Anupama Starlife update Wednesday 28 December 2022

Anupama 28 December 2022: Kinjal informs Anupama that she found out that she is pregnant on the morning of valetine’s day itself and was eager to inform her on her birthday, but she ruined her own surprise. Anupama says this is the best surprise. Anuj looking at the diamond ring thinks both the groom and baratis are ready, Anu should say yes. Anu rejoices to hear that she is becoming a grandmother and says she feels as if she came to this house yesterday and today she has become a grandmother. She says a woman has many stages of life, first a daughter, then wife, then mother, and then grandma; grandma is the highest stage of life. She continues sharing her happiness. Kinjal says she doesn’t know if she can be a good mother like her. Anu says she will be a better mother than her as she is well educated and intelligent. She says mother’s duty is to scold and grandma’s duty is to spoil the kid.

Mamaji sprinkles water on Baa and says didi got conscious. Baa says Kinjal stumbled and not her and asks everyone not to worry as Anu is with Kinjal. Vanraj notices Anuj blushing and thinks what must be the reason. Kinjal complains Anu that she sees Vanraj and Toshu always frowning at home and hence afraid of informing the good news to them, its Anu’s duty now to reveal the good news to them. Bapuji informs Dolly that Anu expressed her feelings for Anuj. Dolly shows thumbs up to Anuj, and Anuj blushes more.Anu walks down and happily dances on Dholida.. song. Baa taunts she is dancing as if she is becoming a PM. Anu says its a bigger news than that, Toshu and Kinjal are becoming parents and she is becoming grandmother. Whole family rejoices hearing that. Kavya hopes Vanraj learns from Toshu and finds time for love. GK tells Anuj that news is good, but Shah family’s timing is really bad; he thought Anu will announce her and Anuj’s wedding. Anuj says even he thought same, but anyways this happiness is bigger than their happiness. He says its great that he became a boyfriend recently and hasn’t become a husband yet, but became a grandfather before that. He hopes he becomes a husband soon. Family starts dancing around Kinjal. Anu notices Anuj and includes him in dance.

Samar tells Anu that she got such a big gift on her birthday. Kinjal asks if she wanted to inform something. Samar says its her turn now. Anuj eagerly waits. Anu says her online class website is lunched and already many admission are done. Anuj and Bapuji feel disappointed hearing that. Vanraj asks if she surely wanted to make such a small announcement. Bapuji says its not a small announcement and congratulates Anupama. Everyone clap for Anu. Anu reminds Baa that her grandma had prepared a lotus seed/makhana snack for her when she got pregnant, she will prepare that snack for Kinjal. Kavya says they don’t have lotus seeds at home. Anu says she will get it from market and walks on road remembering all the recent discussions. She breaks down and thinks she couldn’t she express her happiness as she didn’t want to ruin Kinjal’s happiness, she couldn’t say that would be grandma wants to marry.Anupama feels sorry for not speaking up for Anuj. Anuj walks to her. She apologizes him. He recites a shayari for her seeing her in tears. GK tells Bapuji that when Anupama came out, he thought she would announce her marriage with Anuj. Bapuji says even he waited for that moment, especially Anu herself. He notices Vanraj pampering and feeding fruits to pregnant Kinjal elated with the news of becoming a grandfather. Bapuji says he knows the reason and describe how the women feels when she becomes a grandmother and sacrifices her own happiness. Anu tells Anuj that how she felt when she heard a news about becoming a grandmother and couldn’t announce that she wants to marry again and continues pouring her heart out and apologizing Anuj.

Anuj says he is unable to understand both her happiness and dilemma. He says she shouldn’t get him wrong as he doesn’t even know how it feels when one becomes a groom, father, and grandfather, but he can see her happiness of becoming a grandmother. She says she wants to marry him and shies. He feels stunned and jumps in happiness. He says he was waiting for this moment since 26 years ago and openly wants to tell her whole family that he wants to marry her. She asks if he was expecting her to propose him. He says her friend had already told him and shows his sindhoor bottle which he found at Shah house.She holds his hand and says she wants to tell now what she couldn’t then and says she has her Bapuji’s blessings and children’s approval. He eagerly asks to say it then. She says her answer is yes and she wants him that she Anupama Joshi and wants to make him Mr Anuj Anupama Joshi. He laughs and asks to rethink once as once he holds her hand, he will never leave it. She keeps her another hand on his hand and says she wants to be Anuj’s Anupama for the rest of her life. Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam Khayi Hai.. song plays in the background. He says he is tired of acting a good boy, so he will keep her sindhoor bottle as her gift near his heart as he is habituated to keep her things, like flower, magnet, heart, memories, and her approval. He then asks her to inform Shah family to not do any drama until their wedding or else he will fill her hairline immediately without giving them any chance to react. She hugs him. He hugs her back and then walks her hand and walks along. Tumhe Apna Banake Ki Kasam Khai Hai.. song.. continues in the background.

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