Aparajita zeeworld update Thursday 3 August 2023

Aparajita 3 August 2023: Mohini takes a stick and tells Veer to inform her what happened that night. Aparajita and others hide, they watch them fight. Veer stops Mohini and asks her to stop her craziness. Someone wants us to fight, this is a plot.. Disha and Asha sent me here saying that they have proof against me then I got a text from you to come here. Mohini says I didn’t message you but I got this letter that you attacked Akshay then I found this pendrive here. Veer thinks they won’t have proof against me. Veer says did you check this pendrive? this is someone’s plan to make us fight. Mohini says this is Aparajita only. Lets go from here, they both leave.

Disha tells Aparajita that our plan didn’t work. Aparajita says but did you see how scared they were? Our plan is making them fear us and it will be helpful for us.Mohini checks the pendrive and doesn’t find anything. She says why would she send a blank pendrive? Veer says we have to be careful of Aparajita, she must be up to something. Mohini says why did she call us to the store room only? Veer runs back and checks the store room for a camera. He sees everywhere but doesn’t find any camera. Asha comes there and says what are you doing here? Veer thinks I can use this girl to find the truth. He says I know that you didn’t want to lock me in the bathroom right? you did it because os Disha right? you are a nice kid. Asha smirks and thinks he is thinking I will spill everything.

She says you are sweating, she gives him a towel so he cleans his face but there is black ink on it. He says you are sweet and Chhavi always praises you. Asha shows his face to him and asks him to run and clean it. Veer gets angry and goes to clean it.Akshay checks Niya’s mehndi and finds ‘A’ written there. She says why is there an A on your mehndi? Niya says the mehndi girl might have thought my name is Asha mistakenly, he says okay. Akshay asks where is everyone?

Veer is going back to the function when he hears Aparajita telling Disha to keep the purse with her. She asks what does it have? Aparajita says this has proof against Veer, it will expose him. Veer thinks I have to find out what this purse has.Aparajita comes back to the function and finds Akshay feeding food to Chhavi. She smiles at them. Asha recalls her moments with Akshay and gets emotional. Akshay asks Chhavi to eat so she has energy to dance. Akshay asks Asha to come, he feeds her food too. Niya, Chhavi and Asha sit together. Akshay offers food to Disha but she says I didn’t apply mehndi so I can eat myself, thanks. Akshay sadly looks at her and says its okay. Niya asks Chhavi if she wants anything? Aparajita says gulab jamon. Akshay smiles at her. Mohini comes there with Veer. Aparajita tells her that our phone got switched mistakenly. Mohini takes her phone back and glares at her. Aparajita says I didn’t do anything with your phone. Veer eyes the purse with Disha. Akshay says lets prepare for sangeet. Mohini and Veer go to get food. Mohini asks Veer what is her plan? Veer says I don’t know. Disha tells Aparajita that I will put the purse in the room, she goes from there. Veer tells Mohini that this purse have a proof that can expose me, I heard them. I will go and check.

Disha hides the purse the cupboard and goes from there. Veer comes there and looks around for the purse.In the function, Akshay says I will go and look for Veer. Mohini thinks it must be Aparajita’s plan to put Veer down in his eyes, I have to stop him. Mohini acts like getting hit by Dadi’s wheelchair, she cries so Akshay rushes to her. He picks her up while Aparajita looks on. Mohini smiles at him. Akshay puts her down on the chair so Mohini kisses his cheek and he hugs her. Aparajita feels hurt seeing that.

Veer is looking around for the purse in the room while Disha hides. He finds the purse in the cupboard and checks it, there is a key inside. He says I have to find out what this key is for. Disha smirks and thinks our plan is working.

All family members start dancing in the sangeet. Disha pulls Aparajita aside and tells her about Veer. She tells Disha and Asha that we will not spare Veer now. Aparajita turns around and smiles at Chhavi. She plays dhol for her. Akshay comes there and helps Chhavi clean her tears, he kisses her forehead. Aparajita smiles at them.

Veer shows the key to Mohini. She says why are you panicking when you said you didn’t attack Akshay? Veer says I feel like they have some proof against me. Mohini says I don’t think this key has to do anything, they are trying to make you do some mistake. Veer says I can’t be silent. Mohini sees Aparajita smiling at Akshay and gets angry. She goes from there. Veer says I can’t let her break the marriage, what if this key has to do something with that room? I should go and check.

Akshay is playing dhol for Chhavi while Aparajita smiles. Mohini comes there and hugs Akshay. Aparajita looks away. She says why are you sitting here? He says I am spending time with Chhavi. Mohini says spend some time for me, come with me and dance. She asks Aparajita to play dhol for them. Akshay says I don’t want to dance right now. Disha says why are you forcing him to dance? dance with me and see if you can match my energy. Mohini says you don’t need to dance. Akshay says its her sister’s marriage so she should dance. Disha says lets dance and see if you can win. They start dancing together. Aparajita plays dhol while Disha and Mohini spin each other around. Niya dances with Asha. Mohini starts getting dizzy as Disha spins her around. Mohini stops her and says I am getting dizzy. Niya says she made you lose. Niya asks Aparajita to make her teach dhol. Aparajita teaches her while Akshay goes to them. Mohini thinks Aparajita is trying to trap Akshay and now Niya too. I have to take them away from here soon.

Veer comes to Aparajita’s house and looks around. He tries to use the key on different drawers. Disha hides and sees that. Veer opens a cupboard and finds a safe there. He tries the key but it doesn’t work. Disha calls Asha and says he is trapped. Veer finds another key and opens the safe. He looks at the papers but can’t find any proof against himself.

Asha asks Chhavi where is Veer? we have to do rituals and he left you? Chhavi says you think he doesn’t love me? he must have some important work. Asha leaves. Chhavi asks Niya to call Veer. She calls him, he takes the call. Chhavi says where are you? Veer says I am not running away, he ends the call. Chhavi looks on and goes from there. Asha calls Disha and says our plan is working.

Chhavi sits alone and says how can Veer talk to me like this. She gets Veer’s message in which he apologizes and says Maa is not feeling well so I went to check on her. Akshay comes there and tells Chhavi that I hope you are sad because of leaving us. Chhavi nods and says there is nothing wrong. Akshay says I recalls how small you were and we used to play so much. Chhavi says yes, you used to recite stories to me. Akshay asks if Aparajita is okay? I feel weird about her behavior like we are strangers, is she okay? Chhavi says its not like that, she still.. she thinks I can’t tell him about her feelings. Akshay says you can share anything with me. Chhavi says I know but we don’t get everything in life. Akshay says I will fulfill all your wishes so just tell me. Chhavi says I want my parents together.. I mean for my wedding, I want my parents to do all rituals like all other parents do. Akshay hugs her and says I will fulfill all your wishes. I thought you wanted me to reunite with Aparajita forever but I can do this.

Mohini thinks soon my plan will work and I will separate Aparajita and Akshay. She changes his medicines. Akshay comes there and says what are you doing here? She says you have to take your medicines. He says why do I feel like you are hiding something from me? Mohini says nothing. He takes the medicine and goes from there.

Veer talks to Mohini and says I don’t know what this key is about. They hear Disha and Asha talking about the key. Asha tells Disha that you can’t lose that key, you know this key is related to Chhavi’s gift that Aparajita prepared for her. Mohini laughs hearing that and tells Veer to stop wasting her time, you can keep the key now. She leaves. Veer says how dare that Aparajita fool me. If this is not her plan then what is?

Aparajita checks the video of Veer and thinks everything is going as per the plan.

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