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If you were not there 9 August 2023: The robber blames Niyati for deceiving him since she brought the police Niyati keeps on saying that she did not do anything wrong but he tries to run away, she follows him with all her might but is not able to and even throws the child, Niyati gets really tensed seeing it, she rushes after the child only to find that it is a doll, she realizing she has been fooled keeps following him but he manages to get in the tempo, Abhimanyu is following him with all his might however he manages to escape. Abhimanyu feels he failed.

The entire Panday family is performing the pooja in the Pandya Mansion, meanwhile Angad is smiling seeing their tension, Ram and Sulochana are also really worried, all the members of the Panday family one by one perform the pooja for the safe return of their Guria.

Inspector orders his men to take out the car since they need to follow the temp, Niyati requests the kidnapper to not take her child away, she turning to Abhimanyu mention she made him vow that he must not follow her so why did he not listen to her, Niyati sits down on the road when Abhimanyu sits assuring he only came for her safety and did not even try to catch him but he does not know how the kidnapper knew about the truth, Niyati says she doesn’t know anything and only wants back her child, she questions why did he come, Niyati hugs Abhimanyu while weeping, exclaiming she needs her child.The kidnapper in the temp takes off the mask, he assures the work is complete and just as he said, Angad ends the call smiling.

Niyati mentions he once again took her child, she demands Abhimanyu to bring back her child, saying she feels that he would kill her child, Abhimanyu apologizes mentioning he feels he should never have come to her and assures he did not come to catch him but only to hide, Abhimanyu explains he cannot understand how did the kidnapper knew they would be here because they never made a noise and he feels that the kidnapper already knew they would be here. Niyati feels tensed and is dizzy.The kidnapper in the tempo is laughing mentioning that he told him to take the shortcut as the police would not be able to find them, he gets a call from Angad assuring that he took the money and did not give the money to Niyati, he questions what else should they do now.

The Panday family is in the house when Kinkar enters through the door, Manaroma greets him but he asks Mr Panday what happened since he was longing to meet his niece but got tensed after finding out what happened, Mr Panday informs that they were not able to even hold her, and this all happened, they are just waiting for Abhimanyu’s call, Mr Panday answers it in excitement asking if he found it but Abhimanyu replies that he was not able to stop them and they took away their child, he requests Mr Panday to use all of his sources as they need to find their daughter, Niyati snatches the mobile saying that he must not make the same mistake which Abhimanyu did because the kidnapper ran away after he saw the police.

Abhimanyu questions why is she still blaming him since he apologized informing the police only came as a backup but she is still blaming him, The inspector calls asking if they found the temp informing it doesn’t have any number plate, Niyati goes to him asking if he found it but when he refuses then Niyati exclaims that she made him swear that he must not come but even then he refused to accept her and came, because of which her daughter was taken away from her, Abhimanyu informs they both must remain like one as there is no point in fighting and she must calm down, Niyati is just crying.

The kidnapper reaches the hideout when he stumbles, then places the child on the desk, Angad comes from the corner when the kidnapper hands him the money assuring he will do his best to calm down the child, Angad however picks the child explaining that she is crying for the child but even her parents are crying for her, yet she will not be able to meet them in her life.

Niyati and Abhimanyu are in the car when he wonders where did the temp go since in order to get on the highway they would have to use this same path but no temp passed this way, he wonders where could have they gone to, he realizes that there is a secret path which not many people know about, he feels they would have used the same route when Niyati advises him to use the same path.

Angad is holding his niece exclaiming she is his step niece but even then, he is her family member and the only one who has seen her face, since no one else has even held her in their arms.Sulochana questions why did Abhimanyu take the police when Niyati asked him to never do anything of the sort, Manaroma informs he and Munna felt worried for the safety of Niyati and Guria which is why she sent them after her, Sulochana questions what was the need for her to show such love since when she her entire life hated Abhimanyu and even her daughter so what is the need for this fake love, Manaroma informs this is not true but Sulochana is really mad, Ram asks her to calm down.
Angad is sitting when a beggar enters exclaiming someone said they would get the money here, Angad informs she heard it correctly, he explains this child will be the way by which she earns money, the begger refuses to take the child but he insists, Angad starts giving her money instructing he about what she needs to do, he informs she needs to make this child live the life of a begger and also make sure that she passes through the street on which Mr Panday lives, and most importantly she must make sure the child lives the life of an orphan, he exclaims only then would his revenge be completed, he gives her more money. The begger starts smiling revealing that she can raise four children for such an amount. He sends her away exclaiming now his revenge would be complete since both Abhimanyu and Niyati would suffer and this child will have a life worse than what he suffered in his childhood.

Abhimanyu informs Niyati they have almost exited the city, so the kidnappers would be somewhere close, the begger reaches the road while the child is crying, Niyati sitting in the car feels the cry of her child, as they pass by the beggar she informs Abhimanyu that they have gotten close.

Abhimanyu and Niyati drive past the begger, Niyati can feel the cry of her child so he longs for her, but they do not look at the begger, Niyati spots the tempo so informs Abhimanyu, he says this means the kidnapper and their Guría would be in this warehouse, they both walk around the building searching for them both.

The kidnapper asks Angad if the work is done then can he give him his share so he can disappear from the city, Angad replies that he has helped him a lot so he himself would help him disappear, Angad calls him close to hug him but then he stabs him in the stomach until he dies, Abhimanyu and Niyati reach the warehouse, they both are shocked to see the dead body of the kidnapper, police also reach the location when they start searching the locality but are not able to find anything,Niyati sits beside the cot crying her heart out for the child, when Abhimanyu is also really tensed.

In the Panday mansion Karan advises they should also hire some private investigators along with the police to search for Guria, Mr Panday agrees with the idea so advises them to call any one whom they know, Kinkar explains that he knows some private investigators. Manaroma is standing with the tray of food, she looks to everyone and then requests them all to eat something, she explains Amma je e even has to take her medicine, she sees Angad walking in the house, he is not able to walk properly because of being drunk, she calls to help him but he walks into his room, Manaroma doesn’t understand what he is doing.

Angad in the room cheers to his victory, Manaroma entering the room questions what he is doing knowing the situation in the house is really tensed and the child was kidnapped, he must help them all. Angad thrashing her hand exclaims he doesn’t want to help anyone, Manaroma mentions that she knows he feels really bad when Niyati blamed him but Munna has also forgiven him so he should help them since he himself said he knows where thy tend to take such children, Angad replies he doesn’t give a damn about what is happening in their life since they never considered him as a part of the family, she says he must not talk like this and help them, Angad turning away informs the child will never return to the Panday family, Manaroma is shocked hearing this and so she holding him by the collar questions how does he know that the child will never return, she demands an answer when he after closing the door reveals that he got her kidnapped, Niyati hears them standing outside the room, she gets shocked so listens Angad revealing he yearend for the love of parents his entire life but not Niyati and Abhimanyu will long for the love of their daughter their entire life, Niyati is shocked hearing this, she questions what has he done, Manaroma starts requesting him about the location of the child.

Niyati is not able to bear the news and rushes to Abhimanyu who is standing in the hall with everyone else, Ram asks Niyati what has happened, Abhimanyu also cannot bear to see her in pain, even Mr Panday questions what has happened.

Manaroma pulls Angad when he is going to make another drink, she slaps him questioning what has he done, he is shocked to see her reaction, Manaroma questions where is her Granddaughter, she is not able to believe it but gets tensed.

Niyati reveals the name of Angad, Abhimanyu asks what has happened when she reveals Angad is behind the kidnapping of Guria as she heard him revealing the truth to Maa. Abhimanyu gets frustrated hearing this. Manaroma reveals that she has to inform Abhimanyu, Angad exclaims she can go and tell him since she cares the most about him, Manaroma replies he is wrong since she listened to his every desire and fulfilled them but he in his anger kidnapped the daughter of Abhimanyu, she turns to leave assuring that she is going to inform Abhimanyu but as she opens the door he calls her Mom questioning if she is not going to forgive her son, Manaroma turns back, she falls prey to his mind tricks because of the love which she has for him, Angad gets on his knees revealing he was wrong and when she for the first time slapped him, he realizes the extent of his mistake, he wishes she would have slapped him before, he requests for her forgiveness’, she sits down asking what did he call her, he replies he will call her as Mom, she requests him to calls her one more time again and again, then kisses his forehead with joy, Manaroma is crying informing she longed to hear this word as today he has called her Mom. Angad mentions he was brought up like an orphan and everyone would say anything to him since he was not able to reply, the anger filled in his heart so he was not able to do anything, he desired to take revenge and this happened. Manaroma consoles him informing there is no need to cry, Angad hugs her mentioning that he is scared because he in his anger did it and if Abhimanyu finds out the truth then would kill her son, he asks if she can hide the truth for her son as she is the only one who can save his life, Manaroma is crying.

Mr Panday exclaims that today Angad would not be saved from his hands, Amma jee also says that Niyati was trying to inform them all but they did not listen, Abhimanyu yells at Angad ordering him to come out, Manaroma wipes off his tears when he steps out questioning what has happened, Niyati rushes to him questioning where is her daughter, she knows he got her kidnapped and so must reveal the location, Abhimanyu rushes back when he brings the wooden log, he is questioning about the location then Angad tries to refuse but Abhimanyu informs him that when he was revealing the truth, Niyati heard the entire truth, Abhimanyu is constantly hitting him, he vows he is going to kill him if he does not reveal the truth, hearing this Manaroma realizes how Angad said that Abhimanyu would kill him if he finds out the truth, she stands in front of Abhimanyu shielding Angad, seeing this everyone is shocked about what Manaroma is doing.

Abhimanyu starts beating Angad with a wooden log, threatening to take his life but Manaroma comes in between stopping him, Angad stands up with the pain.Niyati questions why is she quiet since he revealed the truth in front of her, Abhimanyu also questions where is his daughter otherwise he would kill her, Angad says he did not do anything wrong and has no idea about his daughter, Niyati always thought wrong of him which is why she is blaming him, Angad asks Maa to see how they always consider him as a step son and not part of the family, Abhimanyu explains that if she does not reveal the truth then his real son would be killed while her step son would be thrown in jail, Manaroma explains that Niyati is not lying, Abhimanyu threatens to kill him, Manaroma stops him mentioning it was all just a mis understanding.

Manaroma explains that Angad tends to get angry and she also believed her, she questioned Angad but he in anger accepted that he kidnapped Guria because they all were blaming him which is what Niyati heard and so she revealed this all to them, Niyati replies it was the confession of Angad, he is the one who kidnapped their daughter. Niyati requests Manaroma to speak the truth since the Mahabharat also started because of it, Niyati reveals Abhimanyu is the only one who established the true relationship with her, they have given everything to her but even then she is just trying to protect her son, she has been living between her true and step relations. Manaroma mentions that she does not know anything and neither does Angad, Mr Panday in anger says that she is lying just like every other time, Sulochana also goes to help Niyati explaining that she believes her daughter is speaking the truth and Angad is behind it all.

Ram also questions Manaroma to speak the truth. Karan however says that it is all just a mis understanding and he believes Angad is innocent since they were not able to connect him with anything, Niyati looks at her when he questions why is she looking to him like this since she blamed Angad but the kidnapper was someone else and he got killed, Niyati explains he was working for Angad as someone was also present in the tempo. Rupa also questions Sulochana why is she talking like this without any proof, Sulochana says to Manaroma that she is not going to be able to respect her, Abhimanyu says they do not have any right to question his mother, Abhimanyu explains to Niyati that Maa does not have any reason to lie to them all, she herself went to question Abhimanyu, if she knew about the truth then would have informed them about it.

The inspector walks into the house, everyone is shocked to see him, Niyati rushes to him blaming Angad for being the kidnapper she asks him to arrest Angad and question him, the inspector informs Gajender sir there is bad news, he calls the constable. Abhimanyu questions what bad news, and what is in the box, he reveals that it has her locket and clothes filled with blood, Mr Panday reveals this was the same band which Amma gave to the nurse, they question how did the police get this. Kinkar picks the letter questioning what is written in it, Niyati takes out the clothes exclaiming they belong to her daughter, she is shocked to see the clothes, the entire family is terrified. Niyati questions why is there blood in the clothes, Abhimanyu asks what is written in the letter, Kinkar starts reading it saying they should understand what has happened to their daughter after witnessing her clothes, the revenge for deception is blood, everyone is stunned hearing this threat.

Niyati is not able to move her hand, she is constantly looking at the blood and starts breathing heavily, Amma jee also starts crying meanwhile Angad is standing there looking at them both, Angad is relieved to see the despair. Manaroma hugs Abhimanyu, everyone is crying for the loss which they have suffered. Ram and Sulochana try to console Niyati, Angad thinks their cry gives him such relief but the game has not yet ended as his last plan would ruin them both.

In the night, Niyati is sitting while the entire Panday family is mourning for the loss of their daughter, Sulochana asks Niyati to cry but she is not even saying anything, Amma jee also requests her to say something and not remain like this,, Niyati suddenly wakes up, she asks what is the time exclaiming Guria would be hungry so he has to feed her, Amma jee manages to console her but Niyati insists on leaving, Abhimanyu also requests her to regain her senses since this is not right, she asks why is he crying like a doll and there is no need for him to be so worried, Amma je reveals that her Guria has died but Niyati doesn’t accept it, she asks Maa to reveal the truth. Sulochana forces her to accept that Guria has died, hearing this Niyati falls to the ground crying with pain since she cannot bear the loss of her daughter. Kinkar is helping Abhimanyu but he walks up to his room. Meanwhile Niyati is crying.

Niyati says maa cannot take her Guria, how can she do it when she herself is the maa. Abhimanyu standing beside the cot exclaims this is where she should have been, with the family members and her father, when he got to know that she was coming in his life, his every dream was just for her, and how much did he wanted to talk with her, he desired to play, cry with her, how would her father be able to live without him, Abhimanyu is weeping.

Abhimanyu requests her to come back to him since he cannot live without her, Manaroma is standing outside his room, she is also weeping, Manaroma enters the room, she closes the door meanwhile Angad thanks her since she saved him, she pushes him away questioning why did he kill her, he accepts that he just kidnapped her but when Abhimanyu brought the police, they got scared and one of them killed his partner along with the child. Angad suddenly gets scared saying his life is in danger because of Niyati and until she is in this house, he cannot live peacefully so she would have to leave this house and Abhimanyu, he asks if she would do this for her son but Manaroma vows to not do anything wrong with Abhimanyu ever again, she plans to go and reveal the entire truth to him, Angad is shocked hearing what Manaroma is planning.

Manaroma in shock questions if he got her killed, Angad replies he only had her kidnapped but did not kill Guria, he feels there is only a single way hius life would be spared because Niyati needs to go away from Abhimanyu because if she finds out the truth, she will tell Abhimanyu after which he would not be able to live, he says just as they both have lost their daughter she will also lose her son.

Manaroma exclaims she will not wrong her Munna anymore but Angad exclaims that she will have to do it as she needs to make him believe that he has to go away from Niyati, Manaroma however explains she cannot do it anymore, Angad explains that if she cannot see them both get separated then would have to see him die, he says she cannot see Abhimanyu and Niyati separate but can see him die in front of her, she stops him when he holding the gun on his forehead asks if she is going to convince Abhimanyu that he needs to live without Niyati, she finally accepts that she will do just as what he desires , she sits in front of him when he thanks her before walking away, meanwhile Manaroma starts crying lying down on the floor, he turns off the gun pointing it towards Manaroma, Angad sees how there are no bullets in the gun.

Ram also says that he doesnot like that person Gaju, he replies that he is just a poisonous snake, kinkar explains the police is investigating and would find out the truth, Amma jee says what would happen since their Guria will never come back.

Rupali exclaims she cannot understand what is going on in this house, she is worried what if Abhimanyu mis behaves with Angad, karan mentions even Niyati has crossed her limits by blaming Angad.Ram and Sulochana are with Niyati, she assures her that everything would be fine.

Manaroma slowly walks to the room where Abhimanyu is sitting, he starts crying and hugs her explaining they even killed her, even after taking the money when Abhimanyu asks if their enemies are behind it all but mentions he failed as a father since it was his responsibility to protect her but he was not able to do it, Manaroma exclaims that he has not lost as nothing like this would have happened if Niyati had listened to him, he and the police were constantly saying that they need to trust the system as the kidnappers might kill the child if they give the money, Abhimanyu recalling how she made him swear asks Manaroma what is she saying, she goes to the table picking the knife when Manaroma questions why did Niyati not listen to him when he advised how they should not give the money but Niyati did not listen to anyone of them, she should have trusted the police but in her stubbornness she inflicted harm on their daughter, Abhimanyu recalls when Niyati insisted that she doesnot want to take any risk, recalling this he starts believing in Manaroma so rushes out of the room in anger, Manaroma takes a deep breath while holding the knife that has cut into her hand, she is still crying hysterically. Manaroma sits beside the console, apologizing to Niyati because if she had not done it today then both the mothers would have lost their children, she had to do it in order to save Angad.

In the night, Ram and Sulochana are with Niyati when Sulochana explains that all this happened because of Abhimanyu, Manaroma sent him and the police after her, he doesnot think of anything else in front of Manaroma, she advises Niyati to take Abhimanyu away from Manaroma if she wants to save her marriage, Ram also explains that she has wronged them all when they considered her to be a sister, she first wronged Gaju and Abhimanyu and after that refused to give the money, she is just using them all. Abhimanyu asks them to stop it, he reveals he considered them as his own parents but they are blaming him for what happened to his daughter, everyone gathers in the hall when Abhimanyu is blaming them both, he explains Ram tried to get Niyati married knowing he was married to her, Niyati tries to calm him when Abhimanyu explains he heard how her parents are blaming him for the death of their daughter, he says that there was a time when she would not listen to anything which someone said against him but today did not say anything to her parents, Niyati reveals he is not understanding but Abhimanyu replies should he accept the blame that he and his mother are responsible for the death of their Guria when in reality she is the sole person responsible for her death, everyone is shocked to hear the blame, Ram tries to calm him, Niyati stops her father revealing that no one would come in between, she asks what did he say that she is the reason their daughter died.

Abhimanyu replies she indeed is the reason because if she had listened to him then their Guria would be alive, he has lost his daughter because of her, Niyati in anger asks Mr Abhimanyu Panday to stop, she says the mother who tried to kill him even then he cannot listen anything against her, while he made the mother a killer of her own daughter but he is wrong as she made him swear that he will not come but he followed her, their daughter lost her life and trusted his mother and police more then the mother of his own daughter, she explains Manaroma has always wronged him and she knows that what he is saying are the words of his mother, she explains he has just remained a son and was never ready to be a father, otherwise he would not have thought away from the truth, Abhimanyu raises his hand to slap Niyati but stops, everyone is shocked to see his anger. Niyati meanwhile is standing in front of him, he controls himself asking if she is blaming that he was not able to be a father, she is blaming him when in reality she killed his daughter even after being a mother, he exclaims it is enough and she needs to go from here, he pulls Niyati while everyone tries to stop him. Angad smiles seeing it all from the balcony.

Abhimanyu is pulling Niyati out of the house, he pushes her away saying she should go away from his life and must never come before him, Niyati is shocked hearing what Abhimanyu has said to her. She is standing looking at Abhimanyu.

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