Imlie starlife update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Imlie 2 August 2023: Imlie tells heavily intoxicated Atharva that when he knows what is good and what is bad for him, he should take a right path and stop himself from drowning. He asks for whom shall he reform himself. Imlie sits silently. Atharva says nobody has answer to his question, he is alone in his life. Imlie asks him not to cover his debauchery with a blanket of helplessness; neither his parents, her, nor Chini are not troubling him, he is is troubling himself by trying to stay away from his music; she says when she is trying to get out of her sorrows with a job, even he should get himself busy in his music. She gets her office call and moves aside. He thinks she is so strong that she is handling her father and even her work, he will not disturb her from hereon. Imlie returns and doesn’t find him there. She runs down and and gets worried seeing main door open.

Arpita and Sundar feel happy seeing Chini chatting smilingly with Abhishek. Rupali says Chini needs something else. Sundar says in arranged marriage, couple marry first and then understand each other slowly, it would be a similar case with Chini and Abhishek. Chini asks Rupali if she and Abhishek can go on a long drive. Rupali agrees and says they will finalize remaining rituals till they return. Chini thinks more rituals means more designer dresses and diamond jewelry, so she should stay back and finalize it. She says they will stay back. Rupali says she knows Chini’s choice, so Chini need not worry. Chini and Abhishek leave.

Atharva walks on road continuing to drink alcohol thinking he shouldn’t trouble Imlie from hereon. Imlie searches for him and notices a speeding truck heading towards him. She runs and saves him just before a truck hits him. They both fall aside and their eyes lock. Imlie then gets into senses and scolds him. Atharva says he doesn’t need her help and asks why should he let her help him while he always lied and betrayed her. Imlie says because she… He asks what? She says because she promised his parents to reform him. She snatches his alcohol bottle and insists to drink it. He resists and says he will leave it only if she will finish whole bottle. Imlie agrees, sips alcohol, and spits it away. Atharva says she can’t handle it. Imlie says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and will follow each promise. She walks away finishing whole bottle while he runs behind her.

Abhishek while driving car says its a pleasant climate and may rain, he loves rain. She asks him to close windows as its spoiling her skin and hair. He closes window and asks what she likes. She says her jewelry. He asks seriously. She says because her cute chiku shake/Abhishek gifted it. He stops at an orphanage and says he usually comes here for peace of mind. Chini stands in front of orphanage gate, asks him to click her pics, then posts them on social media with a #sukoon #charity, and says lets go back. Abhishek asks if she is serious. Imlie gets intoxicated. Atharva tries to stop her from drinking more. Imle pours her heart out and says he wants her to take care of his parents and his parents wants her to take care of him, but nobody knows what her heart wants. He asks what her heart wants. Rain starts. She says she wants to dance forgetting everything and dances on Nachoon Aaj Cham Cham Cham.. song. Atharva also joins her. A few school kids joino them. He looks at her and smiles.

Abhishek tells Chini that they both are completely different from each other as she doesn’t like rain, a roadside tapri/tea stall he likes, etc., and asks if she likes a closed 5-star room than an open tapri. Chini says always as she is different. Abhishek says very different. Chini corrects her makeup. Abhishek notices Atharva and Imlie dancing in rain. Chini says eww, they are behaving so che ap. Abhishek says they are enjoying life. Chini gets out of car and walks into a 5-star restaurant. At Rana house, Shivani as usual blames Imlie that she must have hurt Atharva’s emotions and hence he must have left home, she will not spare Imlie today.

Devika warns her to dare not scold Imlie again. Rana asks where are Imlie and Atharva. Shivani says Atharva must have left home and Imlie behind him to bring him back home and act great. Keya says its Imlie’s funda to create problem and then solve it and become a hero, she shows her fake concern for Atharva and says don’t know where he is. Rudra says wherever he is, he should be with Imlie.

Atharva asks kids who danced with them where are they from. They say from a nearby village and walk away. Atharva recalls Imlie’s job as an intern in her company and says lets go as he wants to know if she does her work efficiently. They walk towards village and accidentally clash with 3 women and apologize them. Women sense an opportunity to loot them and start accusing Atharva of eve teasing them. Imlie says he wasn’t. Lady accuses her of protecting a man going against women and asks her aide to bring their team. Chini gets a call and comes out of restaurant. She notices Ladies barging towards Imlie and Atharva and thinks she should enjoy the drama instead of listening to boring Chiku shake. She clicks their video and forwards it to Keya.

Keya shows video to family. Devika asks what is all this. Keya says caption says husband eve teased a woman and wife is supporting him. Shivani says Imlie also looks inebriatged and starts accusing Imlie of spoiling family’s name. Divya joins her and shows video to Rudra. Ladies threaten Imlie and Atharva to give them money or else they will call police. Atharva says is goondagiri. Ladies show knife to the people nearby and shoo them away and then then threaten Imlie and Atharva again. Imlie asks Atharva not to worry as she will tackle them. Atharva says Vinod Kambli is getting into field now. Imlie asks ladies howmuch money they need. Ladies say whatever they have including Imlie’s jewelry. Imlie removes her jewelry. Atharva says they shouldn’t give up and fight. Imlie says their parents are waiting for them, so they shouldn’t waste time here; his life is more important to her than jewelry. Lady asks her to give her jewelry soon.

Imlie gives all her jewelry except her engagement ring. Lady demands her to give it even that. Imlie says its her engagement ring and she will never part ways with her memories. Lady tries to snatch her ring forcefully. Imlie holds her hand. Lady warns Atharva to control his wife. Atharva says Imlie is a storm which will destroy them now. Another lady asks if he will just watch from behind. Atharva says yes, he will stand behind and protect his wife. Lady asks what kind of a man he is. Imlie says a solid man who knows how to support his wife. Their heavy dialogues continue. Imlie fights with all the women and trashes them all. A lady tries to stab Imlie from behind. Atharva holds her hand and snatches knife away. Imlie trashes lady. Police reaches and arrests arrests ladies.

Shivani brings Imlie’s bags out and says she will not let Imlie stay in this house. Rudra says its his house and he will decide who will stay here. Shivani says Imlie failed to protect Atharva and defamed their family, so she will not stay under same roof with a traitor girl. Imlie gets injured. Atharva gets worried for her and applies soil on it to stop bleeding, recalling Imlie did some earlier to stop his bleeding. Imlie thanks him and samiles. Atharva then asks Imlie if her engagement ring is so special for her that she risked her life for it. Imlie says its a precious and protective ring for her, this ring will remind her of her pain, etc,.

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