Guddan update Friday 5 August 2022


Guddan 5 August 2022: Pushpa says what is wrong with you Niya? She breaks things in anger. Niya says Agastya slapped me in front of Guddan. He was saying something else to us. Agastya comes in and says you were slapped because of your stupidity. Tell her ma to control her emotions and language. I am playing this game and I won’t let anyone ruin it with their stupidity. Pushpa says we can only help if we know what your plan is. He says just do as I ask. Plan Niya and my wedding. Just wait till tomorrow, there will be a big blast. Niya says what is he gonna do? Niya says he’s your son after all. Pushpa says I am waiting for tomorrow.

Choti says to idol I know you will help me in finding mama. I have to talk to her, meet her. Only she can understand. I can’t live without her. I want her.Agastya comes to hall and announces, my dear family. Everyone come here. Everyone comes. He says time to announce, my wife made a decision yesterday. So I thought to take one as well. I invite you all to my wedding with Niya which will be in 2 days. Everyone is shocked. Niya smirks and claps. Sona says are you crazy? She says it must be their plan.Aarav says how dare you? You are leaving my choti and marrying this Niya? Agastya says did you ask your sister? He grasps Agastya’s collar. Arushi says leave each other. Aarav says choti is my sister, I can’t let you ruin her life, They fight. Everyone tries to stop them. Pushpa says I am happy with your decision to Guddan. I understand why you took this decision. Choti says what is happening. Pushpa says it will all be fine. Go and rest all of you, enough of drama. Pushpa says everything is going fine. Her mother is also gone. Aarav and Arushi have also parted.

Choti is worried. Aarav comes to Arushi says I am sorry. I got angry. This all isn’t okay. I don’t know what happens when it’s about CHoti. Choti and Agastya are made for each other. Arushi says I understand but. But what’s happening isn’t right. Aarav says I don’t know what’s happening. Arushi says something is wrong.Sona says to Pushpa and Niya you two can never change. I know you’re are planning something. The sins don’t get out of you. If Agastya finds your plan now he will be so mad. this girl is crazy. She will leave you like she left her parents. You can’t understand anything. Guddan is so nice. Pushpa says shut up. Niya says enough of your drama. Sona twists her finger and says shut up. I love Guddan even if she’s not my DIL. You can’t part Agastya and Guddan. They love each other. He won’t pardon you and this lizard. She leaves. Pushpa laughs. She says she doesn’t even know Agastya is doing all this.Choti hears Guddan’s voice. She cries and says mama where are you? I want to see you in front of me. She cries. Choti says I can’t give up. I informed police already. I will keep trying her phone. She calls Guddan.

Choti’s phone rings. It’s a man. He says can I talk to Agastya. Choti says I thought it’s mama’s phone. It’s the same and same ringtone as mama. He says why would it be in my room. This is my room. She will come back when she wants to. Don’t touch my things again. Choti says there’s something wrong. Mama can’t be mad at me for so long. I don’t know what is police doing.Choti says is worried. She cries. Sona comes and says you have to stay strong. You will have to fight. Choti cries and says everything is going wrong. I don’t know what to do. Agastya isn’t even talking to me. Sona says don’t ever trust Pushpa and Niya I am sure they did it. No one can change them. It’s their plan. You are too innocent. Niya and Pushpa are very clever. Keep an eye on them you will know the truth. I am with you.

Niya wears jewelry. Pushpa says wear this necklace. She says this is so outdated. Pushpa says this is our family necklace. Wear it on your wedding night. Agastya will be yours. Guddan will be out of this life. She gives more gifts to Niya. Choti looks at them. She’s shocked. She recalls Pushpa’s drama. Choti says this means she’s the same. They are making a drama I made a mistake with the decision.Choti tells Aarav it was all their plan. Choti says I made a huge mistake by trusting them. I trusted them and affected my relationship. Aarav says don’t blame yourself. Everything would be okay. You will win. We have to do something. Choti says there is only one way I can fix all this.

Money stops Agastya and says I wanted to talk. Nothing is going right. Only you can fix everything. Please take a stand for bhabhi. Why are you marrying Niya? Why are you jumping fire? Slap that Niya and kick her out. If you don’t I will kick her out. Agastya says keep your advice to yourself. Arushi and Sona see them. Sona says he is talking so weirdly. Money is his brother, who talks to his brother like this? Arushi says he must be stressed. I hope everything fixes. Sona says I spoke to Choti. She will fix everything.Choti cooks with Rashi. Niya and Pushpa look for her. Bari Guddan comes there and says who are you looking for you? Niya says your son lied to us? Pushpa says how are you here? Guddan says you thought I am an idito? I would trust you? I know you very well and know that nothing happened between Agastya and Niya. No one can harm Choti as long as I am here. Pushpa says yes we lied, what can you do? Your daughter trusted everything and decided for this marriage. Guddan says my daughter is innocent, I will expose you in front of your son. He will stop this drama himself. Agastya comes there. He’s shocked. He recalls shoving Guddan.


Guddan says Agastya beta I am glad you came. Your mom and Niya can never change. It was their game plan, nothing happened between you and Niya. Agastya says something happened between us, I have the proof. Guddan is shocked. He says see these reports you will know what happened between us. She sees the reports and is shocked. Guddan says these reports are fake you.. Agastya makes her wear her glasses. It’s Choti disguised as Guddan. He says you thought I won’t recognize you pretending like your mom? Choti says just to expose them. Nothing happened between you two. It was their plan. She just told me. Everyone comes there. Choti says thank God I found out the truth. I should have thought about and trusted you. But now I know nothing happened between you and her. You don’t have to marry her. Aarav says yes jeju say no to marrying her. Arushi says yes please bhai. DOnt’ marry her. Sona says yes. Choti says Agastya loves me. He will never leave me. THank God I found everything. Everything is okay now. Agastya says nothing is okay now. I will marry Niya. Everyone is shocked.

Choti says I fixed everything. Agastya says my decision won’t change. I will marry Niya. Choti is shocked. He leaves. Everyone is shocked as well. Choti says you know the truth and their confession. I want to know the truth. He says you didn’t even trust me. You took this decision without even knowing my side of the truth. I want to be free of this weak relationship. I tried but you can never be courageous. He leaves. Sona comes to Choti and says don’t be upset. I am with you. Why did you trust them? Choti says it’s Agastya’s mistake as well. He’s not listening to me. Sona says something is so wrong with him. He was shouting at money as well. Don’t cry. I know you are strong. You will make them suffer for their sins.Pushpa says you should have seen Guddan’s face. Niya says let me see my wedding dress. She opens the closet and there’s nothing. Niya cries and says my lehnga. Pushpa says someone took all the clothes. I know who could be behind this. Pushpa says Guddan come out. Where are you? Guddan comes.

Niya slips. Pushpa holds her. Guddan says get out of this house. This is my house. She says can’t you see. Guddan says they can never change. Sona says don’t worry about them Guddan. Choti says they are ex citizen’s of this house. Agastya comes and says what is this? Choti says they won’t live here neither would this wedding happen here. Agastya takes her to room and says pack my things and kick me out as well. Choti says you’re my husband, he says she’s my mother. Choti says I won’t trust them at all. They are evil. Agastya says but you brought them back. Pushpa says Niya pick things and go back in. Arushi and Sona stop them. Pushpa says are you crazy? And Arushi, how dare you? Arushi says this is Aarav and Guddan’s house, they will decide who lives here. Pushpa slaps her. Aarav shouts Pushpa ji.. She says you have gone crazy with that useless Guddan and her brother. Arushi says Aarav is my fiancé. She says he was, I will take thing ring off your hand. She tries to pull the ring from her hand. Aarav says she’s my responsibility now. If you ever dare to touch her again, I will forget you are her mother. Pushpa says you useless man, with no job. You won’t live your life off my daughter’s money. Arushi says at least he isn’t a liar, manipulator and killer like you. He isn’t a fraud like you.

Agastya comes and says Arushi you’re talking to maa like this for this Aarv? Aarav says so you will stand on their side? Agastya says you keep quite. Niya says teach him a lesson. Sona says shut up.Pushpa says you shut up. Choti comes and says stop it. Agastya says you messed all this. Now fix it. Choti stands there. Agastya says come on fix it.

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