Anupama starlife update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Anupama 2 August 2023: Anupama shakes bangles with Maaya as a mark of respect for womanhood. Kavya and all other women including Leela join her and they all shake their bangles. Ankush feels anxious hearing bangle sound and requests to stop it. Anupama says its amazing that a few men can’t hear women’s bangle sound but ignore their cries. Maaya thanks Anupama and all women sincerely and says she thought they would hate her after knowing her truth, but they gave her respect instead. Kinjal says a mother sacrifices a lot for her child, she ignored her mother’s sacrifice and will never forget from hereon. Pakhi says even she insulted her mummy, but will respect her from hereon. Barkha says she couldn’t become a perfect mother, she considers Adhik as her son, he became a perfect son, but she couldn’t become a perfect mother. She apologizes Adhik for not supporting him when he needed her support.

Leela says Anupama became a mother, but she could become her mother. Dimple says even she coudln’t value her parents. Kavya says they all make mistakes and can’t consider Maaya’s mistakes as sins, she respects Maaya more now as she is a businesswoman and a helpless mother.Each family member continue to praise Maaya in their own words. Sushma says Maaya fought for 7 years, her wait is over today and she can proudly claim her daughter as hers now. Anuj feels upset hearing that. Little Anu walks in and asks what is happening here. Maaya says its Little Anu’s birthday. Little Anu asks without her? Anupama says its for Little Anu.

Leela blesses Anupama that her curse shouldn’t work and Little Anu chooses Anupama not because Maaya is good, but because Anupama is the best. Back home, Kinjal praises Maaya’s determination and courage. Toshu says Maaya earned so much money for her daughter even after suffering so much, even he will earn lots of money for Pari and buy happiness for her. Kinjal says he can get stuff from money and not happiness. Pakhi says Kinjal is right, even she used to run behind money and luxury, but then realized that she was happy when her parents were together and misbehaved with her mother.

Anuj tells Anupama that he made a mistake of misjudging Maaya and realized that she is Little Anu’s biological mother, but he will continue to fight and will not let Little Anu go away from him. Vanraj gets a lawyer’s notice. He angrily holds Toshu’s collar and asks if he gave Hasmukh’s karkhana/factory papers to lawyer. Toshu arroganlyt asks him to leave his collar and accepts that he gave it to lawyer to include his names in the papers. Vanraj asks if he lost his mind, Hasmukh gave karkhana to Anupama. Toshu says so what, he is Hasmukh’s grand and Anupama’s son and has rights on karkhana. Vanraj says he never sought property rights from his father. Leela says he has lost his mind. Samar says he crossed his limits today. Toshu says what is wrong if he is seeking his right. Vanraj says Toshu is his son and not Hasmukh’s; its Hasmukh’s wish wither he transfer his proprety to Anupama, Dolly, or some trust; he should earn it himself.

Toshu says Vanraj should have fought for his rights and just accepted whatever he is given. He criticizes Vanraj for living in an old dilapidated house without any ambition while he has big ambitions with plans to start a business in a karkhana. Hasmukh warns him to dare not talk ill about his house as its his father’s blessings for him. Vanraj asks if he built a 5-bedroom house, started from a bicycle to a car, t-shirt to Italian coat, became a company’s regional manager without any ambition; if he wasn’t ambitious, he would have been working in a small company riding a scooter; fate and time didn’t support him, that doesn’t mean Toshu can call him unambitious; they all want Toshu to succeed in life, but not via a wrong route; he should be a good person first and change his attitude first and never eye on Hasmukh’s karkhana. Unperturbed Toshu says Vanraj doesn’t want to grow and even not letting him grow. Vanraj asks why didn’t he die before doing all this and asks him to get out of his hosue. Toshu says even he doesn’t want to live with such people and leaves. Vanraj apologizes Kinjal for tying her with such a man and asks her not to waste her life with Toshu.

Anupama pampers Little Anu and makes her asleep. Sooha Saaha Amma Kaa.. song plays in the background. Maaya asks her forget what she said earlier and says Anupama has 3 children, parents, and a loving husband, but she doesn’t have anyone else except Little Anu and can’t live without her. Little Anu in sleep murmurs mamma. Toshu’s assistant provokes him against Vanraj. Toshu says he will return home only after becoming something. Assistant says he will surely become a successful man. Toshu says nobody understands her except her mummy and says his family will repent for insulting him once he becomes successful, etc. He collapses murmuring to call mummy and papa. Assistant runs to call Vanraj.

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