Lost in Love update Friday 30 December 2022


Lost in Love 30 December 2022: Sai asks Bhavani if she can do something to make her feel good. Bhavani asks her to visit her room and bring a box from her cupboard’s first drawer. Virat asks that is in that box. Bhavani says everyone will find out soon. Sai brings the box. Bhavani gifts it to Pakhi and asks Samrat to come and open the box. Samrat opens the box. Everyone is amazed to see a beautiful bead necklace in it. Sonali reminds her that she wanted to gift it to Sai. Bhavani says she wanted to but changed her decision at the right time as Pakhi always served her without any argument or question. Pakhi grins at Sai. Bhavani asks Samrat to put it in Pakhi’s neck. Samrat does same while Karishma clicks their pictures.

Necklace breaks down and beads spread all around the floor. Bhavani scolds Samrat for breaking the necklace followed by Sonali and Mansi who ask him to pick the beads soon. Pakhi says its Sai’s evil eyes that broke the necklace and not Samrat, she got jealous that Bhavani gifted her necklace to her. Sai says where is the question of evil eyes, its Bhavani’s wish to gift the necklace to whoever she wants to. Bhavani says Pakhi is right. Virat asks her not to blame Sai for just a small issue. Samrat also says its not Sai mistake as he broke the necklace by mistake. Bhavani yells at them not to support Sai as they don’t know what Sai is.Virat while dropping Sai to college in his car asks her not to think much about the necklace issue and stay calm as she has 24-hour duty. Sai stops the car outside the hospital premises citing Dr. Thurat’s trouble.

Virat says he will speak to Dr. Thurat. She stops him and tries to get in. He holds her and says he cannot wait for a whole day. She says he has to and walks away giving him flying kisses. She then walks to reception and signs the register. Dr. Thurat passes by and calls Sai with the wrong name. Sai says her name is Sai and wishes him good morning. He rudely speaks to him and reminds him that she has 24-hour duty. She says she remembers it. He wondered why she didn’t come to him citing her family issues and pleading to let her off soon. Sai says she is a complete professional and knows her duty. He says a married woman can never be a better professional. She challenges him. He says he liked her confidence and will see how she manages medical emergencies. She says she knows he would help her during medical emergencies as a senior.Sai performs her duty in emergency room when a injured goon Malar walks in with his goons who create ruckus in the hospital and troubles everyone. Malar kicks a stretcher angrily which is about to hit a kid. Sai protects the kid and scolds Malar for his rude behavior. Pakhi wanders in her room frowning. Karishma walks in. Pakhi scolds her for entering the room without knocking the door. Karishma thinks Pakhi is getting back into power, so she needs to be in her good books. She says she came to send her and Samrat’s pictures. Pakhi asks her to leave and send the pictures.


Karishma leaves. Pakhi smiles looking at her and Samrat’s pics. Samrat returns and asks if he was smiling at his pic. Pakhi complains Samrat that her necklace broke because of Sai. Samrat asks her to close her eyes and gifts her a beautiful bead necklace. She feels happy. He asks how is it. She says its very beautiful.Back in the hospital, Malar yells at Sai for giving him lecture and throws an old patient out of bed. Sai holds the old patient and stops Malar. An intern rushes to Thurat and requests him to come and handle the goon Malar. Thurat says let Sai handle it herself. Malar continues to throw tantrums. Sai handles him in her own style. Intern brings Thurat and shows him Malar’s misbehavior. Thurat says he wants to see Sai breaking down.

Dr. Thurat acts as supporting Sai and scolds Malhar for misbehaving in the hospital. Malhar threatens Thurat that his father and uncle are powerful people of Nagpur and own half of the Nagpur, he will destroy his hospital if he doesn’t get a pain killer. Thurat gets afraid and orders nurse to give painkiller to Malar. Malar walks towards an old man’s bed. Sai warns him to dare not sit on that bed and warns him to behave well if he wants to be treated. She tongue lashes him that doctors work hard for patient’s comfort and deserve respect in return, she doesn’t dare if his father is a big shot and will treat him only if he shows respect Malar gets impressed that she is behaving like him and silently agrees for the treatment. Another intern praises Sai’s brave act.Virat returns home from work. Ashwini offers him to dinner. He asks her not to bother as he will warm the food himself. Ashwini feels elated spending some quality time with her son and feeds him food. Virat misses Sai while haivng food. Samrat walks in with Pakjhi and reveals about their new friendship. Virat feels happy for Samrat. Pakhi opens her laptop and sees Virat’s picture in it. She decides to delete it and move on in life with Samrat. She then starts wriging her blogs. Samrat offers her tea. She recalls the moments spent with him.

Sai misses Virat and messages him. Virat feels elated seeing her message and replies her back. They recall the quality time spent with each other. Sai’s intern colleague praise her bravery. Malar complains of pain again and insists for a pain killer. Sai refuses to give him a pain killer citing the issue of overdose. His aides offer him alcohol to lessen his pain. He falls for Sai and secretly clicks her pics. Dr. Thurat feels frustrated when he doesn’t get a chance to humiliate Sai.

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