavya slips and is about to fall when anu holds her and thread. Vanraj reaches there. Kavya gets jealous.Anupama saves Kavya from falling and walks back to family. Bapuji praises her. Samar asks why she helps Kavya always. Baa says she is kind hearted and cannot change. Family leaves pooja venue. Baa asks if she has an iron heart without any feelings that she is helping Kavya even after her misbehavior and husband snatching. Anu says pain is on one side and humanity on another side. Bapuji says people laugh on her and say Anu is more good than normal and giving an example says she is not good than normal, but the world is bad; they are habituated of someone stealing their things that if they see someone not doing that, they feel they are weird; she is actually like what people should be.

Anu asks not to praise her much or else she will gain weight in happiness and walks away to take her online class. Bapuji tells Baa its difficult to be Anupama who is fighting with the world alone. Baa says they are with her and Anu is very strong.Vanraj takes Kavya home and ask her to sit carefully. Kavya thanks him for saving her on time or else her pooja thread would have broken. Vanraj says Anu saved her instead and suggests her not to be so much blind in hatred that she cannot see one’s goodness; says anyways he came in break and will ask Baa or Kinjal to help her; gives her a gift and leaves. She thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Baa walks in and asks if her leg is fine, she should give a missed call if she needs anything. Kavya nods ok. Baa gives her gift saying she gave it to everyone.

Kavya thanks her and asks if she will never accept her as her bahu. Baa asks if she accepted her saas? Kavya fumes that Anu became more great by helping her in front of everyone, she sholdn’t have given her a chance. Vanraj thanks Anu for helping Kavya. Anu says she helped a wife instead as she wore mangalsutra for 25 years and knows what a wife feels if a pooja lamp or thread breaks; Kavya can be wrong, but her love for him is true; she couldn’t let a wife’s trust be broken.

Samar asks Nandini if she is hungry. Nandini says she wants to have pizza. Samar says they will break fast with double cheeze pizza and lol/lots of lassi. She says I love you, and he says I love you too.Kavya writhes in pain and hunger and miss calls Baa. Anu noticing that walks to her and asks if she needs anything. Kavya says she gave missed call to Baa, why did she come. Anu says Baa is performing pooja and hence sent her to check. Kavya asks how is she feeling seeing her on this bed on which she saw her and Vanraj together a year ago. Anu asks if she needs something or not. Kavya asks her to give her an ointment. Anu gives her ointment. Kavya asks her to apply it as she cannot even bend. Anu stands silently.

Kavya acts as applying it with great difficulty. Anu stops her and applies ointment on her foot. Kavya clicks her pics and sends them to Rakhi with a message that her ex-samdhan is serving her. Rakhi replies good luck and thanks for the mini drama. Kavya asks her to apply it on her soul also. Anu asks if she wants to click more pics, she should watch them and feel pain-free; says she served her and Kavya is misusing it; she should fight with a person who wants to fight with her and not alone. Kavya angrily throws pillow once she leaves. Anu washes her hands. Baa asks where is the balm smell coming from, if she served Kavya. Anu says she did what Baa taught her.

Baa says people misuse her goodness. Anu says she knows it well. She gets her school principal’s call.Vanraj returns home and gets busy on his laptop preparing a presentation. Kavya complains that he did even say hi and started working instead of sitting with her and knowing how she is feeling. He walks to her and asks if she needs anything. She gets her boss’ call and gets busy, then says its done. He says even he is and if her leg gets well by tomorrow or day after, she should give him lunch box as he cannot have cafe sandwich daily. She asks how will she manage both kitchen and work. Vanraj says even Kinjal and Anu work in kitchen. She says they work together. He says they are 7 people and we are 2. She says she kept a maid, but his family had problem with it.

He says his family didn’t oppose a maid, but don’t like anyone intruding their space and insulting them, so she should keep a properly behaving maid. Baa brings medicine to Kavya saying Bapuji gave it and she will feel good. Kavya thanks her. Baa says she was a girlfriend and was eager to become a wife, now she should suffer like a wife now.After breaking fast, Anu force feeds Kinjal saying she looks so lean. Baa asks why her school principal called her. Pakhi asks if she complained against her. Anu informs that school organizes a charity function every years, so principal wants her to teach dance to students. Toshu says she just operated just a few days ago.

Anu says Samar and Nandini will help her. Baa says even she can teach garba. Bapuji asks Vanraj how was his first day of work. Vanraj says he felt good, its not his working area, cafe is youngster’s place, but he felt happy working there. Bapuji says he should work where he feels happy.Kavya walks in and says work should not be of happiness but of the status; V worked in a multinational company and now is doing a small-time job, how can they push Vanraj from corporate job to a cafeteria. Baa says she had a problem when he was not working. Kavya says cafe job is not good for his career. Bapuji says a husband and wife should support each other and not taunt.

Kavya asks how can she support V in his wrong decision, Bapuji cannot understand as he is not from a corporate world, one who does small-time jobs will be small always like a loser. Family gets angry hearing that. Samar says he doesn’t know about work and people, but thinking can he low like her; she should appreciate that he is trying to work at this age and is a fighter, so she shouldn’t try to call him a loser; he and his mummy heard a word loser many times and it hit their heart, Kavya is saying it on face. Vanraj reminisces the incident where Toshu, Kavya, and Vanraj call Samar as loser. Kavya says emotions look good in talks and not CV, it will reveal that V worked in a cafe after working in an MNC, and V will repent later. Vanraj says if she thinks so, he will work hard and gain success.

Kinjal gets a message and excitedly informs that she cracked a new project. Kavya asks if its their Mumbai deal. Kinjal says credit goes to even Kavya as she also worked hard for this dea.Vanraj asks which client from Mumbai. Kavya taunts that he cannot understand as they are new.Kinjal says this is his biggest project ever and seeks Vanraj’s help. Vanraj happily agrees. Kavya taunts that Vanraj will be busy selling coffee.



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