Destined by fate update Wednesday 9 August 2023

Destined by fate 9 August 2023: Sayuri thinks if Saroj accepted Nakul and Rashmi’s relationship, then why was she grinning sheepishly. She thinks why she thinks Saroj is conspiring something. Kanha and Nakul are amazed with Saroj’s sudden change in behavior. They feel very happy that Saroj accepted Rashmi and gifted family bangle to her. Kanha prays for Nakul and Rashmi’s happy life together forever. Nakul touches Kanha’s feet and takes her blessings. Their conversation continues.

Back to room, Kanha gets romantic with Sayuri and lifts her up. Sayuri asks him to put her down as she is feeling drowsy. He puts her down and notices her tensed. He asks reason. She says she is fine. He insists. She says she is amazed with Saroj’s sudden change in behavior and doubts her intentions. He says the change is gradual as Saroj realized that he will not look at any other woman other than Sayuri, she even realized that Nakul truly loves Rashmi and accepted their relationship with true heart. Sayuri is not convinced, but hopes Saroj has really changed.

Indu and Bhanu also refuse to believe that Saroj has changed. Rashmi walks to them and admires her bangles gifted by Saroj. Indu expresses her concern over Saroj’s changed behavior. Rashmi asks if Sayuri brainwashed them and supports Saroj. Indu and Bhanu try to explain, but Rashmi continues her blind support for Saroj. Bhanu says she will never believe that Saroj can change in life. Rashmi walks away. Indu asks Bhanu what happened to Rashmi overnight. Bhanu says she is blind in love now.

Sayuri notices a rash on Kanha’s neck and shows it to him. He gets romantic. She says she’s serious. He says maybe its due to artificial jewelry. She asks him to remove his kurta and applies ointment on his neck. Ishq Ki Chashni.. song plays in the background. He gets romantic, and they both get intimate.

Next morning, Dhanraj tells Saroj that she won his heart with her change yesterday. Tej says whole family is happy with her decision. Kusum asks how did she change suddenly. Saroj says she lost her one son and doesn’t want to lose her other son, a mother has to give up her adamancy for children’s sake, etc. Kusum hugs her and says she is happy for both Nakul and Saroj and asks if she is feeling light after removing hatred for Sharmas from her heart. Tej asks when will they have Nakul and Rashmi’s engagement. Tej says Ganesh Chaturti is coming. Kusum says they shall perform engagement on festival then.

Dhanraj says he doesn’t want Nakul’s marriage before Kusum’s marriage. Kusum convinces him not to bother about her mother. Dhanraj asks Saroj to fix a date then. Saroj says as Kusum said and asks Kusum to take sweets for Sharmas and inform them about the engagement. Sayuri smiles hearing their conversation. Saroj smirks at her.


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