Anupama starlife update Wednesday 27 March 2024

Anupama 27 March 2024: Anupama comforts crying Samar and says he is afraid as he is becoming a father for the first time, every child brings it’s own fate and his baby has got a good fate. Samar says he is happy that they are all there to take care of his baby and says his baby is lucky to have a grandmother like her, grandfather like Vanraj, great grandfather like Hasmukh, sisters like Pari and CA, etc.

He thanks her for all the efforts she put for him since his childhood and counts each one of them. Anupama gets emotional and asks if he will make her cry now. Samar says she has a heaven under her feet and says he will pray god that he gets only her as her mother. Anupama says even she is lucky and feeds him kheer. She notices thunderstorms and says climate is bad today. Samar says thank you for everything and I am sorry. Anupama asks sorry for what. He leaves her sari pallu and says he will go now. Anupama says she told him 1000 times that he should say he will go and come back from the door. She picks a protective thread and says she will tie it tightly now. Samar asks her to handle everything and walks away.

Anupama asks him to be careful and notices power off. She searches for a candle and thinks Leela changed placed of stuff in her absence. She finds a candle. Ladies continue to play antakshari. Kinjal asks if she found candle. Anupama says she found one and lights it. She stands shocked seeing Annuj appearing suddenly and says he frightened her, earlier Samar and now him. She notices other males standing behind Anuj and asks if everyone came. All men stand sadly. Kinjal asks it’s so dark, why they are not speaking.

Anupama says something has happened for sure, they are standing just like a lane kids who do mistakes and stand crying, she will question them once power returns. Power returns. They notice all men crying and ask if they fought in club. Kinjal says they are pranking for sure. Pakhi says they are pranking for sure, but we will not fall for their trick.

Anupama asks Hasmukh if he also joined them in pranking us and asks where is Samar, asks them to stop their drama, and asks Samar to stop hiding and come in. Anuj says Samar will not come now. Anupama asks what does he mean. Anuj says Samar left them forever and breaks down. All ladies stand in a shock. Vanraj recalls Sonu shooting at Anuj and Samar seeing that jumping to rescue Anuj and bearing a bullet on himself. He falls down. All men rush to him. Vanraj pleads Samar to keep his eyes open. Samar closes eyes. Dimpy asks Anuj to stop his cheap jokes.

Anupama laughs and says whose cheap and silly idea was this, why Hasmukh is supporting them in this; they must have thought that they will prank us and make us cry, but Samar failed their prank by coming home before them. Anuj asks Samar? Anupama says Samar was here 5 minutes ago and just ran away after having kheer; he told I love you mummy, thank you mummy, etc.; and warns them to dare not make such a bad joke. Toshu says Samar is really no more. Anupama warns them if they play such a cheap prank, she will not spare them.

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