Anupama Starlife update Tuesday 27 December 2022

Anupama 27 December 2022: Samar blindfolding Anupama brings her to her birthday venue. Anupama gets happy seeing happy bthday written with lamps and says looks like Kanhaji saved 45 years of happiness for today and says irshe has decided that when something happens and everyone stands shocked. She goes into flashback where she gets a voice message from her mother that Hasmukh/Bapuji informed her that she accepted Anuj’s proposal. She shies hearing that. Mother says she must be thinking that mother should think of her children first, but she should understand that mother is also a human and should think of even her happiness, etc. Anuj and Malvika’s discussion continues. Anuj asks about GK and his dates. GK says its going well. He says its Anu’s birthday. She says she brought a gift for Anu and says she is going. He panics and says she will not go anywhere. She says she needs a break and wants to be a free bird, but will manage her business. He insists her not to go, but she says she has to as she is feeling suffocated.

Vanraj returns home frowning. Kavya feels excited seeing him asks if she should get water for him. He says she should get poison for him and reveals that Malvika ran away again as she needs a break while the fact his he works hard and she just relaxes. Kavya says Malvika does that only if something happens. He says Anupama had visited the office to share her pearls of wisdom post which Malvika ran away; above all when he comes here, the house is decorated for Anupama’s birthday. Anuj insists Malvika that she cannot go as its not her mistake. Malvika says let us talk about his proposal. Anuj asks if GK informed her of everything. She says yes of course, they have even planned his sanskari bachelorette where he, GK, Mamaji, and Bapuji will visit Vrindavan. She further says she will convince Anu at gunpoint if she doesn’t agree, but please let her go. Anuj disagrees. She kisses his cheek and pampers him emotionally. He agrees. She asks him to make Anu her bhabhi in her absence, hugs him and walks away. Phoolon Ka Taron KA Sabka Kehna Hai.. song plays in the background. Anuj says everything is going well today, Mukku was sounding herself, even his and Anu’s lives will be changed and there will be start of new relationships.

Kavya requests Vanraj to calm down or else Bapuji will feel bad. Vanraj shouts that Anuj’s name is chanted at the office and Anu’s name is chanted at home, he is tired of Anupama’s interference in his life. She says they can skip Anu’s birthday party and enjoy in some club. He says he will not go anywhere and will settle his score with Anu. Anupama gets ready for birthday and prays Kanhaji to help her take a decision and what should she reply to Anuj. She asks him to give her a signal of approval like in films. She gets happy seeing her hands red due to her sari color, thanks Kanhaji, and says now her new life will start; she was a daughter and mother till now and now will become a wife.Anuj nervously waits for Anu’s birthday and reads her note on her house door to com on terrace. He excitedly reaches terrace and gets happy seeing Anu holding ring. Anu says Pakhi’s ring is found. Anuj gets nervous seeing everyone there and asks why were the lights off. Anu says because gold glows in dark. Kinjal says mummy’s birthday is tomorrow, but they wanted her to cut cake at 12 a.m. Family makes her cut cake and ask her to make a wish. She wishes for her marriage and feeds cake to everyone and then finally Anuj. Anuj wishes her happy birthday and feeds her cake. Everyone clap for them. Anu thanks them for starting her birthday so beautifully. Pakhi says this is nothing, Bapuji has planned a grand birthday party. Anu starts her speech an dsays she never celebrated her birthday but wished someone wished her happy birthday; she wants to celebrate her happy birthday this year, she was craving to hear someone singing happy birthday for her, there is no tag for happiness and she has decided to celebrate her birthday every year from hereon and wants everyone to wish her happy birthday when she grows 80 year old and loses her teeth. Anuj says she is right, there is no age for celebrating birthday.

Anu says she wants to announce something important tomorrow. Bapuji says they will eagerly wait for tomorrow then. Anuj thinks tomorrow he will hit a jackpot and imagines his and Anu’s wedding looking at the gift he bought. Kinjal thinks even she wants to tell something to mummy as even she has decided something. Vanraj thinks she will see if her birthday will be happy or not. Anu thinks there will be a new start after her birthday tomorrow. She gets happy receiving Toshu and Baa’s birthday wish messages. Anuj gets a call and stands shocked.At Shah house, Vanraj advises Toshu that they got a business in their hands and soon will get power in their hands with their intelligence and hard work, but he should learn to manage both business and house and concentrate on even Kinjal; he couldn’t be a good husband due to his bad fate, but Toshu go a well-educated and understanding wife. Toshu asks what he wants to say. Vanraj says he should be a good husband as Baa informed there is some problem between them; he understands work pressure, but like love is not everything, even work is not everything and he needs to maintain a healthy balance. Toshu says life will not give them a chance repeatedly, they got a chance with great difficulty, Kinjal will go nowhere and will understand. Vanraj says they get busy in future planning so much that they stop living today and advises him to take Kinjal out tomorrow not bothered about tomorrow’s meeting. Toshu agrees and goes to sleep. Vanraj checks birthday party pics and thinks he cannot lose.

Anu also shocked after hearing the news asks how is it possible. Anuj says it has and excitedly informs that he had recorded her dance video and enrolled her in a interstate dance competition in Delhi and she is being selected as a contestant. Everyone clap and rejoice. Anu amazed asked if she is selected and then jumps in happiness. Anuj says it was to happen when she is so talented and courageous. Anu says its a big competition and she has seen contesting dancing in hip-hop, acrobatic, and many modern forms, so how can she dance like them. Anu says she will dance by heart like she usually does; people dance for trophy, fame, money, but she will dance for her Kanhaji. He continues encouraging her with his long praise and says she will set the stage on fire, etc. Anu takes oath.Next morning, Anu wakes up wishing happy birthday to herself and jumping in happiness. She notices Anuj preparing breakfast for her dancing on Teri Ishq Ki Deewangi Sar Pe Chadh Ke Bole.. song and dances behind him. She then walks to him. Anuj burns toast in nerovusness. Anu says he need not worry as they will fix it and asks how did he enter her house. He says he took keys from Samar. She says its okay as he wanted to surprise her. She says she wanted to prepare an English breakfast for her, but burnt it. She says its okay as she had already ordered breakfast, they will spend time together and just enjoy whole day with Gujrati breakfast and tea. He says he will prepare it soon and getting romantic asks her to give him return birthday gift. She thinks she will give it in front of whole family. Her phone rings. He says Shah family disturbed them again. Anu speaks to Bapuji and says she and Anuj will reach on time. Anuj looks at his proposal ring in a black bead thread. GK calls him and asks if he prepared breakfast and gave gift to Anu. Anuj says breakfast burtn and gift spoilt, but he has planned something. GK says with his speed, he will be left far behind. He says he fixed diamond ring in a black bread thread. GK says both proposal ring and mangalsutra. Anuj says yes.

Toshu wishes good morning to Kinjal and says he has an off today, so they can go out and spend some quality time together. She says its mummy’s birthday today. He says he knows, it was papa’s suggestoin. She asks if he would have done same if it was papa’s brithday. He says she complains him when he doesn’t spend time with her. She thanks him and asks why he took off today. He says papa asked him to. Kinjal says papa wants children to miss mummy’s birthday. He says he postponed his important meeting to spend time with her. She says she didn’t ask him to and he should finish his important work and attend toight’s party if possible as there maybe a big announcement. Anu gets ready for birthday party. Kinjal praises Bapuji for decorating the house beautifully for Anupama’s birthday. Bapuji says they all did it. Dolly says she prepared tea and snacks and will not let bhabi work on her birthday. Baa gets jealous and says they didn’t show similar excitement on her birthday, what is the difference between her and Anupama. Mamaji jokes its like a difference between pooja cococunt and bomb. Baa warns him to stop joking. Meenu says naani is jalkukdi/jealous. Baa taunts not to become like her mother. Dolly says she should become like Anupama. She says Vanraj and Toshu have gone to office. Sanjay he doesn’t think they will come. Bapuji says its good if they don’t come or else they will spoil party mood. Dolly taunts Baa that mummy can also do it and if she thinks so, she should visit cafe with her friends and chill.

Anu with Anuj heads towards Shah house. He stares at her smilingly. She asks what is he looking at. He says happiness, its good that he doesn’t have his big red car now as he would have crashed it looking at her face. Their cute nok jhok starts. Vanraj and Toshu return home. Bapuji asks why did he they return so early. Vanraj says their meeting finished, so they came home early and will work from home. Family except Baa gets sad seeing them. Vanraj grins and taunts that they can enjoy outsider’s birthday but cannot force insiders to stay out and ask where is the birthday girl. Anu with Anuj visits Shah house. Anu notices door closed and asks why is the door closed today. Anuj says he thinks they want to surprise her, even he is waiting for his surprise/proposal. Vanraj opens door and asks if they are thinking what is he doing here, he via balcony saw them coming and hence thought of performing Anupama ji’s aarti on auspicious Anupama jayanti. Anu taunts back that aarti is performed of big people. He says finally she accepted that he is bigger than her husband. Anu says he is definitely bigger in his betrayal, shamelessness, superego, so shall she perform his aarti. Vanraj stands frowning.

Anu gets happy seeing the decoration and so many gifts for her. Bapuji warns her to party first and then open gifts. She says she needs blessings first, takes his blessings and tries to take Baa’s blessings, but jealous Baa swings on her swing ignoring her. Anu forcefully touches her feet and hugs her tightly and kisses her until she blesses and wishes her happy birthday. Baa shouts why is she misbehaving. Baa says its her love and says she feels as if its her first birthday. She forcefully makes Toshu and Kavya wish her happy birthday and taunts Vanraj that whether he wishes or her not doesn’t matter her as his presence doesn’t matter to her anymore. She then asks about Pakhi. Bapuji says her friend’s mother Sheena is hospitalized, so she went there.Anu says she is ready to cut the cake. Anuj thinks even he is ready. Anu says before starting all this, she wants to announce something. Samar blindfolds her and shows her happy birthday Anupama written on floor with flowers and lamp. Anu rejoices more hearing that. Whole family recites a shayari snippet for her, making her more happy and emotional. She says she got all the happiness with interest at once in return, she doesn’t know how to handle it. Mamaji jokes to look at Didi. Anu thanks everyone and holding a sindhoor bottle says she wants to announce something and is about to reveal it when Kinjal collapses. Whole family rushes to her. Anu wakes her up and asks if she is fine. Baa says young girls are mad behind intermittent fasting and asks Samar to make her rest and call the doctor. Anu makes her rest and asks if she is fine. Kinjal says yes. Baa gets her glucose water and scolds not to starve herself again in lieu of losing weight. Anupama sensing something is wrong asks them to go out and let her sit with Kinjal. Family waits in living room worried for her. Baa returns says she is fine, but Rakhi will not spare them if she comes to know about it. Anuj feels sad and tells GK Anu almost was announcing about their marriage, but stopped. GK says its a comma and not full stop. Kinjal reveals Anu that she is pregnant.

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