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Naagin 23 June 2022: episode starts with Aadi Naagin telling Brinda that this story is 10000 years old. She tells that there was a time when Naag was not boon to become shape shifting/icchadhari.. Snakes are shown in the temple. Pandit ji tells Snake charmer that today is Naag Panchami. Snake Charmer says he can’t touch their tails. Pandit ji tells that they are not ordinary, but dear to Mahadev. Snake Charmer asks what did Mahadev do to them, he didn’t give them any boon. He says Eagles were boon by their Kul Devta and became human. He asks if the snakes will be dead by the human eagles. Pandit ji tells that Mahadev will give them boon and tells that they shall do more tapasya to get the boon.

Pandit ji tells that Mahadev will give the boon to snakes to be icchadhari, tells that if anyone do any mistake then Shivji punish him too, though he speaks less. The eagle men are seen killing the people for the treasure. They become eagles and fly away with the treasure boxes. They take the boxes to their den. Aadi naagin tells that the eagles were boon to become shape shifting/icchadhari before us, but their boon became a curse as they misused the boon. Cheel cheel song plays. Akesh is shown as he dances on the song cheel cheel..She says they were getting more powerful and our naagvansh’s naag was helpless infront of them. Akesh asks the other eagle men to loot more. He says he is going for more destruction and loot, flies away. Akesh’s father and Raja of the eagles comes and asks where is Akesh. Eagle man tells that they have stolen a big treasure today and that’s why he was happy and went to steal more. He asks his men to go and steal the naagmani from the temple. Kul Guru comes and tells that he shall not eye the temple as Shiv might get angry. The Raja of the eagle tells that Mahadev couldn’t do anything for his devotees snake and that’s why he can’t harm us.

He asks his men to steal the naagmani. Kul Guru warns the Raja of the eagles to keep his son away from Akesh, else he will get in control of a humanly light and will change. The Raja asks who is that human?The shape shifting eagles come to the temple and attack the Pandit. Naagin comes there and fights with them. She turns into icchadhari naagin and takes out her tongue from her mouth. Her face is shown. The eagles are shocked to see a snake getting icchadhari boon. Her voiceover tells that she felt like a human that day. The eagle man tells that she has naagmani in her hand, snatch it. Mahadev comes there and asks her to kill the eagles. All the snakes get powers to become icchadhari and they bite the eagle men. One of the eagle man flies away. Main Naagin song plays….Mahadev blesses her and heals her injury. She presents the naagmani to Mahadev and it vanishes in the Shivling. She becomes snake. Mahadev dances in the temple and plays his damroo. He says I am giving all the snakes to be icchadhari and I am giving the boon to the first naagin who became icchadhari to be called as Sarvashest Aadi Naagin. He asks them not to do any mistake.

Pandit ji comes there and tells that they can worship bholenaath and gets any boon. He says jai bholenaath. The runaway eagle informs the Raja that 6 eagles were killed. He asks where is Akesh? Akesh comes and asks what I am hearing that 6 eagles died. The escaped eagle tells them that the snakes killed them. Akesh says I will not leave him. Sunrays fall on him and Akesh gets angry and closes his eyes. The eagles try to stop sunlight falling on them, but Akesh says he will go. Raja says you will not go there. Akesh goes. Kul Guru says Akesh will die if light falls on him. Aadi Naagin/Nageshwari tells that all naag and naagins were very happy to get the boon to become icchadhari, but I was searching something else in the jungle. Tere Sang pyaar main nahi todna plays…..She looks for her lover and finally sees him. He praises her beauty. She says I have to believe you as I didn’t see myself still. He says I can’t bear the distance between us, we are destined to be closer. He goes near her and holds her waist. Tere Sang Pyaar Main…….They start dancing….


She calls Hriday and asks him to come. Akesh is standing far. She asks who are you? Akesh says don’t know, but did you know how beautiful you are. She says I didn’t see myself till now. He takes out knife from his pocket and asks her to see herself in the knife, says you are magic. She asks who are you? Hriday comes there and says he is eagle, save yourself from him. Nageshwari tells that she is Aadi Naagin and he won’t be saved from her. Akesh holds her hand, says he is ready to die from her hand and looks at her. He says you shall be near me, very close. Nageshwari asks him to leave her and pushes him. Hriday beats Akesh. Akesh smiles, looks at Nageshwari and flies away in the sky. Hriday comes back to Nageshwari and hugs her. He asks are you fine? She says yes. He says that eagle was saved today.The Raja of the eagle asks Akesh what did he do? Akesh tells that he has won his heart. Kul Guru tells that person controlled his heart and mind. Akesh tells that she was magic, chandan like kaya, chandramaa light on her face, drops of fog etc. He says I want her. The Raja of the eagles asks him to do something and get naagmani from there. Akesh says I will bring naagmani for you and that magical girl for me. Kul Guru asks the Raja not to let Akesh go. The Raja tells that Akesh will bring naagmani and that light. We will kill her right here.

He asks Akesh to take all their men and kill them, as the snakes will do special puja. Akesh aims to get her. Nageshwari brings the plate and gives to Panditji. Pandit ji tells that Aadi naagin and Hriday will unite today.Akesh asks his eagle men to stop there and tells that he will go alone to get naagmani. The eagle men try to stop Akesh and tell him that their raja asked them not to let him go alone. Akesh tells that he is Rajkumar and they have to obey him. He beats him.Adesh comes there. Aadi Naagin smiles and turns to look at him. Hriday comes there and asks how dare you to come back here. Adesh folds his hands and apologizes to them. He looks for Aado Naagin and thinks where is my husn pari? He sees Aadi Naagin and tells that he is ashamed of his doings, he can’t come inside the temple until they call him inside. The naagin tells that he is dying.Pandit ji asks Aadi Naagin not to give permission to eagle to come inside the temple. Hriday asks Aadi Naagin to let him come inside. Aadi tells that they are in human avatar and shall show some humanity, tells Akesh tells that he can come inside. Akesh recalls telling his eagles that he got himself injured so that they show pity on him. The eagles get inside the temple shocking the naag and naagins.

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